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85/10 (10)
Jonkoping won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Zabihullah Zadran
Where were you hiding Hamed Arabzai? Two massive hits from the No.11 batter and Ariana were close but not close enough. Zazai opened the bowling and he proved to be the game-changer in this match. He dismissed the openers cheaply in the first over to give Jonkoping an upper hand inside the powerplay. But Ayubi and Zamin Zazai kept the scoreboard ticking and kept Ariana in the contest. 

Ariana were going at a good pace but the needless run-outs in the middle period cost them the game. We witnessed three run-outs in quick succession and that swung the momentum back in Jonkoping's favour. The boundaries dried up in the back end and when 21 needed from the last over, Hamed Arabazai smacked two maximums in the final two deliveries. Ariana CC came agonizingly close but failed to get the job done.

That's the end of our coverage until next time, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Pradeep. Goodbye
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Faisal Azeem
9.6 Faisal Azeem to Hamed Arabzai, SIX MORE! Arabzai, you beauty! Ariana misses out on a Final berth here by just 3 runs. Length delivery on the off-stump, Arabzai gets another connection right and SMOKES it over long-on fence for a maximum. What a final three delivery that turned out to be, Arabzai if only he had another other delivery would've taken Ariana home and into the finals!
This is just the second six of the innings
9.5 Faisal Azeem to Hamed Arabzai, SIX! BAM! This is just too little too late from Ariana. Short delivery on the middle and leg, Arabzai gets hold of that and POWERS it over deep square-leg fence for a maximum. Where were you Arabzai all this while?
9.4 Faisal Azeem to Hamed Arabzai, FOUR! Full delivery on the leg-stump line, Arabzai swings hard, gets a thick inside edge down to fine-leg for a boundary.
9.3 Faisal Azeem to Hamed Arabzai, back of a length on the off-stump, Arabzai has a big swipe across the line and makes no connection.
9.2 Faisal Azeem to Norullah Mohammad, length delivery on the off-stump, Mohammad swings across the line, gets a thick outside edge, down to third-man for a single.
9.1 Faisal Azeem to Norullah Mohammad, length delivery on the outside off, Mohammad down on one knee to hoick and misses, through to the keeper.
Faisal Azeem, comes back into the attack

21 needed from 6 balls
Hamed Arabzai, RHB, walks in at No.11
Zadran finished his spell with a fifer. Seems he seals the deal for Jonkoping and books their place in the final. 
65 /9 score
cricket bat icon Bashir Ahmed *
4 (6)
cricket bat icon Norullah Mohammad
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Zabihullah Zadran
5 /15
8.6 Zabihullah Zadran to Bashir Ahmed, OUT! BLINDER AT COVERS AND BASHIR DEPARTS! That's a FIVE-WICKET HAUL FOR ZADRAN, what a bowler. Short on the outside off, Bashir gets hold of that but he finds Shirzad at covers who takes a sensational catch and with that Ariana all hopes goes down the drain!
8.5 Zabihullah Zadran to Norullah Mohammad, yorker length, angled it into Mohammad as he backs away and digs it out, into the on-side for a single.
Norullah Mohammad, RHB, walks in at No.10
8.4 Zabihullah Zadran to Yusuf Sahak, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! It's all falling apart from Ariana, length delivery on the outside off, Sahak has a big heave but feathers it to the keeper and has to go!
8.3 Zabihullah Zadran to Yusuf Sahak, back of a length on the leg-stump line, Sahak shuffles across long way to pull but misses, through to the keeper.
8.3 Zabihullah Zadran to Yusuf Sahak, NO-BALL! Zadran oversteps, length delivery on the outside off, angles it across as Sahak swings and misses. FREE-HIT COMING UP!
Yusuf Sahak, LHB, walks in at No.8
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