168/8 (20)
164/7 (20)
AUS won by 4 runs.
Player of the match: Glenn Maxwell
So that concludes today's action from the ICC Men's T20 World Cup. Four more games to go in the Super 12 with one of them part of Group 1. It's England v. Sri Lanka tomorrow at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Time for all you Aussie fans to pull on a Sri Lankan jersey and cheer them along. We will be bringing the coverage of that contest to you right here on Sportskeeda of course. But for the moment, it is the duo of Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha taking your leave. Goodbye and have a great weekend ahead. See you around soon!
Phew! Action-packed cricket all the way and this 'group of death' has two teams vying for one spot. Yup. Those two age-old rivals. England and Australia. An England win over Sri Lanka tomorrow takes them through. If Sri Lanka get the better of them, they will do Australia a favor and send them through to the semifinals. New Zealand, as we remind you again, are through and such is their net run rate that they could well finish top of the pile in Group 1.
Matthew Wade (Australian captain): Felt okay four overs out, probably. Having used my main bowlers and giving Stoniis the last was a bit nerve-wracking. I've seen Rashid do that in the IPL when I played with him last year. He did it a few times there and certainly gave us a scare. We'll stay the extra night here and stay to watch that (Eng vs SL) game. Hoping for an upset there, obviously. We have tried to chase the net run rate in this tournament. We've been a bit slow out of the blocks in this tournament. Hopefully, it doesn't cost us. (Fitness update on Finch and David) If we get through, we're hoping they can come good. Especially David, who was in contention to play today before a few late fitness tests ruled him out.
Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan captain): Really good game of cricket. They started really well and at the end, Naveen and Farooqi bowled really well. The way we started in the powerplay and middle overs (with the bat) was really good. We threw away four wickets back-to-back and that put us under pressure. It's really tough when you play the first game and then don't play any game for ten days. We didn't get that momentum in the tournament so we couldn't catch up. Every game we improved and today was another fantastic game.
Well, in case you missed it, there was a five-ball over in the first innings. Glenn Maxwell wasn't even aware of it until now as he finds out in a chat with the broadcasters. Luckily for Australia, it didn't come back to cost them in the end.
Glenn Maxwell is the Player of the Match: It certainly did [get close in the end]. Afghanistan played really well. They struck the ball really cleanly, in the Powerplay and especially toward the backend to give us a scare. (His runout) It's nice to have an impact on the field. I knew I won't have much of an impact with the ball because of the conditions around. The wicket was a bit slow during the day and during the 12th over mark in the first innings, we had to make sure we get to a total to give us a win. (Sri Lanka having to do them a favor tomorrow) We'll certainly be following it. We've put ourselves in this situation and hopefully, Sri Lanka can do the job for us.
Match summary: Australia beat Afghanistan by 4 runs.

Glenn Maxwell 54* (32) | Adam Zampa 2/22 (4)
Rashid Khan 48* (23) | Naveen-ul-Haq 3/21 (4)

Oh it ebbed and flowed like so many games have this tournament. But let's put it out there now - with one game to go in Group 1, this is how things stand: New Zealand have qualified while Sri Lanka have officially been eliminated from the semifinal race. England need to beat Sri Lanka tomorrow to qualify, else it's Australia who progress.

But gosh, weren't the Aussies given a scare of some kind! Rahmanullah Gurbaz was flying in the powerplay again even as Usman Ghani perished early. Gurbaz had his fortune and was even dropped, only for Kane Richardson to prize him out soon after as he departed for 30. It was an even contest at the end of the powerplay and even as Ibrahim Zadran struggled to get any kind of impetus into his innings, Gulbadin Naib flexed his muscles for fun.

He was putting on a show while also running hard between the wickets and with Afghanistan minimizing the dot ball percentage, they were right on track. Until, it all came apart appallingly...

It began with a nagging Pat Cummins over that tied Ibrahim up in knots before a bullet throw from Glenn Maxwell caught Naib short of his ground. And that's where they crumbled - from 99/2, it became 103/6 within no time with Adam Zampa striking twice post the run out of Naib and Josh Hazlewood getting the better of Mohammad Nabi, who got out to a half-hearted pull. The shot selection from him and Najibullah Zadran left plenty to be desired and the writing was on the wall.

But no game is every over as long as Rashid Khan is out there, is it? It came down to 49 off the last 3 overs but with a number of timely maximums, Afghanistan's talisman kept them afloat. They just about hung in by a thread as he put in a dive, fell over on throwing the kitchen sink at the ball and did everything he possibly could to keep his side afloat. But alas, it was a case of so close, yet so far, as the Aussies prevailed by the barest of margins. Stick around for the presentations...
Oh the courage and valour. It's a heartbreaking defeat and there's stunned silence among the Afghan fans. But alas, that collapse left their biggest superstar with too much to do. What a hero he is though, Rashid Khan. But the result is thus - Australia hold their nerve by 4 runs and live to see another day. Will it be just another day or more? We will know by this time or so tomorrow!
164 /7 score
cricket bat icon Darwish Rasooli
15 (13)
cricket bat icon Rashid Khan *
48 (23)
cricket ball icon Marcus Stoinis
0 /26
19.6 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, FOUR! Australia hold their end of the bargain and win by 4 runs but it will feel like a loss to them. Slower one dug in at a back of a length, Rashid gets behind it and pulls it behind square leg to end the proceedings with a boundary. Take a moment to appreciate Rashid Khan though. That was one hell of a knock and the hosts certainly had their hearts in their mouths until the very end. Australia clinch a thriller by 4 runs but it might not be enough to keep their hopes of defending their crown alive.
Now barring a wide or a no ball, Australia are home. Stoinis needs to bowl a legal delivery and that'll do. Rashid still has to swing here...
19.5 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, SKIEEDDD.... AND SAFE! Full and outside the off-stump, Rashid sits deep in his crease and launches this back over the bowler's head. It's only got more height than distance, allowing Rashid to pick up a brace.
That's one. There is one! Stoinis is under the pump. This is the ball you'd think. 11 needed from 2...
19.4 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, SIX! RASHID KHAN IS NOT BACKING DOWN! Slower one dug in short and it sits up nicely for Rashid to pick his spot and pull this over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. Are we in for something special?
Three sixes. As simple as that now.
19.3 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, slower one full and outside the off-stump, Rashid bunts it towards long-on and doesn't bother running. Could have surely gambled to run two there?
17 needed off 4! Stoinis is clearly looking for the slower one but he has to correct his line. He can't get it too straight.
19.2 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, FOUR! Another slower one down the leg side. Rashid could have left that one but he's decided to get underneath it and sweep it over short fine leg for a boundary
19.1 Marcus Stoinis to Rashid Khan, good length slower delivery on the middle stump line, Rashid sits down on one knee for the attempted slog sweep but he only gloves it to square leg, no run