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267/10 (87.5)
185/10 & 68/10 (27.4)
Australia won by an inning and 14 runs.
Player of the match: Scott Boland
Right then thank you for sticking with us throughout the three days of this enthralling test match, this is Raghav Tikmany and Prakhar Sachdeo signing off, catch you in the next game, until next time, it's good bye from all of us!
That would be all from this Test. Thanks for joining us. Good bye! 
Presentation time!

Joe Root, England captain: It is what it is. We have been playing in these conditions for some time now. We have got to do a lot of hard work to come back now. The covid situation was not ideal. The batting and the bowling has been as good as it has been. We have to come back stronger. We have to do things longer. There have been pockets where we have done well. But we need to be a lot stronger. 

Pat Cummins, Australia captain: It is pretty insane to be an Ashes Test winning captain. I am very happy for Scotty. We have been relentless with the bat and the ball. Some big partnerships in the series so far from Marnus and Davy. Naser was disappointed to not get the chance in this Test after bowling last week. But it shows how good is the squad. We have to keep performing.

Scott Boland is the Player of the Match for his match-winning spell of 6/7

Cannnot believe what has happened. We came here to win but this got over quickly. I got to know about my selection on Christmas eve. I am thankful to the crowd for all the support. I am very proud to win the Player of the Match award. I am thankful for my family, my mom, my dad, my sisters, my wife and my kids for all the support. 

Scott Boland: I am speechless. This is my best ever figures. The crowd was always behind me. 
Australia win the test match by an innings and 14 runs! They retain the Ashes and take an unassailable lead of 3-0 in the series. England started off day three having a mountain to climb. They were 51 runs behind with six wickets in hand, however, both Joe Root and Ben Stokes were at the crease. Australia took 79 minutes on day three morning to blow England away from the test match and the series. Starc drew the first blood removing Stokes early into day three.

Since then, it has been all about Scott Boland. The local boy came in and took four wickets in three overs in his second spell to finish off with a six-wicket haul and make a mockery of this English batting order. It took him 15 deliveries to send England from five down to nine down. Within a blink of an eye, Australia were just one wicket away from victory.

Cameron Green took the final wicket of James Anderson to send his side 3-0 up in the series! England will have loads of planning to do for the remainder of the series if they are to avoid a humiliating whitewash!
Shake of hands from the two sets of playes. Aussies walk back onto the field and are being led by the hero of the day Scott Boland. The Aussies go around the MCG for a warm round of applaue. 
27.4 Cameron Green to James Anderson, BOWLED! ALL OVER! AUSTRALIA WIN AND THEY RETAIN THE ASHES! Fullish ball fired into the stumps, the ball shapes back in and the ball is too good for a batter like Anderson and the ball knocks the off-stump!

James Anderson b Green 2 (4b 0x4 0x6)
27.3 Cameron Green to Jos Buttler, 1 run, fuller ball on off-stump, Buttler works the ball through cover for a single. 
27.2 Cameron Green to Jos Buttler, no run, shortish ball on leg stump, Buttler goes for a pull, Carey puts a good dive and stops the ball. 
27.1 Cameron Green to Jos Buttler, BEATEN! Good length ball on off-stump, the ball nips back in as Buttler hangs back to block the ball but the ball flies past the edge of the bat. 

What an incredible debut this has been for Scott Boland. the home crowd is behind him as he has blown away the English side completely out of the game. Australia now one wicket away from retaining the urn.
67 /9 score
cricket bat icon Jos Buttler
4 (11)
cricket bat icon James Anderson *
2 (3)
cricket ball icon Scott Boland
6 /7
26.6 Scott Boland to James Anderson, no run, fullish ball on off-stump, Anderson defends the ball to cover. End of a stunning over from Boland! 
26.5 Scott Boland to James Anderson, no run, back of the length ball wide of off-stump, Anderson leaves the ball for the keeper. 
26.4 Scott Boland to James Anderson, 2 runs, fullish ball on middle and leg stump, Anderson works the ball to square-leg and gets two runs. 
James Anderson, LHB, comes into the crease.
26.3 Scott Boland to Ollie Robinson, EDGE AND TAKEN! BOLAND HAS HIS SIXTH! Good length ball fired on off-stump, Robinson goes for a defensive shot, the ball takes a thick outside edge and flies to Labuschagne! Australia are a wicket away from the Ashes win.

Ollie Robinson c Labuschagne b Boland 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)
26.2 Scott Boland to Ollie Robinson, no run, good length ball on off-stump, the ball shapes back in and flies past the outside edge of Robinson's bat! 
Ollie Robinson, RHB, comes to the crease.

5 wicket haul for Boland in just 3.1 overs. This surely is a dream? The local boy cannot believe it.
26.1 Scott Boland to Mark Wood, WICKET! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! 5-fer for BOLAND ON HIS DEBUT! Slow good length ball on middle and leg stump, Wood pushes the ball with soft hands. The ball lobs straight in the direction of Boland and the debutant collects the ball clean to complete his five-wicket haul in this innings! Well bowled Boland!!

Mark Wood c & b Boland 0 (3b 0x4 0x6)
65 /7 score
cricket bat icon Jos Buttler *
4 (11)
cricket bat icon Mark Wood
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Cameron Green
0 /7
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