183/3 (20)
131/10 (17.3)
COV won by 52 runs.
Player of the match: Faf du Plessis
That will be it from this encounter at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chattogram as more action comes towards you from the U19 World Cup 2022 from the Caribbean. Do join us back later in the day at Sportskeeda to witness live-action of the same and allow us to take your leave as it was a pleasure for me Anavit Naik in the company of Sooryanarayanan Sesha to take you through all the action from the Bangladesh Premier League today and we hope it was the same for you as well. Take care and Stay safe!
Imrul Kayes, captain Comilla Victorians: Our team performed really well especially Faf, Liton and Cameron. It is pleasing. Nahidul Islam really did his job well and whenever he is asked he is ready to do the job and hope we keep performing the same in the next matches as well. Mustafizur is a champion bowler and he can get us a breakthrough at ay moment and hopefully he can continue to do so in the future.

Faf du Plessis is the Player of the Match

Faf du Plessis: It was really nice to get out there and score some runs for the team that ends up in a winning cause. Liton was very good today and for a guy to come off a good Test season and that translated well today and it was nice with Cameron as well with the ball getting softer and last 5 overs, we went for it

Naeem Islam, captain Chattogram Challengers:
If you decide to bowl first it means there is some help in the wicket. If we had restricted them to 165-170 it could have been better but we didn't put up a good show with the bat. Only Will Jacks batted well. If you have to chase 184 your top-order has to bat well but we didn't do that enough.
We have the presentation now!
That will be it! Comilla Victorians have been rightfully declared victorious after that all-round performance in this exciting encounter! Losing the toss and batting first and made 183 for the loss of 3 wickets after Cameron Delport's nerve-racking innings set up the match beautifully after Faf du Plessis constructed a well-executed 83* Comilla Victorians came out in the field with energy and zeal to win the contest and were right in the business just from the second ball and wickets at regular intervals refrained Chattogram Challengers to come back in the game and always played catch up from that position.

Will Jacks for the silver lining for the team as he scored an impressive 69 runs off 42 balls striking 7 boundaries and 3 sixes and fought a lone battle for the most part of the innings trying to keep his team in the hunt and hopes of a great chase were diminished as he perished trying to hole another maximum and the Comilla Victorians bowlers turned out to be too good for him in the end.

Comilla Victorians beat Chattogram Challengers by 52 runs.
17.3 Karim Janat to Shoriful Islam, OUT! BOWLED HIM! IT'S ALL OVER! Another outstanding yorker that tails in right into the base of off from around the wicket, Shoriful hangs deep in his crease as he gives himself room and swings with gay abandon. A simple case of 'you miss, I hit' and that will be all for the contest. Comilla Victorians beat Chattogram Challengers by 52 runs!
17.2 Karim Janat to Rejaur Rahman Raja, short and width on offer, Rejaur rocks back and flat-bats it over cover point and into the deep for a single.
17.1 Karim Janat to Rejaur Rahman Raja, OOH! That's as good an inswinging yorker as it can get - right at the stumps and Rejaur somehow manages to bring his bat down on time to keep it out and delay the inevitable.
Karim Janat (3-0-17-0) comes back into the attack
Ohh, he manages to keep the yorker out otherwise it was dead to be honest and that could have been the game. The inevitable has been delayed by some more time. 54 in 18 required
130 /9 score
cricket bat icon Rejaur Rahman Raza
5 (6)
cricket bat icon Shoriful Islam *
4 (3)
cricket ball icon Shohidul Islam
2 /34
16.6 Shohidul Islam to Shoriful Islam, good riposte from the bowler - lands it right into the blockhole on the leg-stump as Shoriful makes room and jams out on time to the bowler.
16.5 Shohidul Islam to Shoriful Islam, FOUR! GET HIM UP THE ORDER! In the slot on off, Shoriful clears his front leg and launches it with utmost disdain over the bowler's head. Very straight of mid-off as it goes rocketing to the ropes.
16.4 Shohidul Islam to Rejaur Rahman Raja, full in length in the corridor, Rejaur swings through the line of it as he slices it over the off-side for a single towards sweeper cover. The ball was air-bound for a fair amount of time but it landed well safe of the man in the deep.
16.3 Shohidul Islam to Shoriful Islam, slower back of a length delivery that is angled into the leg-stump, Shoriful backs away for a hack across the line but is too early on the shot. The ball rolls off his hips past the keeper's left for a leg bye as deep third man picks up well to his right.
Shoriful Islam, LHB, walks out to the crease at no.11
16.2 Shohidul Islam to Nasum Ahmed, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Back of a length delivery angling into middle and off, Nasum walks across before adjusting to clear his front leg as he heaves with gay abandon. All he manages though is to connect with thin air as his stumps are disturbed. That's the ninth one down now for the Challengers!

Nasum Ahmed b Shohidul Islam 1 (4b 0x4 0x6)
16.1 Shohidul Islam to Nasum Ahmed, short of a length slower one outside off, width on offer and Nasum has a wild cross-batted swing through the line of it. He fails to connect though.
Chattogram Challengers need 60 runs in 24 remaining balls  I  Required Run Rate: 15

Highly unlikely is this chase and with Jacks back in the pavilion, the ask is beyond imagination and the current calibre of the ones out there in the middle
124 /8 score
cricket bat icon Rejaur Rahman Raza
4 (5)
cricket bat icon Nasum Ahmed *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Tanvir Islam
2 /33
15.6 Tanvir Islam to Nasum Ahmed, flighted into a length around off, Nasum heaves it across the line to deep mid-wicket as he picks up a single to keep the strike.