Cossonay CC 109/3 (10 ov)
Winterthur CC 101/8 (10 ov)
Cossonay CC won by 8 runs.
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my fellow commentator Dwijesh Reddy bringing you the live-action of Match 24 in this St. Gallen T-10 league. Don't forget to tune it to Sportskeeda at 8:30 pm IST, as the big final of this ECS St Gallen T-10 league, between Olten CC and Zurich Nomads CC, is coming up!
Chasing 105 wasn't a great issue for WIC as Rajveer was taking Cossonay's bowlers for cleaners! But once he was back in the pavilion, it suddenly became difficult for Winterthur. Wickets kept tumbling and the target looked even more distant! But, a flurry from Cheema suddenly changed the course of the match and gave Winterthur a rare sight of winning the match. But, then Jayakody bowled a beautiful over and removed Cheema and  Diyon (who while going to pavilion handed 5 runs penalty to his team) on successive deliveries and almost sealed the game for Cossonay!
What a match we had! Thrilling, exciting, exhilarating and what not!! One will be short of adjectives to describe this match and the drama that has unfolded! Batting first, Cossonay's batting line-up failed to get a start which they needed. They were not getting the timing on the ball and they were in the soup! But, the duo of Andrews and Vinod hung around and added some valuable runs for their team. They knew that they had a brutal bowling line-up which can defend any total!
9.6 Ashwin Vinod to S Sivakaran, DOT! A wild heave from Sivakaran but fails to get bat on the ball! Cossonay has pulled off a thrilling win against Winterthur! COCC has won by 8 runs!
9.5 Ashwin Vinod to S Sivakaran, DOT! Wide and full from Vinod and beats Sivakaran! Brilliant death bowling this from Ashwin! Swing and a miss! Mathematically, WIC is out of the game! 9 off 1 ball!!
9.4 Ashwin Vinod to M Aqular, IN THE BLOCKHOLE! Aqular can't do much about that and scurries for a single. Sivakaran wants the strike! 9 off 2 balls!!
9.3 Ashwin Vinod to D Banneheka, WICKET! Straight to Narayanan, who takes a diving catch! Vinod bowls another short ball and Deesh doesn't get hold of a slog and hits it to short cover!
9.2 Ashwin Vinod to D Banneheka, length ball on leg stump, Deesh goes for a wild hoick and misses completely! Well bowled Ashwin Vinod! Crucial dot-ball at this point!
9.2 Ashwin Vinod to D Banneheka, WIDE!  Not what COCC need at the moment! 10 to win off 5 balls now! The bowler is feeling the pressure!
9.1 Ashwin Vinod to K Munasinghe, GONE! Kasun gets an edge while pulling a short ball and a great catch by the third man fielder! He has a word with the incoming batsman!
11 needed in the last over! Can Sivakaran seal the game for WIC?
8.6 R Jayakody to S Sivakaran, WHAT A SHOT UNDER PRESSURE! In the slot and Sivakaran lifts it over Andrews for a crucial SIX! GAME ON AT THE GRUNDEMOOS! He has reduced the equation for his team by a great amount! The fielder caught this one but over the boundary rope!
8.5 R Jayakody to S Sivakaran, DOT BALL! ABSOULTE GOLD THIS! Ruwan bowls short and wide and the batsman fails to reach out and connect! Pressure on the batsman!
8.4 R Jayakody to K Munasinghe, Ruwan bowls it short this time and beats Kasun's pull. The batsmen steal a leg-bye there!
8.3 R Jayakody to S Sivakaran, another single! Ruwan bowls it full and on leg-stump. A direct hit could have ran Sivakaran out!
8.2 R Jayakody to K Munasinghe, much better delivery this time from Ruwan. Kasun plays it to the leg-side for a single! 
8.1 R Jayakody to K Munasinghe, IN THE AIR BUT FALLS SAFE! Kasun swings hard to mid-wicket and gets two runs! Munasinghe gets on his knee and the ball went up in the air! The keeper shouts for the ball and is not amused by the throw!
8.1 R Jayakody to K Munasinghe, ANOTHER WIDE! Ruwan is feeling the heat here!
8.1 R Jayakody to K Munasinghe, WIDE! 
WIC need 24 off last 2 overs!
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