Delhi Capitals 170/4 (20 ov)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 1 runs.
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Virat Kohli: (If he was worried about the game slipping away)At one stage, I did. The way Siraj started the last over gave us confidence, the last two balls went to the boundary but he finished clinically. After the last game to bounce back like this is good. Maxi, AB and Rajat played good innings after were two down early. We felt 160, 165 was par and we got 10 runs more than that. The wicket was two paced and there being no dew helped, the sand storm helped. If you look at our bowling line up and Maxi is still not bowing, he is our 7th option. It is good that I can throw the ball to anyone depending on the right or left hand option. Now with batting depth we also have bowling depth. I choose to be optimistic, you feel the pressure as the captain and you do feel tense in moments like this as captain. If you have clarity in the process, it becomes easier. Good feeling, the guy behind me (AB de Villiers) plays knocks like this and I keep saying that he has not played competitive cricket for five months, special innings.

AB de Villiers( Man of the Match): (On his favourite shot of that innings) Well that was one of the shots(over extra cover), I was asked the question while I was back in the dressing room as well but the one over mid-wicket vs KG was special because I do not get it away against him so often. Once you are into the tournament it is about managing yourself and getting ready and staying fresh. I did my work before the tournament and now it is up to keeping myself fresh when I walk into bat. It comes down to experience and we have a couple of young bowlers who have done well and they come in with a lot of confidence. Myself, Virat and Maxi have played quite a bit and we are there to advice and it is all about having fun. Happy to be on the right side of the result.
What a game of cricket of cricket we have had here, just trying to gather all my thoughts here after a game like that. DC were rocked back early in the run chase, with two wickets down in the powerplay. The big wicket of the orange cap holder Dhawan, he was out to some good planned execution from Jamieson.

Smith after starting off looking really menacing was out to pearler from Siraj, who has been just sensational in this tournament added another ripper into his cap. Pant was out there in the middle, taking a lot of time to get his eye in as wickets kept falling at the other end.

It was Hetmyer, who walked in and turned the game on it's head. What a knock, they needed something really special to get even close to the total from the position they where in when he walked and that was special.

Hetmyer scored 53 off just 25 balls but on the other hand, Pant took close to 48 balls and had only 58 runs next to his name. Did he take too much time? Should he have taken the attack to the opposition earlier? 

A lot of questions will be on his head but credit must be given to Siraj for a top class final over. Stay tuned, as we will be back to you with the presentation ceremony in just a bit.
Rishabh Pant: Obviously, feeling disappointed when you are on the losing side. Hettie played a brilliant innings and because of him we got close to the total. We were thinking, whoever got to the strike, will take the . Actually, we counted the overs well but the spinners were not getting the help we expected that is why I had to give it to Stoinis the last over. 
How much of this loss is on Rishabh Pant? He took a lot of time early on and just could not get going at the end. Frustration in the DC camp, Ecstasy for RCB and Kohli. Emotions riding high, it is all on show here.
Hetmyer is down on his feet, Pant is distraught. Kohli gives him a pat on his back but RCB have won, what a game of cricket!
170 /4 score
cricket ball icon Mohammed Siraj
19.6 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! DC FALL SHORT! Low full toss outside off stump and Pant gives it everything he has. He absolutely pastes it and screeches that one past deep backward point. But, he needed a six! RCB hold onto a thriller! 
Kohli has a chat with Siraj, what is he going to bowl here. Yorker again?
Oh my, they are still in the game. 6 needed off the last ball! Can Pant do it?
19.5 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! THERE IS LIFE STILL! Waist height full toss outside off stump and Pant throws the kitchen sink at it. He slices it horribly over backward point and collects a boundary! Was that a No ball though?
10 runs needed off 2 balls
19.4 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Pant gets his front foot out of the way and flicks that one towards the sweeper at deep mid wicket for a brace
12 runs needed off 3 balls! 
19.3 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, right in the slot just outside off stump. Pant nearly swings himself off his feet but only shanks it straight back to the bowler, who collects it 
12 runs needed off 4 balls now, excellent bowling this from Siraj, so far...
19.2 Mohammed Siraj to Shimron Hetmyer, very full delivery on middle and leg stump. Hetmyer bangs that one into his pads and the ball trickles into the leg side as Pant scampers across for a single
13 runs needed off 5 balls now!
19.1 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, low full toss on leg stump. Pant clears his front leg and whips that one towards the sweeper at deep square leg for just a single. Over to you, Shimron!
Mohammad Siraj to bowl the last over!
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