329/10 & 326/10 (105.2)
360/10 & 296/3 (54.2)
ENG won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Jack Leach
That will be it as we wrap up another exuberant Test series that saw England dominate the Kiwis in a 3-match series that reads 3-0 at the end of it in favour of England. Next stop for them is the fifth and final test match against India which was not concluded due to Covid-19 last year. The action starts on Friday, 1st July and make sure to tune in with us here at Sportskeeda! It was a pleasure bringing this series at your comfort and until next time please allow me Anavit Naik in the company of Sooryanarayanan Sesha to take your leave! Take Care!
It just took a change in the leadership and management to go from 1 win in 17 test matches to winning 3 back to back test matches all of which have been chases in excess of 250. Credit to New Zealand for the way they competed with the bat. Daryl Mitchell in the company of Tom Blundell took the brunt of the batting and delivered in almost all of the six innings played in the series with the former smashing three beautiful centuries while the latter was a consistent run-getter with 4 half centuries and a century to his name in the series.

New Zealand after winning the toss and choosing to bat scored 329 in their first innings courtesy of a masterful partnership between Mitchell and Blundell. New Zealand tormented the English in the first innings when they had them reeling at 55-6 until Jonny Bairstow and the debutant Jamie Overton had other plans. The Surrey all-rounder notched up a strokeful 97 before falling to Trent Boult for what could have been an amazing century on debut. It was the Trent Bridge hero and the local lad,

Jonny Bairstow who just clobbered the bowlers and made sure to show the fielders every inch of his home ground with a crisp, exquisite 162 runs filled with panache and class. It had everything. It had the batter’s usual white-ball belligerence. It had him capitalizing on favourable match-ups. The pair ransacked 209 runs in 37.1 overs – all while New Zealand were getting the ball to hoop around corners and many were wondering if England were committed enough to stick to their new-found philosophy.

England took a lead of 31 runs which seemed meagre but from where they were at 55-6 felt like a mountain conquered. New Zealand started their second innings promisingly with the vice-captain and the captain getting together to stitch a match-setting partnership but few intervals ruined the momentum for the Kiwis that saw wickets fall just after the interval.

It was yet again the Blundell-Mitchell affair that continued enabling them to put up the 4th hundred-run partnership of the series. Things went haywire for the visiting team when Mitchell fell to Matthew Potts. It was just downhill after that and England did well to wrap up the innings.

England had clear intent in chasing the total down and once the openers departed soon it was Root who joined Ollie Pope to counter-atack and take the bait to the opposition. Jonny Bairstow just added salt to New Zealand’s fresh wounds by playing another masterclass.
Ben Stokes, England captain: When I took over this job it was more than results for me, it was about changing the mindset of the players towards Test cricket, about having fun and enjoying the fact that you're out there representing the country and the results will look after itself. But to say that we've done it so quickly is just unbelievable and I can only do so much, I've got to show a huge amount of credit to Brendon (McCullum) in the way that he's come in and influenced the group as well the backroom stuff and obviously everyone else has played a part in the series they've just been absolutely phenomenal. Of course, it is easy to talk a good game but you need the players to buy into it in a selfless way so you must be thrilled however one of your players has really bought in the way that you want them to play. Trent Bridge was special  and incredible but for me being 55 for six and then doing what we managed to do in the manner that we did it was probably the most pleasing thing of the series because that could be very easy for us to come back into our shell and going it's not work this time let's just look to play out but having a lot on debut and Jamie to have the confidence to go on and play like that as it's something special that we create in the group new guys coming in it's more important than us at the moment it's about guys we're gonna come into this changing room in the future and I think it's really set, a level of people who want to come and representing them and this is what we're about. Matthew Potts has been another find for us in the series and a lot of credit has to go to Brendon for the way he had the belief in the guys with Jamie Overton coming in for this Test Match as well.  
Kane Williamson, New Zealand captain: It's been an incredible series really and all three matches we certainly had our opportunities and at all stages we tried getting sightly ahead of the game but credit the way the English team played when they were put under pressure they they chose to counter attack and and they certainly did that very well and no better than than this match in particular where obviously we were in a fairly strong position. Yet you look closer and it's obviously a little bit more frustrating than the other but for us there are a lot of positives and it's a better regrouping and looking at it England than the new management did you feel a little bit in the last two games that you just being hit by an unstoppable force of times given the way that England counter attacked and no doubt they adopted a new approach and they certainly did that extremely well, they were good in all areas  and as we know it was a highly competitive series and and they certainly won those fine margins.
Daryl Mitchell, New Zealand’s Player of the series for his tally of 538 runs: As a team we wanted to come here and win but it didn’t go our way but I’m very proud of the way our boys put up a show and the efficiency they showed before and throughout the series. Guess you cannot be hundred percent sure of your place in the series, so have to keep the determination going and feeling proud to be a part of this group. It’s a great brunch of boys who are hungry to do well. You want to play Test Cricket for your country and I'm just enjoying that at the moment. 
I think it's the nature of international cricket now is that you have to constantly keep adepting to different formats and different conditions and also get used to traveling and changing which is a part of the job and of all the innings was the one that was special as Lord's is such a historic place. Also, I think such hundreds are not going to come often, so  want to enjoy it and obviously loved the time out there in the middle with Tom Blundell, he is a great person, keeps wickets and had spent some time with him at slips as well. 
Joe Root is England's Player of the Series for his tally of 396 runs: It was like some of the 50-over stuff we've played - to try and get him (Bairstow) on strike. The way he's playing he's hitting the ball really well. It's great to see him play like this and the crowd surely enjoyed it, as we did in the dressing room. It's just great to see him show the rest of the world how good he is, and just how good he's been moving forward in that trajectory. He's playing with such confidence and freedom. I can't see too many guys look better than he does when he gets going like that. The guys just seem to get more and more confident of how they want to go about things. It's just real fun to be a part of this team and with Brendon in as well, it's been great. It's important that we enjoy this series win. It's been a rocky road for the Test team for a while now. You must enjoy what you play for - it's a great bunch of fellows, we're all good mates and we'll all try and enjoy this. (A shift in determination?) I think we should leave what's happened where it is. We should concentrate on what we've done in the last few weeks. I think Ben's done an outstanding job in these three games and he'll have some amazing plans for the next series and the game against India as well.
Jack Leach is the Player of the Match for his 10-wicket match haul: It's nice to come back here after three years. Great memories out here. I said last night that if we got the win maybe this would go above that (1 run in 2019). But I love that day. Stokesy came to me straightaway and said it's going to spin. The seamers did a great job, they made it easy for me. Thinking about yesterday, I think Pottsy's spell was amazing and he probably deserved five wickets as well. Jonny probably deserves this as well, he's been unbelievable. It's nice to get a game and as any bowler you want to take as many wickets as possible. It was good fun. (On his shorter run-up) I just fancied a little change. It'll probably change again but yeah it just feels good.
Ben Stokes has led the team beautifully with the right balance of aggression and proactiveness. The new coach has added flavour to the spice and has brought about a dynamic shift in the mindset of the current setup.

It just took a change in the leadership and management to go from 1 win in 17 test matches to winning 3 back to back test matches all of which have been chases in excess of 250. Credit to New Zealand for the way hey competed with the bat. Daryl Mitchell in the company of Tom Blundell took the brunt of the batting and delivered in almost all of the six innings played in the series with the former smashing three beautiful centuries while the latter was a consistent run-getter with 4 half centuries and a century to his name in the series.
What a statement made by England! The new coach and captain have ticked off the first assignment in a rather bold and courageous way!
That will be it! England beat New Zealand by 7 wickets to win 3-0!
54.2 Michael Bracewell to Jonny Bairstow, SIX! Jonathan Marc Bairstow has had the final say in this series. Rather fittingly so! In the arc outside off, Bairstow sits on one knee and canons a slog sweep that's probably still traveling over that deep mid-wicket fence. Oh it's a biggie and it sends the crowd into a raucous cheer. England annihilate New Zealand by 7 wickets and sweep the series 3-0!
54.1 Michael Bracewell to Jonny Bairstow, FOUR! TOO EASY! Short and wide, Bairstow rocks back and simply eases it with a cross-batted shot as he opens the face into the gap along the covers. One hit away now!
Only 10 more needed now! Bairstow had some plans today. Given the fact that Pope departed in the very first over of the day
286 /3 score
cricket bat icon Joe Root *
86 (125)
cricket bat icon Jonny Bairstow
61 (42)
cricket ball icon Neil Wagner
0 /33
53.6 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, slower delivery on a full length outside off, Root presses forward and leans into offering a textbook defense towards point. He's bored of all the run-scoring, eh?
53.5 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, length delivery that lands well outside off, Root plants his front foot across before watching it into the keeper's gloves.
53.4 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, full and angling into the batter around off, Root leans his head forward and works it with a flick to short mid-wicket.
53.3 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, back of a length delivery outside off from wide of the crease. Root knocks it towards point as he hops back in his crease.
53.2 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, slower one on a full length from wide of the crease. Root plants his front foot forward and pushes it down the pitch to the bowler's right.
53.1 Neil Wagner to Joe Root, slower one from wide of the crease as he goes around the wicket. Spears it down leg on a length past Root's tickle around the corner.