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Presidents XI 99/1 (9.3 ov)
Presidents XI won by 9 wickets
That's just the beginning for today though. Lots more to come. The third-place playoff is next and that will be followed by the final of the Vincy Premier T10 League 2020. Join us (Prasen Moudgal and myself, Habil Ahmed) for all the action in the third-place game between Botanic Garden Rangers and the Grenadines Divers in just a few minutes. See you there!
What a chase!
Comprehensive win for the President's XI in the end. Great batting from both the president and the vice-president of the cricket association there. A half-century for Miles Bascombe in the end. 99/1 in 9.3 overs. You cannot, of course, rule out the role played by all those extras bowled by the FCS bowlers in this chase. 20 off them in the end. Quite unacceptable in a T10 match, but it is what it is. Congratulations to the President's XI on a fantastic performance, we really should be getting to see them play more often.
9.3 C Stowe to M Bascombe, Two for MIles Bascombe as he brings up his fifty and a win for the Presidents XI! Full ball on the stumps, Bascombe looked to belt it over covers but got an inside edge to square leg for two!
9.2 C Stowe to M Bascombe, yorker on leg stump, squeezed out to point
9.1 C Stowe to K Shallow, length ball rolls off Shallow's pads, batsmen sneak a leg bye
2 fours to finish that over and that leaves the President's XI with 3 runs to finish the game off. What a performance this has been!

Chelston Stowe comes in to bowl. He'll be hoping to follow up his star turn with the bat, with a star turn with the ball.
8.6 Ray Jordan to M Bascombe, FOUR! Bascombe yet again makes room but this time gets a feather to the keeper, Pope makes a meal of it and deflects it away to the fine leg fence
8.5 Ray Jordan to M Bascombe, FOUR! Shot! Bascombe moved away from the stumps and went inside out over covers for a boundary!
8.4 Ray Jordan to K Shallow, length ball bounced a little extra, Shallow drove it to covers for one.
8.3 Ray Jordan to K Shallow, length ball guided away behind square leg for a couple of runs. Lovely piece of footballing skill from Chelston Stowe in the deep to stop the ball from crossing the boundary.
8.2 Ray Jordan to M Bascombe, Top fielding! Full toss outside leg, Bascombe made some room and thrashed it through covers. Stowe put an arm out and saved three.
8.1 Ray Jordan to K Shallow, length ball knocked to cover point for a single
Big one to end that over. First six of the innings. Takes the President's XI to 83/1 after 8 overs. They need 16 to win off 12 balls. Well in control here. They're the driver's seat's driver's seat.
7.6 Kirton Lavia to M Bascombe, SIX! In the arc from Lavia, Bascombe waits on it, stands tall and pummels it wide over long on for a maximum!
7.5 Kirton Lavia to K Shallow, short ball pulled uppishly to mid-wicket for a single
7.4 Kirton Lavia to K Shallow, very slow and too wide from Lavia. 
7.4 Kirton Lavia to M Bascombe, short ball slapped to long on, just one run there
7.3 Kirton Lavia to M Bascombe, length ball slammed down to long off for a single, poor backing up from the bowler allows an extra run
7.2 Kirton Lavia to K Shallow, short ball pulled without much timing to long on for a single
7.1 Kirton Lavia to K Shallow, full and outside off, Shallow comes down the track and drives it away to covers
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