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Beximco Dhaka 88/10 (16.2 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram 90/1 (10.5 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram won by 9 wickets
And that brings us to the end of our coverage for this game of the Bangabandhu T20 Cup. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for further live updates and match commentaries. This is me, Rishab VM, and my colleague, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off! 
Well it seemed like a game perfectly plotted for Chattogram didn't it? Totally one-sided affair and they have played some dominating cricket tonight! Right from the bowling where they started off well, although Naim was going solid at one end, they didn't let pressure go off as they kept chipping away with wickets. While the Dhaka batsmen lacked intent, failed to apply themselves, it was also a really good performance with the ball. The Chattogram bowlers were all over the Dhaka batsmen. Fair to say, the game was won right when they restricted them to a paltry 88-run total. 

The chase went just as most of us thought it would. Easily done by the batsmen. The openers Liton and Sarkar made sure this game was under thier control right throughout. The two of them batted quite beautifully as they were picking up the singles and doubles and also scoring the boundaries. They made it look so easy. In contrast to what the Dhaka batsmen did, this was a perfectly crafted run-chase. Especially Soumya was amazing the way he was scoring his boundaries. Top class effort that! 

The Dhaka bowlers lacked the attacking intent, failed to create any pressure whatsoever and the game went one way right through. They need to figure out a lot of stuff and regroup moving ahead. As for Chattogram, they will be delighted with their performance tonight, absolutely outplayed the opposition in every department and dominated the game. They'll be looking to carry forward this momentum from tonight's big win!   
Mominul finishes it in style! Just under 11 overs is all its taken for Chattogram to seal this one! They have won with 9 wickets to spare and finish on 90/1 
10.5 Hossain to Mominul, VICTORY! Full delivery on the middle stump, Haque steps down the track and lofts it over mid-on for a boundary as GGC wrap up the game with 55 balls to spare,
10.4 Hossain to Soumya, full delivery outside off pushed towards covers for a single
10.3 Hossain to Soumya, length ball defended by Soumya
10.2 Hossain to Soumya, length ball and flicked for a couple of runs towards mid-wicket 
10.1 Hossain to Soumya, length ball played towards third man
Just the way these two have carried themselves in this chase has been so impressive. Running those ones and twos, scoring the boundaries, complimenting each other so well. The partnership may have finally been broken but they have won the game for their side they way they have batted tonight. We're at the halfway mark and Chattogram are probably just a hit or two away now from sealing this one
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 0 W 0 4 Bowler: Nasum Ahmed Score: 83/1
9.6 Ahmed to Mominul, length ball outside off and Haque cuts it into the gap for a boundary
9.5 Ahmed to Mominul, length ball outside off and defends it
9.4 Ahmed to Liton, OUT! Little too late for Dhaka as they get the breakthrough with just 10 runs to win. Length ball on the off stump, and hits the stumps as he misses it
9.3 Ahmed to Liton, length ball outside off and Das is beaten
9.2 Ahmed to Liton, length ball and Das defends it
9.1 Ahmed to Soumya, Stock delivery, flicked for a single
Dhaka have a lot of thinking to do once this game is done. They seem totally off colour tonight
Saumya has been absolutely brilliant tonight! He's been taking on the bowlers right from the first over and he's looking so good out there. Both these guys have dominated abd it's just 11 runs now needed for a well deserved victory
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 1 2 0 4 1 Bowler: Mehedi Hasan Rana Score: 78/0
8.6 Hasan to Soumya, good length delivery outside off and angled towards third man for a single
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