14th Match, Bellerive Oval, Hobart
HUR won by 8 runs.
That's it from the 14th match of BBL. Stay tuned at Sportskeeda for more as this is the duo of Divyansh and Mohul signing off. Goodbye.
Match Summary-

Hobart Hurricanes win by 8 runs.

James Neesham 28 (19) | Riley Meredith 3/12 (4.0)
Will Sutherland 40 (29) | David Moody 3/16 (4.0)

Hurricanes come out on top in a low scoring thriller with all 20 wickets falling here in Hobart. They have successfully defended this low score.

Renegades could not go 4 in 4, as they fell short by just 8 runs. Sutherland tried his level best in the end with a brilliant 40 run innings while he was running out of partners on the other end. He would have won it in the end, but a miscue from him resulted in his wicket.

Meredith ended up with magnificent figures of 3/12 as Shadab also took 3 wickets in the end. Dooley and Paris chipped in with 2 wickets each as well. The captain, Ellis bowled the tough overs in the end and was a bit expensive but a good bowling performance from others hand them their victory.
19.2 Joel Paris to Will Sutherland, OUT! HOBART HURRICANES WIN BY EIGHT RUNS! Slower and at a length outside off, Sutherland tries to go for a big hit to reduce the deficit between his side and their opponents but the ball strikes the top of the bat and goes straight towards long off, where the fielder James Neesham takes a simple catch. The Renegades' winning streak is now broken, and the Hurricanes will be pleased to get a victory at home. The former were well served by Will Sutherland, who kept fighting till the last moment, even as everyone around him fell like ninepins!
19.1 Joel Paris to Will Sutherland, full on middle, Sutherland drills it to long on and can complete the double thanks to a MISFIELD by Tim David at long on.
Joel Paris (2.0-0-8-1) is back into the attack
Perfect over from Sutherland for the Renegades. 13 from it and they need 11 from the last. he is on strike.
112 /9 score
cricket bat icon Will Sutherland *
38 (27)
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
0 /39
18.6 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, fullish on middle, Sutherland works it away to long on for a run to end the over and retain strike. The Hurricanes will be bothered that Sutherland will take strike next over, with just 11 runs required. Can Sutherland do it through just two big hits?
18.5 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, full on middle and leg, Sutherland drills it to long on. He calls Moody for the second run, the latter responds and they make it!
18.4 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, full and wide outside off, Sutherland drives it through point for a couple to keep strike! Wise batting.
Can he be a hero for the Renegades? 16 runs required now, 9 balls left.
18.3 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, SIX! THAT'S MASSIVE! CAN SUTHERLAND TAKE HIS SIDE HOME? Back of the hand delivery at a length on leg, Sutherland makes some room and waits for the ball before lofting it way over the cow country fence for a MAXIMUM! He picked up the slower ball well.
18.2 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, at a length on middle and leg, off cutter, Sutherland tries to swing away at it but MISSES!
18.1 Nathan Ellis to Will Sutherland, full on middle, Sutherland flicks it to long on and completes a QUICK COUPLE!
David Moody, RHB, comes to the crease.
9 down for 99 now. The Hurricanes are just a wicket away from successfully defending this low total. Sutherland and the Renegades need 24 from 12 balls. He is running out of partners though.
99 /9 score
cricket bat icon Will Sutherland
25 (21)
cricket bat icon Mujeeb Ur Rahman *
3 (6)
cricket ball icon Shadab Khan
3 /20
17.6 Shadab Khan to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, OUT! Tossed up outside off, Mujeeb CHARGES DOWN the track and tries to loft it over the off side but does not CONNECT too well and only ends up holing out to the fielder at long off who comes forward and dives to complete the catch! To be honest, this seemed to be on the cards and Mujeeb never looked comfortable out in the middle. The Renegades are nine down.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman c James Neesham b Shadab Khan 3 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)
17.5 Shadab Khan to Will Sutherland, tossed up outside off, Sutherland drills it to deep cover for a run.