179/7 (20)
180/7 (18.4)
GG won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Ashley Nurse
And with that, we come to the close of our coverage of this game. Do join us again tomorrow for a Sunday jam-packed with cricketing action, literally all across the globe, spanning across all the white-ball formats! For now, this is Rajarshi, along with my friend Sooryanarayanan, signing off! See you tomorrow!
Virender Sehwag (Gujarat Giants Captain): The way Kevin batted and I was just telling him to play normal cricketing shots since the ball will get wet and it will come onto the bat well. That's what I was also looking to do but it was not my day today. I can't do that (anchor) role (laughs) but they said that it would get easier to bat on later. The kind of innings Kevin the next game maybe I or someone else will hit in the next game and we won't get tired. Chris Gayle is coming for the semifinals so let's see.
Jacques Kallis (India Capitals Captain): It was magnificent hitting that (from Nurse). Pleasure to watch, especially with us in trouble. It was impressive hitting. It was interesting (the end). We felt you'd never know if we hang in there. Kev played really well as well.
Ashley Nurse (Player of the Match): I just tried to watch the ball. I played a few shots. I came in with the team under a bit of pressure. Lots of slower balls bowled but I looked to take it deep and get underneath the ball to hit it.
Match summary:
Gujarat Giants won the toss and opted to bowl

India Capitals 179/7 (20 Overs)
Ashley Nurse 103*(43) | Thisara Perera 2/16 (3)

Gujarat Giants 180/7 (18.4 Overs)
Kevin O'Brien 106(61) | Pravin Tambe 3/28 (3.4)

Gujarat Giants win by 3 wickets with 8 balls to spare

Kevin O'Brien outdoes the gargantuan effort from Ashley Nurse earlier in the evening today, and leads his side to victory in the inaugural match of the Legends League Cricket T20! It was him and only him who set the tone of the run-chase as Virender Sehwag struggled at the other end at the start. Sehwag eventually holed out to deep third man, which brought Parthiv Patel to the crease. Over the course of the next 7 overs, the left-right duo did just enough to keep the India Capitals bowlers at bay. While Pankaj Singh kept things tight having been introduced at the midway stages, they were severe on the left-arm spinner, Praveen Gupta, leaving no opportunity to go after him!

Ashley Nurse went on to break the stand with a straight one to the left-handed Parthiv Patel. Yashpal Singh walked into the middle and contributed heavily to a 50-run partnership with Kevin O'Brien, who motored along to a fine, fine hundred, the second one of the day! He was deprived of the strike for a few deliveries, but he got there eventually and in some style, smashing Pravin Tambe right over his head and over the ropes! The Giants lost their way quite a bit having reached the brink, with Plunkett and Tambe running through the middle and lower-order, and in the end, a wide delivery helped them get past the line! Stick around for the presentation ceremony!
They seemed like running out of steam towards the end, but they did get there eventually! The Gujarat Giants get home with just over an over to spare!
18.5 Pravin Tambe to Mitchell McClenaghan, WIDE! WHAT AN ANTICLIMAX! It's a loopy full one landing well outside leg past McClenaghan's attempted reverse-swat over third man as he looks to change his stance to a right-hander. Beats everything into the keeper's gloves but surprisingly, it has been called a wide. Surely, the line changed with the batter switching hands? It's all done now though and eventually, Gujarat Giants win by 3 wickets and 8 deliveries to spare!
Hat-trick ball coming up!
Mitchell McClenaghan, LHB, comes to the crease
18.4 Pravin Tambe to Rayad Emrit, HUGE APPEAL AND GIVEN! What are the Giants doing? The perfect googly on a full length on middle and leg stump and Emrit goes for the slog sweep this time. A hint of turn and he's rapped on the back thigh pad with the umpire raising the dreaded finger, leaving Tambe on a hat-trick! Now then...

Rayad Emrit LBW b Pravin Tambe 0 (1b)
Rayad Emrit, RHB, comes to the crease
18.3 Pravin Tambe to Elton Chigumbura, KNOCKS HIM OVER! Outstanding delivery that is flighted on a length on middle stump and Chigumbura looks to wrap it up with a wild slog sweep across the line. He misses out though and the stumps are rattled with a delighted Tambe pocketing a second wicket for the night!

Elton Chigumbura b Pravin Tambe 3 (6b)
18.2 Pravin Tambe to Elton Chigumbura, STIFLED APPEAL! Skips down the track looking to work this through mid-wicket. On a length but it turns away to strike Chigumbura around the line of off. Would have beaten the off stump comfortably.
18.1 Pravin Tambe to Elton Chigumbura, flighted into a good length on middle and leg stump, Chigumbura holds his ground and stabs it back down the pitch.
Richard Levi, RHB, comes to the crease
179 /5 score
cricket bat icon Thisara Perera *
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Elton Chigumbura
3 (3)
cricket ball icon Liam Plunkett
2 /23
17.6 Liam Plunkett to Thisara Perera, HOLES OUT! Second of the over for Plunkett! Short of a length delivery on leg stump, Perera backs away and hoicks it off the shoulder of his blade as it gets high on the bat. Square leg runs forward and completes an excellent catch with a dive. It's Ashley Nurse again - you just can't keep him out of the action, can you? Plunkett's front foot is fine with the umpire wanting to reconfirm upstairs and we head into another over.

Thisara Perera c Ashley Nurse b Liam Plunkett 1 (2b)
17.5 Liam Plunkett to Elton Chigumbura, pitched up around the line of off, Chigumbura pushes it firmly to mid-off as the scores are leveled!
17.4 Liam Plunkett to Elton Chigumbura, length delivery slanting into the batter on middle and leg, Chigumbura turns it from his crease to deep mid-wicket and eases back for the second.
17.4 Liam Plunkett to Elton Chigumbura, NO BALL! Pounded into the deck outside off stump, Chigumbura stands tall looking to upper cut it himself but the tennis ball bounce takes it soaring over his head. Second one above the shoulder for the over so it's a free hit!