198/5 (20)
120/10 (19.2)
INC won by 78 runs.
Player of the match: Solomon Mire
That is it from us in terms of coverage of this game. We will be back with more tomorrow. The 2nd Women's ODI between England and India see England in a major spot of bother, click here to gain access to our coverage of the same. For now, this is Rajarshi, along with Bidipto, taking our leave for the day. See you tomorrow!
Gautam Gambhir, India Capitals captain: (When said his captaincy had immediate effect on the team) (Laughs) Ah, it wasn't my captaincy, it was Solomon Mire's and Hamilton Masakadza's power. We thought that 150 was a good total on this track, but when we got to 190+, I thought that it was a winning total. I was actually thinking that he's (Mire) just 33, and how come do you retire so soon? The kind of ability and power he has, he was clearing the boundaries with ease! This is what you can do on a wicket like this when you have the raw power. (On his batting experience) I thought that the first ball I faced was the toughest in my career, because I was thinking that I hope I touch the ball. Felt good, probably I'll get better from here, obviously, you can practice as much as you can, but once you start seeing the ball off the middle, it's a completely different ball game.
Irfan Pathan, Bhilwara Kings captain: We make a lot of mistakes, this wasn't a 200-run pitch. Solomon Mire played a brilliant innings, specially considering the wicket, that was brute force. We did pull things back, but by that time, it was too late. We didn't bowl the lengths required on this wicket, didn't bowl the slower ones, we bowled full at the start and once they got the momentum, there was no looking back for them.
Legend of the Match, Solomon Mire! 

Solomon Mire: 
Thank you so much! Gauti bhai gave me the opportunity to bat with him at the top of the order and everything started coming off! I lofted a lot today and got them from the middle of the bat most of the time, I kind of had to because the pitch was pretty slow. Good to get those runs under the belt. 
It is time for the post-match presentation! 
Match summary:
Bhilwara Kings won the toss and opted to bowl

India Capitals 1st innings 198/5 (20 Overs)
Solomon Mire 82(38) | Yusuf Pathan 3/28 (4)

Bhilwara Kings 2nd innings 120 all out (19.2 Overs)
Tanmay Srivastava 27*(30) | Rajat Bhatia 2/6 (1.2)

India Capitals win by 78 runs.

The Kings had some momentum as they walked out for the run-chase, having recovered brilliantly to keep the Capitals to 198 after the start they had to their innings, but the required rate, doubled by the pressure that the Capitals bowlers put up on them, meant that a top-order capitulation was imminent. Pankaj Singh set the tone once again with the ball - even though Naman Ojha was starting to find the ropes with some deft touches, the required rate kept climbing, and soon enough, he followed his opening partner, Nick Compton, back to the dugout.

The Pathan brothers looked a tad threatening when Yusuf Pathan was just about getting off to a start of sorts, but once he held out to Plunkett at mid-wicket, the hopes of a thrilling run-chase were diminished. Pathan and Tanmay Srivastava were tied down by the spin duo of Ashley Nurse and Pravin Tambe. and the Kings were choked out of the game. Tambe eventually accounted for Irfan, Tanmay ended up being not out and batting till the end, and the Kings slumped to a heavy defeat.
19.2 Rajat Bhatia to Fidel Edwards, THAT IS THAT! INDIA CAPITALS GET THEIR FIRST WIN! BOWLED HIM! Full and straight on middle-and-leg, a huge swing across the line by Edwards and a big miss, only for the ball to clatter into the stumps by keeping low! 
19.1 Rajat Bhatia to Fidel Edwards, good length slower ball on off, swiped across the line to wide long-on, for a fumble, and eventual two runs there! 
118 /9 score
cricket bat icon Tanmay Srivastava
28 (30)
cricket bat icon Fidel Edwards *
5 (5)
cricket ball icon Praveen Gupta
1 /9
18.6 Praveen Gupta to Fidel Edwards, fuller on middle and swung around to the wide mid-wicket area for a single from the crease. 
18.5 Praveen Gupta to Tanmay Srivastava, good length ball on off and tapped nicely to long-off from the crease, for one. 
18.4 Praveen Gupta to Tanmay Srivastava, CHANCE? Short outside off and under edged to the gloves of the keeper for almost a catch! Dot ball. 
18.3 Praveen Gupta to Fidel Edwards, short on off, forced off the back foot over the top and down to long-on for one. 
18.2 Praveen Gupta to Tanmay Srivastava, full on off, driven hard down to long-off off the front foot, for a single. 
18.1 Praveen Gupta to Fidel Edwards, full on middle-and-leg and clipped again to mid-wicket's right for a single off the front foot. 
Well...... this has been a poor show from the Bhilwara Kings. Just the formalities remain to be completed.
113 /9 score
cricket bat icon Tanmay Srivastava
26 (27)
cricket bat icon Fidel Edwards *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Rajat Bhatia
1 /4
17.6 Rajat Bhatia to Fidel Edwards, full on middle and clipped off the pads to deep mid-wicket for a single this time. 
17.5 Rajat Bhatia to Tanmay Srivastava, fuller on leg, slow again and picked up over mid-wicket off the front foot, for a single. 
17.4 Rajat Bhatia to Tanmay Srivastava, good length ball down leg, clipped to the short square-leg area off the back foot, for a refused single.