170/5 (15)
130/6 (15)
IND-L won by 40 runs.
Player of the match: Sachin Tendulkar
So that'll be all from this contest. Despite the rain, we got a contest and that made the wait worth it. It's been a pleasure bringing the coverage of this contest to you and we thank you for tuning in for the same. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for further cricketing news and action from around the globe though. For now, this is the duo of Pradeep and Bidipto taking your leave. Good night and take care!
The man keeps winning hearts even after all these years. A superb innings from the Master, but he hands his Player of the Match award to Rajesh Pawar who he reckons deserved it more. This India Legends team is a happy unit and it's reflecting in their performances alright. Needless to say, they remain the team to beat in this tournament. It's not working for England Legends, unfortunately, and time is running out for them with the rest of the teams distancing themselves comfortably.
Sachin Tendulkar (India Legends Captain and Player of the Match): We got an outing in Indore but it was really good here. I'm glad we got a game of cricket here for the crowd and they were not disappointed. My first match here and the support was amazing. Felt really nice. The Man of the Match I have got for scoring 40 runs, I think Rajesh Pawar deserves it more than I do. Just 12 runs off his three overs. So I would like to give it to him (calls Pawar over and hands the trophy to him). I thought it came off well. Sometimes I try to outthink the bowler and sometimes the bowler outthinks me. One of those days when the shots came off for me. You have to be aggressive in this format. Need not be that all the time you have to go out there and fire. Today I thought the most crucial knocks were played by Yusuf and Yuvi. We got off to a good start but lost some wickets. Those knocks were important in us getting that total. Rajesh bowled really well and the others supported him well. Three overs for 12 runs and 3 wickets was pretty special. Once you cross the road you don't want to compromise. That's what we want to do in the next game as well - play good cricket. People come here with expectations and we don't want to let them down.
Ian Bell, captain, England Legends: I thought we saw some amazing batting from India there and it's great that we could get a game in here tonight. I've actually seen a lot of special batting from the likes of Sachin and Yuvi, so here we went again. We have to give it to the batting of India tonight, hands down. We will try our best to get a competitive eleven in for our last game, and England vs Australia should be a good one. 
It is time for the post-match presentation now! 
Rajesh Pawar: The plan was simple, the idea was to keep it tight and slightly away from the body and I got the job done accordingly. The pitch was sticky and as the ball got softer, it got harder to hit and made my work slightly easier. 
India Legends beat England Legends by 40 runs.

Sachin Tendulkar 40 (20) | Rajesh Pawar 3/12 (3)
Phil Mustard 29 (19) | Stephen Parry 3/19 (3)

It was a long and frustrating wait but the crowd at Dehradun got their money's worth. Who wouldn't when they see Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh rewind the clock in grand fashion to pile up a massive total on the board!

171 in 15 overs was never going to be easy to chase. More so, with England Legends struggling all tournament. Ian Bell crawled along and failed to get any kind of momentum going after the wicket of Dimitri Mascarenhas even as Phil Mustard started in positive fashion. Regular wickets dented the flow of runs and the asking rate continued to rise steeply.

Rajesh Pawar displayed guile and control of the highest order to return with a three-fer, prizing out those wickets at a nagging economy rate. Pragyan Ojha did his bit again and eventually, that is all India Legends really needed. Tim Ambrose and Mustard showed signs of upping the ante but such was the asking rate that it was never going to be enough.

Eventually, both Chris Tremlett and Chris Schofield could only tonk it around and have some fun after the game was well and truly lost as India Legends coasted home by a comfortable margin, soaring to the top of the table in the process. Stay tuned for the presentation...
All smiles in the Indian camp. It's been a dominant display again and Sachin Tendulkar will be a happy man alright. India Legends win by 40 runs.
130 /6 score
cricket bat icon Chris Tremlett *
24 (16)
cricket bat icon Chris Schofield
19 (13)
cricket ball icon Manpreet Gony
1 /31
14.6 Manpreet Gony to Chris Tremlett, INDIA LEGENDS GET THEIR SECOND WIN! Fuller on middle-and-leg, hit off the thick inside edge down to deep mid-wicket for a single off the front foot, and that is all England Legends can get! 
Every bit of muscle pumped into that shot from Tremlett!
14.5 Manpreet Gony to Chris Tremlett, SIX! Short over middle, Tremlett makes room again and heaves this from the middle of the bat, off the back foot, over long-on for a MAXIMUM! 
14.4 Manpreet Gony to Chris Tremlett, SHOT! Good length ball on middle, Tremlett stands and delivers through the point region on the back foot, and down to the boundary at the cover point fence for FOUR! 
14.3 Manpreet Gony to Chris Tremlett, short on middle-and-leg, Tremlett gets cramped up but manages to chip it over mid-wicket for the ball to plug in no man's land, to pick up two! 
14.2 Manpreet Gony to Chris Tremlett, FINE SHOT! Full on off, Tremlett gives himself room and hits it past cover off the back foot, for a boundary! 
14.1 Manpreet Gony to Chris Schofield, fuller on middle-and-leg and lofted to long-on on one bounce, for a single off the cue end of the bat. 
Final over loading. Schofield is having some fun out there. How much more can England Legends muster though?
112 /6 score
cricket bat icon Chris Tremlett *
7 (11)
cricket bat icon Chris Schofield
18 (12)
cricket ball icon Pragyan Ojha
0 /10
13.6 Pragyan Ojha to Chris Tremlett, good length ball on off, tapped away to backward point for a couple of runs this time. 
13.5 Pragyan Ojha to Chris Tremlett, full outside off and another play and a miss on the front foot! No run.