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Andhra 154/8 (20 ov)
Mumbai 156/5 (18.5 ov)
Mumbai won by 5 wickets
Well, Mumbai finally tasting victory in their final league game to finish on a positive note! First win in five games, not Mumbai like, but that's how things were for them this season. They will be mighty pleased to get this win after a horror run. More pleasing given the way Shivam Dube and Sarfaraz Khan went about the chase after being under pressure losing quick wickets at the top. The duo hung in there, kept getting the one's and two's, building the partnership and getting the boundaries as well. And when it came to the final overs, they got a couple of big ones to ensure the win was going to be theirs. 

Andhra bowled well at the top and in the middle. They had Mumbai under pressure throughout the period where they kept taking wickets at regular intervals. Poor bowling at the death though and they will feel they could have done a lot better. Another thing that let them down was the fielding. They did take a few sharp catches, but they were loose in letting boundaries go that eased pressure of the batsmen every now and then. 

With the fall of SuryaKumar Yadav, it seemed like Andhra were in control only until the young duo of Shivam and Sarfaraz taking charge. Two very capable batsmen in this format and they proved it tonight. Some wonderful hits in that match-winning partnership from both of them and this will do them real good going ahead. 

Gutting for Andhra for it to have gone away from them in those final overs. Mumbai will surely breathe some relief after finishing with their only win of the tournament. It's always good to put behind what's gone by and end well, isn't it? A good game for them eventually and that will end the league stage games of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021! We'll be back bringing you all the action from the knockout games of the tournament. Until then, stay tuned for more cricket. Have a great night! This has been myself ( Rishab) and my partner Pratyush taking your leave.
Harishankar Reddy getting Sarfaraz eventually but the man has done his job! Too late for Andhra though as Shivam Dube will finish it off in style to get Mumbai past the line! Finally the taste of victory for them this season. Their first win in five games and that will be a huge relief as they end on a high. Brilliant show from Shivam and Sarfaraz to help Mumbai chase this down from a state of immense pressure in the middle! 
Over: 19 | Summary: 4 W 0 1lb 4 Bowler: Score: 0/0
18.5 Harishankar Reddy to Shivam Dube, FOUR! DUBE FINISHES OFF THINGS IN STYLE! Short delivery on top of off stump, Dube calmly waits for it to play the upper cut and seal the victory for his side!

Mumbai win by 5 wickets.
18.4 Harishankar Reddy to Sairaj Patil, keeps it short on middle stump, Patil goes for the wild pull shot but doesn't time it at all but the batsman scamper through for a single
18.3 Harishankar Reddy to Sairaj Patil, a tad bit short angling into the batsman, who tries to tuck it away towards the leg side but fails to do so
18.2 Harishankar Reddy to Sarfaraz Khan, EDGED! GONE! Absolute ripper, was banged into the surface at a shortish length and it climbed onto the Sarfaraz quickly as he tried to throw his hands at it, getting a nick which is pouched by the keeper.
18.1 Harishankar Reddy to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! Full delivery wide of off stump, Sarfaraz throws his bat at it to get it through the gap at third man. That brings up his fifty! It's been a terrific knock from him under pressure in this chase
This is brilliant bowling from Stephen! Varying his pace nicely and putting the short ball to good use. And there, there's the mistake! pitching it full and in the slot, which Sarfaraz put away with ease. All the good work undone with that one hit as Mumbai inch even closer now. 8 off 12 needed

Harishankar Reddy to continue
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 0 0 0 6 1 Bowler: Cheepurapalli Stephen Score: 147/4
17.6 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Sarfaraz Khan, good length outside off stump, driven through the covers by Khan to get a single and keep strike
17.5 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Sarfaraz Khan, SHOT! SIX! Slightly overpitched delivery outside off stump this time, its a straight batted lofted drive over long off for a maximum! Sheer timing that!
17.4 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Sarfaraz Khan, banged short on middle stump again, Khan moves away to give himself some room and play the upper cut but makes no contact
17.3 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Sarfaraz Khan, bangs one in short again, Sarfaraz can't get the short on away as he swings his bat at it blindly.
17.2 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Sarfaraz Khan, OHH BEATEN! Banged it in short and Sarfaraz goes for the pull, but misses it completely. He was in no position to play that shot there.
17.1 Cheepurapalli Stephen to Shivam Dube, a tad bit short on middle stump, pulled towards deep mid wicket for a single
Poor bowling towards the death here and these two are set in nicely to cash in on the opportunities. They are looking to get this done in a hurry now and that one over changed the complexion of this chase! Another expensive over this and the victory looks in touching distance for Mumbai now. These two have batted exceedingly well, taken minimal risks, run well between the wickets and have scored off every opportunity. This game going away from Andhra and funny how quickly things change in this format! Raining boundaries and it's in control for Mumbai now. 16 off 18 needed
Over: 17 | Summary: 4 4 1 1 4 6 Bowler: Harishankar Reddy Score: 139/4
16.6 Harishankar Reddy to Sarfaraz Khan, FLAT SIX! Was going for the yorker but he horribly miscued it, resulting in a low full toss which is helped on its way by Sarfaraz to take it over the fence at deep square leg! Huge over this!
16.5 Harishankar Reddy to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! CRUNCHED! Overpitched delivery outside off stump again, Khan clears his front foot and dispatches this through the gap at extra cover! 
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