202/10 (49.4)
204/3 (38.3)
NZ won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Will Young

The Netherlands, batting first - 202 all out in 49.4 overs; Michael Rippon 67 (97), Blair Tickner [10-0-50-4]

New Zealand, batting second - 204 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in 38.3 overs; Will Young 103* (114), Michael Rippon [8-0-32-2]

New Zealand beat the Netherlands by 7 wickets and take a 1-0 lead in the 3-match ODI series.

Player of the Match: Will Young - 103* (114) (8x4, 3x6) and a catch

It was a good display of batting from New Zealand overall, with Will Young bringing up his first ODI century by scoring the winning runs for his team. But Tom Latham would have liked his team to lose a wicket less to get the job done. 

As clinical as New Zealand were, the bowling from left-arm wrist-spinner Michael Rippon and captain Pieter Seelaar was top quality, with the former picking up a couple of wickets, along with, bowling economically, to go with his impressive 50 with the bat in the 1st innings. The latter was extremely tight with his bowling and gave away very few in his 10 overs. 

But otherwise, the bowling from the Netherlands was pretty average, as the seamers went for plenty as a result of their inconsistent bowling, both in terms of line and length. After the initial wicket of Martin Guptill, the visitors were all over the place, giving easy runs away to both Henry Nicholls and Will Young, who capitalized on that and brought up a splendid 100-run partnership. Both went on to score their 50s with the right-hander going on to get to his 100, unbeaten. 

Ross Taylor had a disappointing last outing at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, with not a lot of conviction in his batting against spin. He will be hoping to set things right in his 2nd last international match in a couple of days from now.

The pitch showed signs of slowness and turn as the innings progressed under lights but there was not a lot left in the bank for the Dutch spinners to play with. In the end, it was a comfortable first match win for the hosts.

This is all that we have for you today from the 1st ODI, it was a pleasure bringing the coverage to you and we look forward to your company again in the 2nd match! This is the pair of Soorya and Bidipto, saying good bye, keep following Sportskeeda! 

The Netherlands captain, Pieter Seelaar: The positive has been that we bowled really well with spinners in operation and also with the bat, after losing early wickets, we did well to take the innings deep. But we are disappointed not to have been able to get more runs with the bat on this patch which could have made life more difficult for batting in the 2nd innings with our spinners in operation. So that hurts. But we will be up for it in the next match and look to make it difficult for New Zealand.
New Zealand captain, Tom Latham: I think every game we play becomes a game to win. It was a good start to the series for us, Blair bowled really well, he got us the wickets we needed in his first ODI that too and helped Will Young and company with the bat, whose performance was outstanding as well. It was nice to lead the side in the absence of some our senior players and I hope to keep the winning momentum going into the next match.

Will Young (Player of the Match): I am (stoked). Hasn't been a hell of a lot of cricket especially for New Zealand. Awesome way to start the series and my first ODI hundred so I'm over the moon. (On sharing this moment with Blair Tickner) We just had a word outside and were brimming to get that - we said this morning about a hundred and a five-fer so nearly the perfect day. It's obviously a class side - the team is run unbelievably well so you come into the group and all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself and putting in a good performance of cricket. I've played at 3 in one-day cricket a lot domestically so I feel a lot at home. Good to get out there and knock it off in the end.
What a way to finish the match for Will Young! A boundary that brings up his first ODI 100 as well! Very impressive from the right-hander and very impressive from New Zealand too, as they win by 7 wickets with 11 overs and 3 balls remaining.
38.3 Philippe Boissevain to Will Young, FOUR! THERE IT IS! Young seals it with his maiden international ton! As poetic a finish as they come - shimmies down to the pitch of this flighted full one outside off and swings right through the line of it. Up and over it goes as he places it straight of mid-off to pick out the ropes and draw the curtains on this contest as well. The arms go aloft as he takes his helmet off - what a professional knock this has been. New Zealand beat Netherlands by 7 wickets with 69 deliveries to spare and go 1-0 up in the series!
38.2 Philippe Boissevain to Will Young, tossed up short outside off, Young rocks back and steers it just in front of the dive of point before it rolls into the deep as the batters run two. Young on 99 and that's the 200 up for New Zealand!
38.1 Philippe Boissevain to Tom Latham, back of a length delivery outside leg, Latham does his bit to get Young back on strike as he camps back for a nudge behind square on the leg-side.
Philippe Boissevain [3.0-0-28-0] is back to bowl.

Will Young has been a bit tentative of late, nearing his hundred. If this can be capitalized upon by the Netherlands, there can be a wicket falling quickly. That can give the Dutch a psychological advantage and Young, a jolt to his confidence. 
197 /3 score
cricket bat icon Will Young *
97 (112)
cricket bat icon Tom Latham
7 (10)
cricket ball icon Michael Rippon
2 /32
37.6 Michael Rippon to Will Young, quick and drifting into the batter around off, Young uses his feet and works it to short mid-wicket. Another dot and the wait continues for Young!
37.5 Michael Rippon to Tom Latham, short in length outside off, Latham rocks back to punch it with the spin to sweeper cover as he crosses over.
37.4 Michael Rippon to Tom Latham, turns off a length on leg stump, Latham leans forward to pat it off the splice as it rolls well to the right of backward point.
37.3 Michael Rippon to Tom Latham, spins away off a back of a length radar outside off, Latham rocks back and places his cut straight to point.
A slip and a leg-slip against Latham now with Rippon bowling over the wicket. 
37.2 Michael Rippon to Will Young, OOH! Loopy delivery on a very full length outside off, Young brings out a reverse-sweep off the top-edge that lobs through the vacant slip region before leg slip goes after it as the batters cross over.
37.1 Michael Rippon to Will Young, around the wicket and on a good length at the stumps, Young hangs back and nudges it with soft hands into the mid-wicket region.
A leg-slip in place against Will Young for Michael Rippon, from round the wicket. 
If only the Netherlands could bowl more tidily with pace on the ball, the story at this stage would have been different. The Dutch have found a nice passage of play going for them. And the spinners need to be thanked for that. Something for the visitors to consider will be to bowl with better consistency, in terms of pace bowling. 8 runs to win from 78 balls now. 
195 /3 score
cricket bat icon Will Young
96 (109)
cricket bat icon Tom Latham *
6 (7)
cricket ball icon Pieter Seelaar
0 /30