Clove Challengers 110/4 (10 ov)
Nutmeg Warriors 116/1 (9.3 ov)
Nutmeg Warriors won by 9 wickets
The Top 4 battle is heating up and one of the spots will be sealed tonight as Cinnamon Pacers face Ginger Generals in a few minutes! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from Spice Isle T10 and more as my colleague Nikhil and I, Mohak Arora bid you adieu for now!
Andre Fletcher's unbeaten knock of 67 runs off 32 balls spoiled the Clove Challengers party as Nutmeg Warriors chased down the target with 3 balls to spare and 9 wickets in hand. Seandell Regis and Donald McDonald contributed with 21 and 16 respectively as both sides end the day on 7 points each!
Jamie Buddy and Deyna George bowled brilliantly for the Challengers and it was a surprise that the latter wasn't handed the responsibility of bowling the last over after giving only 7 runs off his first over.
9.3 Darron Nedd to Andre Fletcher, SIX!!! Fletcher finishes in style!! Length ball outside off, stays in the crease and just times it over the cow corner region boundary and it has gone just over the boundary line. A good responsible innings from Fletcher and Nutmeg Warriors sense a chance to move to the top 4 position in the points table
9.2 Darron Nedd to Andre Fletcher, SIX!!!! You don't bowl to Fletcher there!! Short ball outside off and with the kind of form he is in, it was going to sail away. Pulls it over the cow corner boundary with a lot of power. Scores are level now!!
A BIGGGG MAXIMUMMMM!! Fletcher sees the ball pitched short, goes on the backfoot, and smacks it over the mid-wicket region for six runs!
9.2 Darron Nedd to Andre Fletcher, full toss just away from the tram line and Fletcher looks at it and leaves it. Wide signaled!!
Great running between the wickets as the duo completes three runs to bring Fletcher on strike!
9.1 Darron Nedd to Donald Mc Donald, length ball on middle and leg, Donald swings hard at it but gets an edge to deep square leg, The fielder runs in and puts in a dive to save the boundary. 3 runs taken and 8 needed now.
FIFTY UP FOR FLETCHER WITH A BIG MAXIMUM!! But the task is not done yet as the Nutmeg Warriors need 11 runs off the last 6 balls with Donald McDonald on strike and Darron Nedd bowling the last over of the innings!
8.6 Imran Joseph to Andre Fletcher, SIX!!! That's why he refused the single!!! Gets to his 50 in style!! Length ball outside off, gets on the front foot and smothers it for a huge six over long. 11 needed off 6 balls!!
8.5 Imran Joseph to Andre Fletcher, full length ball on middle and leg, smashes this one to long on but refuses a single. 
8.4 Imran Joseph to Andre Fletcher, short ball outside off, pulls this one away towards on side and takes a couple of runs.
8.3 Imran Joseph to Andre Fletcher, FOUR!!! Full length ball on the leg stump line and Fletcher mistimes this one to long on but the power is so much that the ball has raced away to the boundary
MAXIMUMMMMM!! Pitched up and Fletcher got on top of the delivery and smashed it flat over the long-on fence! 19 needed off 9!
8.2 Imran Joseph to Andre Fletcher, a touch shorter on middle and leg, Fletcher stays in the crease and tries to smash this one to the on side but misses.
8.1 Imran Joseph to Donald Mc Donald, right up in the block hole with a good pace, Mc Donald makes room to dig this one out but gets hit on the pad and they manage to take a single.
Single taken and all eyes on Andre Fletcher now!!
Imran Joseph to bowl the penultimate over of the run-chase!
The SPICEMAN was conservative with his approach throughout the eighth over and might target the bowlers in the next two overs! Deyna George bowled brilliantly to give away only 7 runs in the over. 26 runs required off 12 balls now!
85 /1 score
cricket bat icon Andre Fletcher
41 (25)
cricket bat icon Donald Mcdonald *
13 (8)
cricket ball icon Deyna George
0 /7
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