221/3 (20)
158/8 (20)
ENG won by 63 runs.
Player of the match: Harry Brook
That is all we have from the commentary for this clash. It was a one-sided contest, with England winning comfortably by 63 runs to take a 2-1 lead in 7 match series. The 4th T20I will be played again in Karachi on Sunday (25th September) before we head to Lahore for the last three games. So until then, it's adios from our side. This is Arya Sekhar Chakraborty, signing off along with my fellow commentators Pradeep and Rajarshi. 
Moeen Ali, England captain- We were ruthless tonight especially with the bat. Brook is proving why he is rated so highly. Brooky, hopefully he grows and becomes one of those top, top players. All got a bit of experience from the PSL, Jacks took it to the bowlers, the future for England cricket is amazing. Wood bowled serious, serious pace, great to have him back, he's a massive part of our team."
Babar Azam- Pakistan captain- I think the way 222 was scored, We tried to give a good start with the bat but that didn’t really happen. You try to utilise the bowlers on the basis of a match situation and the batsmen. In the next match we will try and rectify our mistakes. Shan batted really well, showed intent and executed his plans. I hope he keeps playing well.
Harry Brook has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what he has to say: It was very nice to get out there and play a match winning knock like that. It was quite similar to the other night, hitting through the line of the ball and try to play more of the front foot was key, sticking to game plans. I was just trying to get him the strike against spinners, was so good seeing him sweep and nail those, it worked very well for us as I was focused more on giving the strike back to him.
Match summary:
Pakistan won the toss and opted to bowl

England 221/3 (20 Overs)
Harry Brook 81*(35) | Usman Qadir 2/48 (4)

Pakistan 158/8 (20 Overs)
Shan Masood 67*(40) | Mark Wood 3/25 (4)

England win by 63 runs

It was the pace battery of England who won the battle of pacers today. Pakistan had every right to be optimistic about the target of 222 being chased down after the run-chase masterclass from openers Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam. 

But things went astray for the hosts soon enough, Babar, who looked a completely different player from yesterday facing a couple of different new-ball pacers, was put down once and then he edged one off a 153.1 km/ph short-of-a-length thunderbolt off Mark Wood and was pouched by Topley at deep third. Topley then proceeded to knock the stumps over of the other opener, Rizwan, and suddenly, the Pakistan batting order started to look vulnerable.

Haider Ali and Iftikhar Ahmed then fell in quick succession, both to rather ordinary shots. Khushdil Shah then joined Shan Masood in the middle, and with the spinners starting to operate in the middle-overs, the left-handed duo then proceeded to take on Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali. 

At the halfway mark, there was still a glimmer of optimism among the Pakistan crowd, with Masood and Shah starting to pick up some momentum. But in the 11th over, Khushdil holed out to Sam Curran at long-off off Adil Rashid, and Pakistan could not cope up with the equation after that. Masood did get to a fine half-century eventually, but in the end, Pakistan crumbled to a 63 run defeat. England take the lead for the second time in this series!
After getting thrashed yesterday, it has been a sensational turnaround for the visiting team. They will be very happy with the progress they have made from last night. Such a dominating performance. There were not many partnerships for the Pakistan top and the middle-order and it was only Shan Masood who waged a lone battle. 

England realised that 199 wasn't going to be enough and ended up scoring a mammoth 221. Youngster Harry Brook played a gem, scoring 81 of just 35 deliveries for England and the scoreboard pressure proved to be way too much as England romped home by 63 runs. 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Reece Topley
19.6 Reece Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR TO FINISH! England roar back as they take the lead, 2-1! Full on the outside off, Hasnain drills it powerfully, races away to deep extra-cover fence for a boundary.
There has been no answer from the Pakistan batters after a sensational chase last night. The pace brigade in particular has risen to the occasion. What an effort this has been.  
19.5 Reece Topley to Shan Masood, full and angled into Masood, creams the drive but straight to mid-off, they hustle across for a single.
19.4 Reece Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, full and angles into Hasnian from around the wicket, looks to flick it but gets a thick outside edge, down to third-man for a single.
19.3 Reece Topley to Shan Masood, change of pace, full toss on the outside off, Masood wanted to heave but mistimed it to deep mid-wicket for another single.
19.2 Reece Topley to Mohammad Hasnain, ANOTHER ONE UP IN THE AIR AND DROPPED! Length delivery on the outside off, Hasnain has a big swing but he's skied it, Dawson never in a good position at backward point and then shells a sitter.
19.1 Reece Topley to Shan Masood, full on the outside off, Masood backs away and reaches for it, squeezes it to extra-cover for a quick single.
Mohammad Hasnain, RHB comes out to the crease. 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Mark Wood
18.6 Mark Wood to Mohammad Hasnain, OH! Nails the yorker, right up in the blockhole and Hasnain jams his bat and digs it out, they don't take the single.
Easy peasy for England. The last rights are being completed here. The emotions cannot be more contrasting in less than 24 hours. What a comeback this has been from England. 
18.5 Mark Wood to Haris Rauf, OUT! STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Short into Rauf, backs away to pull but he's top edged it straight up, Curran at point takes a dolly.
18.4 Mark Wood to Haris Rauf, EDGED AND FOUR! Full on the outside off, Rauf throws kitchen sink and gets a thick outside edge, races to third-man leaving no chance to the fielder for a boundary.