Prague CC Kings 102/6 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings won by 7 runs.
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my partner, Sameer Deodhar.  Stay tuned for the final between Prague CC and Vinohrady CC. Until then, adios.
What a terrific performance from Keyur Mehta in his two overs. He won this match on his own. Just like PCC, Barbarians also got off to a slow start in the Powerplay but Sabawoon Davizi got going in sensational style during the middle-overs. No.3 batsman Divyendra Singh gave Davizi some good company but PCC's skipper bowled a terrific 7th over when Barbarians required just 37 off the last four overs. Davizi still made up for it and brought the equation down to 11 off the final six balls but Keyur Mehta held his nerve and dismissed both Divyendra and Davizi in the final over while helping his side to seal a win by seven runs. With this result, PCC are through to the final. Davizi will be heartbroken at not finishing this off but this was not to be his day.
9.6 Keyur Mehta to Sabawoon Davizi, OUT! Full delivery outside off lofted to mid-on and the fielder runs in from long-on to take the catch on the second attempt! Prague CC beat Prague Barbarians by 7 runs!
Davizi has missed his favourite pull shot!!!! 
9.5 Keyur Mehta to Sabawoon Davizi, misses the hoick on a full delivery outside off! 8 off 1 required!
Terrific bowling from Keyur, he has removed Divyendra. Davizi on strike, eight runs required off two balls.
9.4 Keyur Mehta to Divyendra Singh, OUT! Lofts the short ball over the bowler's head and Aakash takes it comfortably at long-on! The batsmen have crossed and Sabawoon will be on strike! 8 off 2 required!
9.3 Keyur Mehta to Sabawoon Davizi, drives the full delivery on his stumps to deep covers for another single. 8 off 3 required!
9.2 Keyur Mehta to Divyendra Singh, taps the short ball to long-on for another single. 9 off 4 required!
9.1 Keyur Mehta to Sabawoon Davizi, advances and hits the full delivery to long-on for a single. 10 off 5 required!
Down to the last six balls, Davizi on strike and Barbarians require 11 runs. PRB: 92/1. They require 11 runs off six balls.
8.6 Kushal Mendon to Sabawoon Davizi, pulls a fullish delivery to deep mid-wicket and Sudesh restricts the batsmen to just one
Extremely poor work from PCC. They have given an overthrow in this key situation.
8.5 Kushal Mendon to Sabawoon Davizi, full delivery on the pads trickles to fine leg and the overthrow allows a second run
8.4 Kushal Mendon to Sabawoon Davizi, goes for the pull shot again but misses the ball just outside off
That could be the ball that decides the match. Short and straight, Davizi unleashes a sensational pull shot. Massive six.
8.3 Kushal Mendon to Sabawoon Davizi, SIX! That brings the equation down! Short ball on the stumps dispatched over deep mid-wicket for a maximum!
8.2 Kushal Mendon to Divyendra Singh, steps out and flat bats the full delivery from outside off to long-off for nothing more than a single
8.1 Kushal Mendon to Sabawoon Davizi, cuts the fullish delivery to backward point for a single
Clever batting from the duo in the middle. They are not looking to play big shots of every delivery. PRB: 81/1. They require 22 off 12 balls.
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