229/4 (20)
186/10 (19.3)
IU won by 43 runs.
Player of the match: Colin Munro
Islamabad United march ahead with the two points in their bag. Both teams have shown enough to fight for a place in the top four. But that is it for this game. It has been a wonderful game with some exceptional cricket being played across two innings. Until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my colleague Pratyush Rohra signing off. Good Bye and Take Care!
Shadab Khan (Islamabad United): We go hard with the bat. There will be days we get out for 100 also but that's how we play. We have struggled in the death but we will try to correct them going forward. The pressure of playing with a new franchise is different but the way Azam has played and kept wickets have been brilliant. I am happy for myself, that I'm leading from the front. Helps maintain the atmosphere in the team as well and will look to continue this form. T20 cricket requires good fielding. Catches win matches and I try to emphasize good fielding. 
Sarfaraz Ahmed (Quetta Gladiators): Mohammad Hasnain had suffered a setback so had to make a few changes. We had conceded a lot of runs with the ball, which was the main reason for our loss. There are a few positives such as Naseem's death bowling and Nawaz's batting. We will have to sit down and have a chat as a group
Colin Munro: It wasn't easy but when you are batting behind Stirling and Hales, it becomes a touch easier. I have been talking to the others and trying to stick to my strengths. Azam is a wonderful batter and he has done it against us in the previous PSLs, glad to have him on our side for sure
Colin Munro is the player of the match for his knock of 72!
Paul Stirling: Disappointed to leave early but delighted by the way things have gone so far. No pressure on me and Hales and have a bit of a laugh out in the middle. It is coming off. The brand of cricket that Islamabad plays is what's clicking nowadays and has come up trumps today. There is not much time to adapt to such pitches so was looking to take some pressure off the others with my approach. Shadab is a special player and is an exceptional talent with the ball. Hopefully he picks up the man-of-the-match award!
Islamabad United beats Quetta Gladiators by 43 runs!

What a performance from Shadab and co with both bat and ball! After a tough loss to the Sultans earlier in the week, they needed a better response, which they have done in some style. In a match that saw nearly 400 runs being scored, it was Shadab Khan, who starred with the ball in hand.

The Islamabad United captain Shadab Khan picked up five wickets in the middle overs to derail the Gladiators, who did like standing a chance at chasing this down courtesy of Ahsan Ali's steady fifty at the top of the order. However, quick wickets right after the powerplay, including those of Ben Duckett and James Vince in succession didn't help at all.

However, Quetta didn't go down without a fight. Mohammad Nawaz and James Faulkner came up with good knocks, stitching a fifty partnership in the process. They took some of the best bowlers in the competition in Hasan Ali and Mohammad Wasim Jr to the cleaners although the duo did bounce back and clean the tail in the end.

All in all, Islamabad United were ahead of the eight-ball right from the word go. Despite losing the toss, Islamabad's gung-ho approach with the bat was their USP today and with Shadab Khan in the form that he is in at the moment, you would want to face Islamabad in the PSL right now. Stick around cause we have the post-match presentation comig your way in a bit.
19.3 Mohammad Wasim Jr to Naseem Shah, BOWLED HIM! That will be that! You miss, I hit. Wasim nails the yorker tailing into Naseem, who tried to give himself some room. The yorker is to good for him though, goes through his defences and bounces off the pads to knock onto the stumps. The zing bails are lit up and so is the Islamabad dugout. They're back to winning ways. Islamabad United beat Quetta Gladiators by 43 runs.
Naseem Shah, right-hand batter, is the last man in!
19.2 Mohammad Wasim Jr to Sohail Tanvir, WASIM JR HAS HIS FIRST WICKET! Keeps it full and outside off-stump, Tanvir's looking for the drive but he's ended up with a loose chip to mid-off. Some catching practice for Hales again, and he gobbles that one up.

Sohail Tanvir c Alex Hales b Mohammad Wasim Jr 0(2b)
19.1 Mohammad Wasim Jr to Sohail Tanvir, full and outside the off-stump, proper death-over bowling as Tanvir can't get near that, no run
Quetta needs 44 runs from 6 balls!

Nawaz has to depart but it was always written on the wall. Hasan Ali has another and only a matter of time from here on
186 /8 score
cricket bat icon Mohammad Nawaz *
47 (22)
cricket bat icon James Faulkner
30 (14)
cricket ball icon Hasan Ali
2 /50
18.6 Hasan Ali to Mohammad Nawaz, OUT! NAWAZ'S FASCINATING KNOCK COMES TO AN END! And guess what? It's the short one that does the trick. Nawaz finally mistimes one towards long-on and Hales takes the simplest of catches to send him on his way.

Mohammad Nawaz c Alex Hales b Hasan Ali 47(22b, 2x4 5x6)
18.5 Hasan Ali to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX! You cannot bowl short to this guy. Hasan Ali, for some reason, is hell-bent on doing so. Nawaz pulls it away towards deep mid-wicket, where the fielder near the ropes tried to parry this back into play. Instead, he's parried it beyond the ropes
18.4 Hasan Ali to James Faulkner, finds the yorker around off-stump, Faulkner was camped deep in his crease but failed to get underneath that one, bunts it to long-on
18.3 Hasan Ali to James Faulkner, SIX! That's vintage Faulkner! In the slot from Hasan Ali and he's got the treatment. Faulkner backs away and clubs this back over the bowler's head and into the sight screen
18.2 Hasan Ali to James Faulkner, good length slower delivery wide of off-stump, Faulkner moves away to try and give himself some room. He's not happy that it isn't given as a wide. That was inside the tramline though
18.1 Hasan Ali to Mohammad Nawaz, very full outside the off-stump, Nawaz shovels it out to sweeper cover for a run