Nutmeg Warriors 139/3 (10 ov)
Saffron Strikers 111/5 (10 ov)
Nutmeg Warriors won by 28 runs.
That's all we've got for you from this match as I, Sudheer and my partner, Abhishek are signing off for the time being but do stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the 2nd semifinal of the tournament is coming your way in a short while. Cheers and have fun!
Saffron Strikers are beaten comprehensively as the Nutmeg Warriors have won the encounter against the Strikers when it mattered the most as this win puts them into the finals of this Spice Isle T20 Tournament. 

Saffron Strikers batsmen were under pressure right from the word go into the 2nd innings as the target was above par and needed an innings of high quality striking from their batsmen. They struggled to keep pace with the required rate and lost wickets at regular intervals. St Nickozi Hillaire crawled his way to 31 runs from 26 balls while Ryan John scored a brisk 36 from 19 balls. Those weren't enough for them to cross the line as other batsmen failed to make a mark leaving them lose the match by 28 runs in this all important semi final of this tournament.

Nutmeg Warriors came out with confidence riding high as the final flourish to their batting gave them the much needed momentum. Haston Jackson bowled well in the first few overs to push the required rate. Darel Cyrus and Andre Fletcher bowled the crucial final few overs against the settled pair but executed their task well to contain them against going for big hits. Darel Cyrus picked two wickets while Sheldon Joseph and Haston Jackson picked one each in their spell.

Now the Warriors are into finals and they will be high on confidence as they beat the table toppers and will be raring to go to lift the big trophy.
Couple of big strikes in the final over but that doesn't help the Strikers as they fall short of the total by 28 runs. Warriors get a convincing victory and are through to the finals of the Spice isle T20 Tournament.
111 /5 score
cricket bat icon Nickozi St.Hillaire
31 (26)
cricket bat icon Kendel George *
10 (3)
cricket ball icon Darel Cyrus
2 /19
9.6 Darel Cyrus to Kendel George, no run. George pushes the ball towards mid off. But, he doesn't even bother to take a run because he realizes that it won't give them anything. 
9.5 Darel Cyrus to Kendel George, SIX! George dances down the track and flails his arm to power that ball above long off for a six. . 
9.4 Darel Cyrus to Kendel George, a wide delivery and George flicks the ball at the deep fine leg for a four. 
Darel Cyrus is on a hattrick and Kendel George comes in to face it. Can we see a hattrick here?
9.3 Darel Cyrus to John Olive, OUT! This time Cyrus gets the middle stump! A big swing and a miss. A wicket-to-wicket delivery does the trick. Cyrus on a hat-trick. 
John Olive is the new batsman in as Strikers lose another wicket. 
9.2 Darel Cyrus to Shermon Lewis, OUT! Lewis goes for a similar shot but gets no contact this time and he gets clean bowled!
9.1 Darel Cyrus to Shermon Lewis, SIX! That's on the slot and Lewis heaves it over the long on fielder for a six. 
Darel Cyrus to bowl the final over of the innings.

Couple of sixes in the over but that's not enough for the Strikers as they need 45 more from just 6 balls and unless they are helped by extras, this is impossible to chase now.
95 /3 score
cricket bat icon Nickozi St.Hillaire
31 (26)
cricket bat icon Shermon Lewis *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Andre Fletcher
0 /26
8.6 Andre Fletcher to Shermon Lewis, a short delivery turning away from him and Lewis gets on his backfoot to thump it on the leg side for a single. 
Shermon Lewis is the new batsman to face Andre Fletcher as Ryan John is gone runout to a brilliant work by the fielder.
8.5 Andre Fletcher to Ryan John, a full outside off the stump delivery and John comes down the line to cut it towards the point. But, a direct hit ensures Ryan John goes back to the pavilion. 
8.4 Andre Fletcher to Ryan John, a slow delivery heaved over the long on fielder for a six. 
8.3 Andre Fletcher to St Nickozi Hillaire, a similar delivery but Hillaire fails to get a proper connection. Luckily, there was no fielder there and he takes a single 
8.2 Andre Fletcher to St Nickozi Hillaire, SIX! A short delivery and the batsman lifts it over the long on fielder for a six. 
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