Perth Scorchers 163/7 (20 ov)
Sydney Sixers 164/3 (18.5 ov)
Sydney Sixers won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Josh Philippe
It was a great match, with a display of formidable batting in both the innings, but also some sensational piece of bowling. Sixers extend their lead at the top of the table, but Scorchers won't go empty handed, they pick up the Bash Boost Point and will remain third on the table. That's it from this match of the BBL. Do join us tomorrow for the Melbourne Derby at the iconic MCG. Till then I have been Ankit Sharma along with my partner Pradeep Somashekar. Goodbye! 
Sixers having the momentum with them, came into bat with the highest run getter of the tournament so far in Josh Philippe, who played a gem of an innings scoring 84. Lead them almost through the chase, but fell cheaply late in the innings. James Vince supported him and played a vital role in the chase as well, along with Philippe getting a 100 run partnership for the third second between. By the time any wickets fell for Scorchers, the game was beyond reach, and only a miracle could stop the inevitable loss for them. Dan Hughes along with Dan Christian, made sure there's no further delay and scored the remaining few runs to win the match by 7 wickets. 
Perth Scorchers will be disappointed, being unable to capitalize on their flaming start and putting up just a mediocre total on the board for this ground. 163 was defendable, but Scorchers failed to get in early wickets to put the opposition under pressure. Had they scored north of 175, their attitude may have been different having the momentum of the game towards them. But after getting 100 in the first 10 overs, they should have really gotten a big target on the board. Credits to the Sixers' bowling attack, who remained patient even after being bombarded all over the ground. They came back, fought hard, got rid of Lvingstone, and the rest of the cavalry followed suit. 
Player of the game: Josh Philippe: The plan was to try and take it on in the first 4 overs, and then read the game and take it step by step. They got off to a flier in the first innings, so when we started to bat it was a good opportunity to start the same way and see off the new ball. We bowled well, especially the bowlers at the back end to restrict the score to 163. Not sure my form is dependent something else, I just feel super relaxed and I play best when I'm relaxed. I plan to see of the first 4 overs and then take it deep. There's always a few nerves especially against my mates in the Scorchers, so its like a grudge match for me, but good fun. We've put in a few good partnership before, Vince and me, so yeah always good to play with him and put on a good score. 
Dan Hughes makes sure there's no more drama late in the game. Scores the winning runs off Richardson. This has been a very good chase, a very calculated and a mature chase led by Philippe. Sixers triumph and will take the win happily, extending their lead at the top of the table. 
18.5 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, DONE AND DUSTED! Another one but this time on the pads as Hughes manages to glance it fine towards the fine-leg region as they come back for a second in time and Sixers win this by 7 wickets!
18.4 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, brilliant yorker from Richardson on the off stump as Hughes manages to dig that out on the off-side as the bowler runs across to stop it, dot ball!
18.3 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, good length into Hughes on the middle and off as he swiveled to whip it away through the square leg region as they come back for a brace
18.2 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, full delivery on the pads as Hughes on the front foot tucks it straight to the square leg fielder, no run
18.1 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, FOUR! Sloppy effort in the deep fine leg as Hughes whips that full delivery on the pads towards fine leg region as the fielder runs across to put up a dive and lets it go to the fence in the end for a boundary
Well well...…Vince has been outdone by Ahmed's turn, and it's back to back wickets for Scorchers. Can they pull this back or from the jaws of defeat, or will Sixers make sure they see it through with this late scare ? Two new batsmen in the middle and suddenly things have become interesting. Although with both the Dan's out there, they should win this one. Sixers need 8 runs to win off 12 deliveries. 
Over: 18 | Summary: W 0 1 1 4 2 Bowler: Fawad Ahmed Score: 155/3
17.6 Fawad Ahmed to Dan Christian, OH! Wrong'un again into Christian as he skips down the track to make the most of it but Fawad dragged his length a bit and he adjusts his shot to cut it straight to the cover fielder, no run
17.5 Fawad Ahmed to Dan Christian, FOUR! Tossed up, full on the wide outside off. Christian dances down the track to smash it away from the mid-off fielder, in the air but away from the fielder as it races away to the boundary
17.4 Fawad Ahmed to Daniel Hughes, tossed up, short on the leg stump line. Hughes waits for it and tucks it away through the square leg region for a single
17.3 Fawad Ahmed to Dan Christian, tossed up, it was touch full on the outside off. Christian drives it on the up past the cover region for a quick single
17.2 Fawad Ahmed to Dan Christian, tossed up, it was full on the leg stump and on the pads as he leaned forward to tap it straight to the short mid-wicket fielder, no run
Daniel Christian, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
17.1 Fawad Ahmed to James Vince, OUT! CASTLED! Gone through Vince! Wrong'un into Vince who gets on the front foot to tuck it away on the on-side, goes through his defense to rattle the stumps in the end. Snorter of a delivery from Fawad!
Fawad Ahmed, back into the attack. 
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