Trinbago Knight Riders won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Fawad Ahmed
That's all from us for now. We will be back at 11.45 IST when St Lucia Zouks will take on Jamaica Tallawahs. It will be a good match to look forward to, with the number 3 team going against the number 4. Do join us then. This is Bala and Nikhil signing off. Goodbye!
Fawad Ahmed is adjudged the man-of-the-match. The leggie says that he is happy with today's performance, given that he had a mixed bag in the tournament. Different players have stood up in different games for them, and even the players from the bench have stepped up. It is a wonderful team effort to win 10 games out of 10, says Fawad. And he hopes Sunil Narine gets fit for the final.
The Knight Riders have completed a perfect 10 here at the Brian Lara Academy. They have been stamped their dominance with a clinical performance today. Chasing that modest total, they never looked in any sort of trouble. The youngsters at the top of the order took the responsibility on themselves to finish off the match unscathed. Even though they lost Amir Jangoo for 19, Tion Webster stayed in the end with Tim Seifert to see them through. Webster ended the innings with 41 off just 33 balls. Seifert finished off the chase with a six and remained not out with 16 runs off 12 balls.

Jon-Russ Jaggesar was economical with the ball for the Patriots. He gave away just 6 runs in his two overs. Captain Rayad Emrit picked up the only wicket to fall in the innings and ended with the figures of 1/15 in his 3 overs. This has been a campaign to forget for the Patriots, with just one win from 10 games. They finish the league at the bottom of the table with 3 points.
TKR won by 9 wickets with 51 balls remaining. 
11.4 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, SIX! It's all over. Full-length ball and Seifert moves across and smokes it over the deep mid-wicket boundary. Knight Riders win their 10th consecutive match!
11.3 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, fuller length outside off, tries to smash it to the offside but couldn't reach to it.
11.2 Colin Archibald to Tion Webster, shorter ball outside off, cuts it hard to the third man region and the fielder holds onto it to restrict for a single.
11.1 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, full-length ball outside off, was in the slot but doesn't get the timing right as the ball rolls to mid-wicket.
Webster and Seifert are doing it in singles and doubles. With just 9 runs remaining to get, they want to be out there till the end. Good cricket from them.
TKR 69/1 after 11 overs
10.6 Rayad Emrit to Tim Seifert, shorter outside off, the batsman cuts hard to point but will get only a single.
10.5 Rayad Emrit to Tion Webster, marginally fuller, Webster clips it to the legside and takes a single.
10.4 Rayad Emrit to Tion Webster, length ball outside off, slashes hard back to the bowler. Emrit does well to stop that.
10.3 Rayad Emrit to Tim Seifert, short ball outside off, plays a bit early and doesn't get the timing. It rolls towards the fielder at deep square leg as they go through for a single.
10.2 Rayad Emrit to Tim Seifert, length ball again on middle and leg, flicks it behind the keeper in the vacant region and takes two runs. The fine-leg was quite square and it was played fine enough for them to come back for a second.
10.1 Rayad Emrit to Tion Webster, length ball on middle and leg, clips it to square leg and takes a comfortable single.
As they reach the halfway mark of the innings, the Knight Riders are just 15 runs shy of another victory. Both the batsmen are playing risk-free cricket at the moment, and the Patriots bowlers seem to have resigned to their fate.
TKR 63/1 after 10 overs
9.6 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, length ball outside off, punches it to the fielder at the point region and it's a drinks break!
9.5 Colin Archibald to Tion Webster, full-length ball, drives it to long off for a single.
9.4 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, slower ball on middle and leg, drives it to long on for a single.
9.3 Colin Archibald to Tim Seifert, shorter outside off, cuts it hard to the cover region.
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