How to earn GTA$1 million quickly in GTA Online: A beginner's guide to making money

Earning high amounts for the newbies in the game (Image via Rockstar Games)
Earning high amounts for the newbies in the game (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

Once players finally take that leap of faith from Story Mode to GTA Online, they are immediately bombarded with all sorts of things they can do in the game. While it's always good to have many avenues to explore, it can get pretty overwhelming, especially when starting in GTA Online.

The tutorial gives players a decent enough rundown of the game's basic mechanics and Contact Missions. Past that point, gamers have full rein of GTA Online and can do as they please to move up in the world.

It doesn't take long to realize that it might just be too much too quickly, as players jump into various game modes and come away with not much to show. Therefore, here's a look at how to go about making the first million in GTA Online relatively quickly.

Earning GTA$1 million quickly in GTA Online for beginners

#1 - Contact Missions and Heists


Right off the bat, players must forget about buying expensive cars and things of that sort. Here are a few essential items players should spend their money on:

  1. Armored Kuruma (Purchase after completing a couple of Heists. Makes Contact Missions much easier)
  2. Special Carbine
  3. Armour for missions and Heists
  4. Snacks

Gamers can unlock the discounted price on the Armored Kuruma by playing through the Fleeca Job. They can do that by joining another player's Heist or hosting one as a Leader by buying a High-End Apartment.

Contact Missions ensure that players can ease themselves into it by doing the missions first on lower difficulties then eventually moving up for higher payouts. Gerald's Contact Missions are a great way to make quick and easy bucks in GTA Online right from the start.

#2 - Essential Properties


The next part of the process sees players investing in properties to ensure regular income in GTA Online. These are few properties that should be easy to come by and guarantee great returns:

  1. High-End Apartments (For the initial Heists)
  2. MC Clubhouse (Clubhouse and the MC Business is an excellent way to make passive income in GTA Online)

For the first few weeks in GTA Online, players should stay well clear of exorbitant purchases like the Buzzard and the Oppressor MKII. These are reserved for when players have a solid footing in the game.

This should be enough to ensure they make a quick million in the game right off the bat. The key is to do Contact Missions and Heists in GTA Online and have enough money to start hosting Heists as a Leader.

After which, players must ensure steady passive income through businesses available for the MC. All of this combined will provide them with a solid foundation in GTA Online.

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