How GTA Online players can unlock trade prices for Special Vehicle Work

There's a reason why players do these missions in the first place (Image via Rockstar Games)
There's a reason why players do these missions in the first place (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online players should take a look at Special Vehicle Work if they want select trade prices.

CEOs and VIPs can always check out the SecuroServ website, via the main office computer in their executive building. SecuroServ grants them access to Special Vehicle Work. These missions focus on military vehicles, which can be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry.

Completing these missions will significantly reduce the original price of these vehicles. For example, GTA Online players can save over a million dollars on the Ruiner 2000. Special Vehicle Work is largely beneficial for that very reason. It's a great way to cut back on expenses.

Special Vehicle Work is really useful for unlocking trade prices in GTA Online


GTA Online players should always find ways to save money. SecuroServ trade prices can help them in that regard.

Of course, players might have a specific vehicle in mind, so they should know when to unlock that price.

Here's a full breakdown


Special Vehicle Work can be done as soon as Rank One. These GTA Online missions require the use of special vehicles.

Below are the respective trade prices, should the missions be completed:

  • Escape Escort: Ramp Buggy ($2,400,000)
  • Breakdown Recovery: Wastelander ($495,000)
  • Cleanup Op: Blazer Aqua ($1,320,000)
  • Asset Seizure: Phantom Wedge ($1,920,000)
  • Firewall Protection: Rocket Voltic ($2,880,000)
  • Coast Guard Duty: Technical Aqua ($1,120,000)
  • End of Transmission: Armored Boxville ($2,200,000)
  • Arms Embargo: Ruiner 2000 ($4,320,000)

Of course, GTA Online players will need to unlock these missions. They can start by stealing cars for the vehicle warehouse.

Players need to meet the following prerequisites for the Special Vehicle Work:

  • Escape Escort (4 vehicles)
  • Breakdown Recovery (8 vehicles)
  • Cleanup Op (12 vehicles)
  • Asset Seizure (16 vehicles)
  • Firewall Protection (20 vehicles)
  • Coast Guard Duty (24 vehicles)
  • End of Transmission (28 vehicles)
  • Arms Embargo (32 vehicles)

It might take a while, but it will be worth it in the long run. The later vehicles are particularly useful, especially the Ruiner 2000. Its great performance is second to its power hopping mechanics. However, it's considerably expensive, so players need to cut its price down.

What's the price difference with these discounts?


Trade prices go a long way to saving money, especially when vehicles cost several million. Here's what GTA Online players can save with their huge discounts:

  • Ramp Buggy ($3,192,000 - $2,400,000 = $792,000 in savings)
  • Wastelander ($658,350 - $495,000 = $163,350 in savings)
  • Blazer Aqua ($1,755,600 - $1,320,000 = $435,600 in savings)
  • Phantom Wedge ($2,553,600 - $1,920,000 = $633,600 in savings)
  • Rocket Voltic ($3,830,400 - $2,880,000 = $950,400 in savings)
  • Technical Aqua ($1,489,600 - $1,120,000 = $369,600 in savings)
  • Armored Boxville ($2,926,000 - $2,200,000 = $726,000 in savings)
  • Ruiner 2000 ($5,745,600 - $4,320,000 = $1,425,600 in savings)

The reduced price tags are very noticeable for more expensive vehicles, such as the Rocket Voltic and Ruiner 2000. These are the vehicles that players need to store in their personal garage.

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