Hobart Hurricanes 174/5 (20 ov)
Adelaide Strikers 163/9 (20 ov)
Hurricanes won by 11 runs
Player of the match: D'Arcy Short
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Hobart Hurricanes beat Adelaide Strikers by 11 runs!

What a thrilling contest this turned out to be. Coming in to chase 175 runs, AS did not have the best of starts as James Faulkner [4-0-21-3] and Johan Botha [3-0-20-2] the Hobart Hurricanes veterans delivered the early blows to them. Strikers were on the back foot. Both the Strikers openers departed early.

Matt Renshaw (33 off 27) and Harry Nielsen looked to set in and started to get the boundaries but Harry became a bit too greedy and lost his wicket in trying to collect another of Johan's bowling.

Unfortunately, wickets just kept tumbling one after another for Strikers and they lost half their side while crossing the 50 run mark. Matt was the only batsman who showed some resistance. For the Bash Points, Strikers need to chase get 19 runs at halfway mark. Matt and Daniel did well as they hammered a couple of sixes but fell 2 runs short of the required target.

As the game looked in favor of the Hurricanes, Daniel Worrall (62 off 39) and Danny Briggs (36 off 18) played few fantastic shots and provided the entertainment which had worn off! The pair manages to stay unbeaten till the end and had a 61 run stand between them for the final wicket.

In the final over, 18 runs were needed, Scott who came on to bowl the final over did well to not concede a boundary. The Hurricanes fielders got serious in that over and did a fine job to stop the ball on the fence and in the end, the Strikers just fell short by 11 runs!

Looking back, Strikers batting just looked a bit rusty for the day, if they had fired off, it would probably have been a different outcome for this match.

Hurricanes also have a few concerns to look upon as they had a shaky start but D'Arcy Short (72 off 48) ensured that his side reaches a commanding total in the end.

D'Arcy Short was also named the Player Of The Match for his good performance with the bat.
WOW, in the end, it's a victory that we thought. Strikers tale has managed to make it a fantastic game out of this one, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats. Hobart Hurricanes win this match by 11 runs!
163 /9 score
cricket ball icon Scott Boland
19.6 Scott Boland to Daniel Worrall, full and straight, Worrall swings hard but gets no connection, misses the leg-stump by a whisker
19.5 Scott Boland to Daniel Worrall, low full toss on the leg-stump, works it away wide of the man at deep mid-wicket and collects a brace
19.4 Scott Boland to Daniel Worrall, right in the blockhole this time, digs it out straight back to the bowler. That should be the game then!
19.3 Scott Boland to Daniel Worrall, gets a low full toss on the leg-stump but mistimes the big hit to long-on. They are running for everything and gets a couple. 14 runs in 3 balls, need a boundary here somehow!
19.2 Scott Boland to Danny Briggs, full delivery just outside the off-stump, he nails the drive square of the wicket but can't get more than a single. 16 runs in 4 balls now, HH fielders are getting serious now!
19.1 Scott Boland to Daniel Worrall, right in the blockhole from round the stumps, he squeezes it out through his legs to square leg. Down to 17 runs in 5 balls!
Worrall on 56 and the number 11 Briggs on 35 have really turned this game over it's head. 18 runs needed from the final over for Strikers to pull off an amazing win! The crowd is now involved intensely in this match! Can Stickers pull off a miracle?

Scott Boland comes on to bowl the final over of the match!
157 /9 score
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
18.6 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, low full toss outside the off-stump, hits it down to long-off for a singe. 18 runs required off the last over. How have we reached this stage! Wow!
18.5 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, FOUR! Full delivery outside the off-stump, he throws the kitchen sink at it and manages to beat the man at extra cover
18.4 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, right in the blockhole marginally outside the off-stump, Worrall is a tad late in bringing the bat down and misses the ball
18.3 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, full and wide once again, Worrall goes for the drive but fails to get any connection
18.3 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, goes for the wide yorker but misses the mark and goes past the tramline this time. 50 run partnership up with this extra for the last wicket here!
18.2 Nathan Ellis to Danny Briggs, low full toss wide of the off-stump once again, mistimes the drive to extra cover and takes a single
18.1 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Worrall, low full toss outside the off-stump, drives it square of the wicket on the off-side for a single
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