Ajman Alubond 86/7 (10 ov)
ECB Blues 88/0 (7.4 ov)
Emirates Blues beat Ajman Alubond by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Boota
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A comprehensive win for the ECB Blues as they have climbed to the top of the points table with 2 wins from their first 2 matches. Mohammad Boota and CP Rizwan's partnership has also given them a faith in their top order and a sense of security to the youngsters coming down the order. Their unbeaten partnership of 88 runs was the biggest takeaway from this game. Not to forget the spells of Akif Raja and CP Rizwan. 
Ajman Alubond were below par from the start of this game. They did not get well off in the first innings with the bat and it was downhill for them from there on. The bowling department did not fare well. First three overs leaked 34 runs. Only Danish Qureshi bowled with an economy of less than 10 while every other bowler went for more than 11 runs an over. 3 extras were bowled in the first 2 overs but none after that. A positive to take forward from the game. The bowlers did not vary their pace much like ECB Blues did. Spinners kept dishing half volleys and a couple full tosses. But you can't blame the bowlers much when there isn't enough to defend.
Yes that was the last over of this match!! ECB Blues have chased down the target of 87 runs in just 7.4 overs. Sheer dominance throughout the game by ECB Blues. It was a brave decisiong by Ajman to bat first but they did not give justice to their decision. Having put up just 86 runs on the board, they were well short of 20-25 runs. But even if they had scored 110-115 runs, it would have been quite difficult to defend that with Boota being in such excellent form. Mohammad Boota played a blazing 71 runs inning off just 31 balls. He hit 3 sixes and 10 boundaries with a bounce before touching the ropes. CP Rizwan dropped anchor and played second fiddle to Mohammad Boota. The pitch was not that easy to play on, 2 games were already played here and the pitch had slowed down, but it did not bother Mohammad Boota a single bit. Incredible hitting.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 4 4 Bowler: Zubair Zuhaib Score: 0/0
7.4 Zubair Zuhaib to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! BOOTA BLOWS AWAY AJMAN ALUBOND! flighted ball drifting down the middle and leg. Boota clears his front leg and clobbers the ball down the ground towards long on for a boundary to kill the chase and collect two valuable points for his team. Defending champions start their title defence with two comprehensive victories on the trot!
7.3 Zubair Zuhaib to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! BLUDGEONED! tossed up ball on the offstump. Boota stands deep in the crease, waits for the ball to come to him and then clubs it down the ground mercilessly for a boundary to inch closer to the victory 
7.2 Zubair Zuhaib to CP Rizwaan, tossed up delivery on the offstump. CP leans into the shot and drives the ball to mid off for a single
Boota has been magnificient since the start of this chase. Bang on performance by both the batsmen. Ajman had no answer to this assault. Boota keeps the strike by a single at the end of this over. A poor over from Sheraz Ahmad, 13 from it. Luck favoured Boota too in this over. Will this be the last over of the game?

7.1 Zubair Zuhaib to Mohammad Boota, fuller length ball on the legstump that is worked away to midwicket for a single with soft hands 
Over: 7 | Summary: 4 4 4 0 0 1 Bowler: Sheraz Piya Score: 78/0
6.6 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, slow overpitched bowled wide outside off but within the tramlines. Boota reaches for the ball and toe ends it to cover point fielder for a quick single to keep the strike with himself
6.5 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, slow, short of length delivery bowled wide outside off. Boota, who is standing deep in the crease, shoulders arms to this one and gives a good staredown to the bowler  
6.4 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, length ball angling into the batsman. Boota on the backfoot mistimes the pull to catching midwicket for no run
6.3 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE! short of length delivery dug into the pitch on middle and off. Boota tries to pull the ball behind square but gets the top edge as the ball flies over the keeper to fine leg for a boundary 
6.2 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! CHEEKY! overpitched delivery on the legstump this time. Boota moves his back leg a tad away and then flicks the ball behind his legs to the fine leg fence for his second boundary of the over 
6.1 Sheraz Ahmad to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! DEFT! FIFTY UP FOR BOOTA! overpitched ball bowled outside off. Boota hanging deep in the crease waits for this one and opens the face of the bat to dab it towards the third man fence for a boundary to reach his personal milestone
Over: 6 | Summary: 1 0 0 1 6 1 Bowler: Danish Qureshi Score: 65/0
5.6 Danish Qureshi to Mohammad Boota, length delivery bowled on the offstump. Boota waits leisurely and slices the ball to cover point for a single to finish the over 
5.5 Danish Qureshi to Mohammad Boota, SIX! SAILS OVER THE MIDWICKET! overpitched ball going down the leg. Boota shuffled across the stumps and glided the ball effortlessly over the midwicket fence for a MAXIMUM
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