Bergamo Cricket Club 145/5 (10 ov)
Albano 111/9 (10 ov)
Bergamo Cricket Club won by 34 runs.
Player of the match: Baljit Singh
So, Bergamo Cricket Club won this match by 34 runs!

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Coming towards the end, too much was needed to be done for ALB but they had lost all their key batters. The tail-enders did try some fancy shots but lost their wickets as well. In the end, it was a comprehensive victory for BCC.
The duo of Kumar and Ram were carrying the score but a bit of miscommunication happened between the tow and Ram was run out. After that, it was once again a floury of wickets as Parveen lost his wicket in the following over.
To make things worse, wickets kept tumbling one after another for ALB. It was becoming quite an uphill task for ALB as the boundaries had dried up for them. Ram as well needed someone to bat alongside him. Parveen did find the boundaries.
The runs were flowing and ALB were almost having a decent powerplay until the final ball of the 3rd over weer Jorawar trying to find another boundary lost his wicket. The scoring rate after the powerplay overs took a serious dip for ALB.
Coming in to chase a huge target of 146 runs, ALB had a decent start at the first over but they lost an early wicket in the form of Monu. Jorawar then came out to the middle for ALB. Jorawar alongside Ram thumped the ball to all parts of the ground and kept their side in the chase.
Hardeep finds a boundary early on it gets the required runs under 40. Kamaljit in the latter half of that over lost his wicket in trying to slog the ball. Another wicket fell right on the final ball of that over. Bharti just gives up after running the first one and strolls out his crease forced to run the second lost his wicket.
111 /9 score
cricket ball icon Daljit Singh
9.6 Daljit Singh to Bharti Bangar, RUNOUT! Insignificant pretty much.. Flighted delivery turning into Bangar, who sweeps it towards long-on, there's no second run there but Hardeep charges back for it. Bharti doesn't even try to make it back to his crease, loses his wicket. A comprehensive win for BCC!

BCC beat ALB by 34 runs.
9.5 Daljit Singh to Hardeep Singh, good length delivery turning into Hardeep, to swipes it towards deep mid-wicket, for a single
9.4 Daljit Singh to Kamaljit Singh, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! Flighted and pitched up outside off, Kamaljit goes for the big heave but only picks out the fielder at long-on, who pouches it comfortably 
9.3 Daljit Singh to Kamaljit Singh, flighted delivery outside off-stump, Kamaljit slogs it towards cow cover but some good fielding keeps it down to a brace
9.2 Daljit Singh to Hardeep Singh, tossed up delivery on the off-stump, Hardeep goes for the reverse sweep but gets hit on the pads, manages to sneak a single
9.1 Daljit Singh to Hardeep Singh, FOUR! Flighted delivery turning into Hardeep, who clears his front foot and swipes it towards deep backward square leg, to find the boundary
Daljit Singh comes on to bowl the final over
ALB still 44 runs away from the target, just formalities now for BCC as they need to bowl out the final over or get 3 wickets to end this match. ALB at the other hand would want to add as many runs as possible to minimize the damage on their net run rate which will surely come into play.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Jaspreet Singh
8.6 Jaspreet Singh to Hardeep Singh, full delivery angling away from Hardeep,was the slower delivery as Hardeep got an inside edge onto his pads, for a single
8.5 Jaspreet Singh to Hardeep Singh, FOUR! DROPPED! Full delivery angling into Hardeep, flicked aerially towards deep mid-wicket, the fielder makes a hash of it and gifts a boundary 
8.4 Jaspreet Singh to Kamaljit Singh, full delivery angling into Kamaljit, driven towards long-on, only for another single. This game is petering out now.
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