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Bangladesh Legends 169/7 (20 ov)
West Indies Legends 173/5 (18.5 ov)
West Indies Legends won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Sulieman Benn
There are although a few days for that encounter. Meanwhile tomorrow is a big clash of two heavyweights as India  take on South Africa, who are led by Sachin Tendulkar and Jonty Rhodes respectively, so make sure to join us tomorrow evening for the thriller. There's a lot of nostalgia and emotions in this tournament, seeing players play from what some say the golden age of Cricket, so cherish it while it lasts folks. That's all for now, hope you had a great time, do stay safe and take the necessary precautions. I have been Ankit Sharma along with Sooryanarayanan Sesha, bidding farewell!
It's been a fantastic contest this between both the batting units, who did not fail to score some big runs, to keep us entertained. But just like all good things, this too comes to an end. Bangladesh would have liked to win here today, but will be content with how they've fared in this tournament and will be looking to win their remaining match, to end things on a good note. 

West Indies, were slightly better than Bangladesh today, and have emerged victorious in this high scoring encounter. Edwards was the key for them who turned things around in quick succession to make things easy at the end for Brian Lara. Everyone apart, as someone who has seen Cricket from the late nineties, it is really emotional to see the elegance, the class, and the brilliance of Brian Charles Lara. He may not have scored a fifty today, but his timing of shots, his stroke play, his shot selection, even today at the age of 51 is something to learn from. He's led West Indies to a victory today, and will be hoping to take this confidence into the next game, which will also be a must win game just like today.  
Khalid Mahmud (losing team): The score was not enough at the end, Nazimuddin getting out cost us at the top, but credits to West Indies for a brilliant performance. We did not bowl that well with the ball, but we tried our best, and a few injuries maybe caused us a bit, but we tried out best and that's all we could do. We knew the wicket was good to bat on, so we aimed for 170+ score, and the middle order too did their job to play and score runs, but 169 was never enough on this pitch, would have loved a few more runs. Dropping catches is always disappointing, wish we could have caught them, but it was a good performance.

Brian Lara (winning captain):
I think Bangladesh bowlers have a lot of left arm spin, so we had to be careful, even I was nervous, but the momentum was picked up well especially by Kirk and Jacobs. Bowling was indisciplined today, even the boys were not happy with that, and we need to bowl better in the coming games. It was a good game, and congratulations for Bangladesh for playing really well. Yeah the foot is improving, a couple of days rest should be fine. England have played good games, they beat India and have won two games, its a great team, with KP and co in form, so it will really be a tough game, so looking forward to it.

Man of the Match: Sulieman Benn: 
Well you know me, i keep trying to put pressure on the batters all the way through my spell, so just focused on that, kept it simple in all different spells and it worked well for me. I've been working in Barbados I've been coaching so I've been in some form so happy to get here and execute it here. 
Bangladesh sadly will not be able to qualify for the semi finals, with only one game remaining, but they've been impressive, they've not been considered as a tough opponent, but they've shown glimpses of their class right throughout the series. Today they were favourites to win this game at the innings break with a high score on the board, but their bowlers just could not live up to the pressure. Rather the batters were just too good for them, whatever reason it may be, Bangladesh fail to defend 170. All credits to the Bangladesh batsmen to give it their all, but maybe a little more effort in the field could have turned the game the other round. All in all a very exciting game and very unfortunate for Bangladesh to come out on the wrong end of it. 
A pretty convincing win for West Indies today, to knock Bangladesh out of the contention in this tournament. They've batted beautifully throughout the innings, and were on top of things right from the start. The openers did give them a decent start, not as good as Bangladesh, but it was enough to build some momentum. Dwayne Smith came out looking to go all out, but only stayed for a few minutes, before he was out done by a beauty. Jacobs was going about things his own way, holding fort, and nicking away runs slowly but enough to harm the opposition. Edwards came in, took a couple of balls to get the feel of the pitch, but then went big, and did not stop. He did most of the hard work in the middle overs to reduce the number of runs to chase in the back end. It was a fast paced innings, as he was batting at a strike rate of over 150. Then cam in Brian Lara, to accompany Jacobs, who was later run out, but then Nagamootoo made sure there are no more late hurdles for the West Indies, and finished the innings off in style. 
There's the win and it's Nagamootoo who finishes off in style, with a boundary through mid wicket. West Indies stay alive in the competition and win this high run chase pretty comprehensively. West Indies Legends win by 5 wickets. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 4 1 0 1 4 Bowler: Abdur Razzak Score: 0/0
18.5 Abdur Razzak to Mahendra Nagamootoo, FOUR! A batsman named Mahendra finishes it in style! Not the first time, eh? Full at the stumps, Nagamootoo slog sweeps it comfortably over square leg to seal the game as the ball bounces over the ropes. Domination from the West Indies Legends - they win by 5 wickets with 7 deliveries to spare!
18.4 Abdur Razzak to Brian Lara, down the pitch and worked along the ground towards mid-on to level the scores!
18.3 Abdur Razzak to Brian Lara, paddles this fullish delivery straight to short fine leg
18.2 Abdur Razzak to Mahendra Nagamootoo, pushed towards long on for a single
18.1 Abdur Razzak to Mahendra Nagamootoo, FOUR! Nobody there to stop that! Rocks back and cuts it aerially in the gap through the covers, nobody - literally nobody in the deep as the ball slows down in pace and stops on the ropes!
Abdul Razzak, back into the attack. 
The score board continues to tick, as West Indies continue to pick up singles with easy, nipping the ball to both side of the pitch. Just 7 runs needed now. Does Bangladesh have any last trick left. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 1 1 2 1 2 Bowler: Mohammad Rafique Score: 0/0
17.6 Mohammad Rafique to Brian Lara, tossed up on a full length on off this time, prods his front pad across and tucks it square on the leg-side. Yet again, he converts a single into a double
17.5 Mohammad Rafique to Mahendra Nagamootoo, overpitched on off, drilled towards mid-on for a single
17.4 Mohammad Rafique to Mahendra Nagamootoo, full on off, swept towards deep backward square leg; a fumble allows them to jog back for a second 
17.3 Mohammad Rafique to Brian Lara, into the blockhole on off, drilled along the ground with an angled bat towards long on
17.2 Mohammad Rafique to Mahendra Nagamootoo, fires a yorker on middle and leg, dug out towards mid-wicket for a run
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