Bohemian CC 83/8 (10 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 2 wickets
Bohemian CC win by two wickets.

The Bohemian CC batsmen survived a huge collapse at the end to finish on the winning side on the last ball of the match. PCV bowlers made a brilliant comeback but were unlucky to not force the final blow.
Opting to bat first earlier, the PCV batters their innings well. Top-order batsmen Sabawoon Davizi and Divyendra Singh scoring 16 and 30 runs respectively. However, they lost their way pretty soon as bowler Abu Farhad struck gold with two wickets in his only over.The Bohemian CC batsmen took the game deep and eventually won a cliff-hanger on the final ball of the innings.

That's all for the days folks, do tune in for the next match. Till then, it's goodbye from my colleague, Vinay Chhabria and myself, Aakash Arya. Stay safe. Cheers!
9.6 S Davizi to W ur Rahman, hits it towards the long-on boundary for FOUR runs. 
9.5 S Davizi to Ali Waqar, mistimes that shot, the fielder inside the circle catches it, OUT!
9.4 S Davizi to Ali Waqar, hit towards deep square for two runs. 
9.3 S Davizi to W Khan, OUT, they try to steal a quick single, the fielder at short mid-on runs the batsman OUT!
9.2 S Davizi to A Farhad, OUT, played on! Inside edge, onto the stumps. 
9.1 S Davizi to R Bist, BOWLED HIM! What a start to the final over.
Bohemian CC 78 runs for four wickets after nine overs. Need three runs off the final six balls.
8.5 S Madhireddy to Ali Waqar, fantastic connection there, the ball sails over the long-on boundary, SIX runs. 
8.4 S Madhireddy to Ali Waqar, outside the off-stump, hit over covers, two runs. 
8.3 S Madhireddy to Javed Iqbal, this time he dismantles his stumps, OUT!
8.2 S Madhireddy to Javed Iqbal, a dot delivery, wonderful comeback from the bowler. 
8.2 S Madhireddy to Javed Iqbal, WIDE, wide delivery from Sagar. 
8.1 S Madhireddy to Javed Iqbal, huge shot from Iqbal, the fielder spills the catch and the ball lands outside the boundary. 
Bohemian CC 59 runs for three wickets after eight overs. Need 22 runs off 12 balls.
7.6 Uday Gali to Javed Iqbal, hits a big shot, the fielder at deep mid wicket DROPS IT! Just one run. 
7.5 Uday Gali to Javed Iqbal, flicked towards square leg, a fumble in the deep gives them 2 runs. 
7.5 Uday Gali to Javed Iqbal, WIDE, wide outside the off-stump. 
7.4 Uday Gali to Javed Iqbal, swing and an inside edge, misses the stumps, two runs for the new batsman. 
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