50/3 (5)
54/6 (4.4)
BRI won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: David Barr
That brings us to the end of the coverage for the ECL encounter between Brigade and Alby Zalmi CC. This is me, Farzan signing off on behalf of my colleague Pradeep. Take care!
Brigade won the match by four wickets!

Batting first, Alby Zalmi CC scored 50 runs for the loss of three wickets. Shahed Ali, skipper Rahel Khan and Azam Khalil were the only contributors for the Swedish side, which helped them get to a decent total. In reply, Brigade were off to a decent start, having scored 14 runs off their first over. Things went haywire for the Irish side as they lost three wickets in their second over. Tasaduq Hussain picked up a couple of wickets, while the other one was a run-out. 

David Murdock contributed 12 runs to the team's tally, while Ryan McBeth scored 10 runs for his side. The Irish side found themselves in a spot of bother as they were on the verge of losing this encounter. However, David Barr hit a six followed by a boundary of two deliveries to guide his side home with two full points. 

Speaking of the bowler, Tasadug Hussian was the star bowler with a couple of wickets against their name for just seven runs. Azam Khalil, Zia Alozai and Usman Jabbar each picked up a wicket. 
4.4 Usman Jabbar to David Barr, FOUR! THAT'S IT! David Barr the hero for Brigade, he takes them over the line to notch up a win here. Back of a length and glances it fine down to fine-leg for a boundary!
4.3 Usman Jabbar to David Barr, SIX! BAM! Sensational hit from Barr that, scores are level now. Length delivery on the off-stump, Barr down on one knee and DISPATCHES it over long-off, goes all the way for a maximum!
4.3 Usman Jabbar to David Barr, WIDE! Full delivery but strays it down the leg-side, Barr has a whip but misses, it's signaled a wide. 7 from 4 needed now!
4.3 Usman Jabbar to Nick Gray, NO-BALL! Full toss on the off-stump, Gray goes to hoick but top edge's it straight up and it's called a no-ball as the long-off fielder takes it, they pick up a single.
4.2 Usman Jabbar to Nick Gray, FOUR! Full delivery on the off-stump, Gray stays back and hammers it through the extra-cover region, runs away and picks out the ropes. Much needed boundary for Brigade that!
4.1 Usman Jabbar to David Murdock, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! It's all falling apart for Brigade here, full on the middle and leg, Murdock has a swipe across and misses, through the gates to crash into the leg-stump and Murdock has to go!
Not a good over for Brigade as they manage to get only six runs from it. Ziakhan Alozai picks up a wicket off his final delivery. Ryan Barr goes for the big shot, hoping to ease the question for his side but ends up throwing away his wicket at a very crucial stage. The chasing side require 14 runs off the final over.
37 /5 score
cricket bat icon David Murdock
12 (4)
cricket bat icon Ryan Barr *
1 (6)
cricket ball icon Zia Alozai
1 /5
3.6 Ziakhan Alozai to Ryan Barr, OUT! STRAIGHT TO LONG-ON, TAKEN ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT! Back of a length on the outside off, Barr walking down the track, powers it down to long-off, goes straight to the fielder who almost made a mess of it, pops out the first time but then he pouches it at the second.
3.5 Ziakhan Alozai to David Murdock, change of pace, back of a length on the middle and leg, Murdock drops it in front of him and scampers through for a single.
3.4 Ziakhan Alozai to David Murdock, EDGED AND FOUR! Length delivery on the off-stump, Murdock has a big swing across the line, takes the outside edge, down to third-man for a much needed boundary!
3.3 Ziakhan Alozai to Ryan Barr, clever change of pace, back of a length on the leg-stump line, Barr down on one knee to sweep but misses, thuds on the pad and they sneak in a leg-bye!
3.2 Ziakhan Alozai to Ryan Barr, back of a length delivery, angling away on the outside off, Barr backs away and has a ugly hoick at it and misses.
3.1 Ziakhan Alozai to Ryan Barr, HUGE SHOUT FOR A RUN-OUT! Sent it upstairs! Did Alozai get his finger tips and Murdock get back in time? It's fine as Barr drills that one straight back to the bowler as Alozai after his follow through tries to stop it.
Another excellent over in favour of Alby Zalmi CC! Azam Khalil has picked up the wicket of Iftikhar Hussain to leave the batting side in deep trouble. Brigade require 20 runs from 12 deliveries at 10 RPO to win his ECL encounter.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Azam Khalil
2.6 Azam Khalil to David Murdock, SIX! BAM! Length delivery on the middle and off, Murdock comes forward and SMOKES it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a huge maximum!
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