140/6 (20)
141/5 (16.5)
BH won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: James Bazley
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James Bazley is the Player of the Match

James Bazley:
 (on the all-round performance) Oh yeah, it's a nice feeling obviously to get our campaign underway but we started really well with the ball obviously nice conditions we kept it really simple and then just without batting it's nice to polish off a win with the back.
Early on that was in our planning as well obviously playing a metric on the floor the last couple of years, we know that works so it's nice to win from Jimmy (Pierson) win the flip and bowl first. As I get a bit older understanding my game more sticking to my process and working really hard to be resilient,
Brisbane Heat beat Melbourne Renegades by 5 wickets! What an emphatic way to register your first win in the season! That was a thorough all-round performance and that must be very relieving after the muddle in the middle. Chris Lynn started the blister with some marvellous boundaries and a six that gave you an adrenaline rush. But got out soon later to some deceptive bowling from the chinaman Zahir Khan who was clinical throughout the day taking 2 wickets and a low catch in the fine leg region.

Same Heazlett was the reason Brisbane Heat got over the line despite wickets at regular intervals hindering their chances of a comfortable win. The momentum lost initially for the Renegades when Will Sutherland came onto bowl in the second over of the innings where Chris Lynn gobsmacked him for 21 runs and there was no looking back for the Heat since and with few hiccups in the middle, they managed to get their first points of the season.

Melbourne Renegades have to answer some serious questions to their batting unit after this game and come up with a more effective strategy next game.  
16.5 Reece Topley to James Bazley , THE HEAT WIN! Full length delivery, angled into the leg side. Bazley wanted to make some room, and play it to the off side, but he adjusts well, tries to flick it off, but he plays it just a tad bit early. The ball drifts into the pads, and tickles down the leg side of the keeper. Sam saw it and asked his partner to cross over! Simple run to clinch the first point of the season! 
Just a run to win now..
16.4 Reece Topley to Sam Heazlett , short ball, angles into the left hander. Sam pulls this one with authority, but he plays it towards deep mid wicket. Goes straight to the fielder, as the batter's take one more. 
16.3 Reece Topley to James Bazley , good length delivery, just outside off stump. Bazley wanted to carve it out to the off side, but he barely pokes it out, and scatters for a single. 
16.2 Reece Topley to James Bazley , SIX!!! WOW! THAT IS SOME TIMING! Good length delivery comes up nicely onto the batter. Bazley gets under it, elevates it enough, and sends it packing over long-on. No fielder could stop this, as it sails into the stands. 
16.1 Reece Topley to James Bazley , FOUR MORE!!! Surely, the game is Heat's now! Short ball to start with, slower one as well. Bazley pulls this, does not middle it, but gets enough power on it, to slaps it over the bowler, and find the fence. 
Reece Topley (2-0-15-0) comes back into the attack
Brisbane Heat need 13 runs in 24 remaining balls
Heazlett is doing the job single-handedly at the moment. Manoeuvring the gaps well along with smashing bad balls away to the boundary. 
128 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sam Heazlett *
43 (28)
cricket bat icon James Bazley
6 (8)
cricket ball icon Kane Richardson
1 /26
15.6 Kane Richardson to Sam Heazlett , good length delivery, slower one now, just outside the off stump. Sam looks to play it fine but gets a bottom edge, that tickles awya from the keeper, giving him enough time to come back for a couple. 
15.5 Kane Richardson to Sam Heazlett , FOUR!!! ELEGANT! Full length delivery, on the fourth stump line. Sam comes forward, and drills this one perfectly through the covers. Threads the gap between mid off and short cover, as this one rushes onto the fence. 
15.4 Kane Richardson to Sam Heazlett , swing and a miss again! Fuller this time, with immense pace on it. Sam is late to swing his bat again, as the ball whiskers past the outside edge. 
15.3 Kane Richardson to Sam Heazlett , good length delivery, quicker one, kept outside off stump. Sam tries to whack this to the covers but does not get any bat on it. Plays it a bit late as the ball goes through to the keeper.