Match 101, Montjuïc Olympic Ground, Barcelona
CAT won by 37 runs.
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Catalunya Tigers won by 37 runs

Catalunya Tigers 154/5 in 10 overs
Ripoll Warriors 117/7 in 10 overs

Awais Ahmed 52(20) | Sheraz Iqbal 2/32
Prince Dhiman 76(28) | Aqtadar Khan 1/23

The Ripoll Warriors needed a great start to harbor hopes of chasing down the target of 155 and for that to happen, they needed Prince Dhiman to step up which has been the case for the majority of the tournament.

He didn’t disappoint, smashing his way to a 28-ball 76 to set up the match for the Warriors. However, the rest of the batters kept giving away their wickets cheaply as the Catalunya Tigers eventually won comfortably by 37 runs.

Dhiman blazed his way to a half-century as the Ripoll Warriors raced off to 60 in the powerplay and looked in a commanding position. The Catalunya Tigers were put right under the pump and they were failing to find any answers in front of Dhiman’s onslaught.

Some of his shots oozed class and confidence but it was his wicket that turned the game upside down. Muhammad Asif couldn’t have delivered the blow at a better time for the Catalunya Tigers. Naseem gave Dhiman good company but couldn’t quite race away. He took his time to get settled but couldn’t quite turn on in the latter stages.

It all went pear-shaped for the Ripoll Warriors in the final three overs and the over-reliance on Prince Dhiman was there for everyone to see. Such has been his consistency in the tournament, he couldn’t even take his side close to the victory target even after scoring 76 off a mere 28.

Sheraz Iqbal who conceded 30 runs in his opening over during the Dhiman onslaught came back and finished his quota strongly, bagging a couple of crucial wickets and conceding just 2 runs. In the end, the final two overs seemed to be a mere formality as the none of the batters could get the boundaries.

The Catalunya Tigers posted a huge score of 154 in their allotted 10 overs courtesy of exceptional knocks from Yasir Ali and Sheraz Iqbal. However the Ripoll Warriors bowled well in the final stretch of the innings as the Tigers were hoping to get somewhere around the 170 mark.
117 /7 score
cricket bat icon Mirza Asim Maqbool
4 (5)
cricket bat icon Saqib Javed *
2 (3)
cricket ball icon Yasir Ali
1 /13
9.6 Yasir Ali to Saqib Javed, OUT STUMPED! CATALUNYA TIGERS GET THEIR ELEVENTH WIN! Full outside off, a big heave across the line on the front foot, he gets beaten on the outside edge does the batter and the keeper does really well to take the bails off just when the back foot of Javed was not grounded!

Saqib Javed st A Ahmed b Y Ali 2 (3b 4x0 6x0) 
Adil Javed, RHB comes out to the crease. 
9.5 Yasir Ali to Asim Maqbool, OUT! Full outside off, tossed up, and hit over the top to long-off for a DROP CATCH, and then, long-on fields it, throws the stumps down at the non-striker's end and prevents the third run with a RUN OUT with a direct hit!

Asim Maqbool run out S Iqbal/M Asif 4 (5b 4x0 6x0) 
9.4 Yasir Ali to Saqib Javed, short and slow outside off, pushed away to long-off from the back foot, for a single. 
9.3 Yasir Ali to Asim Maqbool, short and wide outside off, hit away to cover's left, for a single from the crease. 
9.3 Yasir Ali to Asim Maqbool, WIDE outside off-stump on this occasion! 
9.2 Yasir Ali to Saqib Javed, short outside off and played away to cover from the back foot, for a single. 
9.1 Yasir Ali to Asim Maqbool, full and slow outside off, the batter steps out and hits it across to deep square-leg for one. 
Yasir Ali [1-0-8-0] comes back into the attack for the final over. 
112 /5 score
cricket bat icon Raja Waqar Khan
2 (5)
cricket bat icon Mirza Asim Maqbool *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Waqas Miraj
1 /19
8.6 Waqas Meraj to Asim Maqbool, full on off, slow as well and heaved around to deep mid-wicket, for a single only. 
Saqib Javed, RHB comes out to the crease. 
8.5 Waqas Meraj to Waqar Khan, GONE! Short outside off, pulled around to deep mid-on, Waqar runs nonchalantly to the non-striker's end and the direct hit from the deep gets him RUN OUT, way short of the crease!

Waqar Khan run out Muhammad Asif 2 (5b 4x0 6x0) 
8.4 Waqas Meraj to Asim Maqbool, full toss on middle, inside edged to short fine-leg, and the single does get taken in the end! 
This is all going pear-shaped for the Ripoll Warriors. It's looking like a completely different game since Dhiman departed. This is how a match can turn within a few deliveries. 
Asim Maqbool, RHB comes out to the crease. 
8.3 Waqas Meraj to Muhammad Nazim, WICKET! Full outside off, launched over the top across the line, not quite off the middle of the bat and it gets well CAUGHT by deep mid-wicket by coming a few paces forward!

Muhammad Nazim c Dastgeer b W Meraj 19 (14b 4x1 6x1)