68/10 (9.5)
72/4 (9.5)
CP won by 6 wickets
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Ginger Generals 68 all out in 9.5 overs (McDonald Daniel 19 off 17, Desron Maloney 4/5 off 1.5 overs) lose to Cinnamon Pacers 72/4 in 9.5 overs (Desron Maloney 32* off 19, Denroy Charles 2/11 off 2 overs) by 6 wickets.

Well, that was quite a tough chase in every sense of it alright. The Generals didn't have much to play with after a sorry batting display but they surely did turn up to make a fist of it. A couple of tight overs to start with and two quick wickets therafter pushed the Cinnamon Pacers onto the back foot, sending the asking rate up as well.

That was when Desron Maloney, the man for all seasons and all reasons, took his time to see himself in before taking it upon himself to bat through and get the job done. As long as he was there, the Pacers were ahead but only just, with the asking rate shooting up.

Maloney knew what he was doing though, despite a couple more wickets falling at the other end. With the odd boundary coming at the right time, he took it deep and waited for that one delivery in his zone to send it out of the ground to tie the scores, before sealing it altogether with a boundary. A fine all-round show indeed from the man who picked up four wickets as well earlier.

Quite a nice way to sign off for the Pacers with their campaign coming to a close. As for the Generals, their hopes of finishing in the top two has now taken a dent as a result of this loss - it was their batting that cost them this game though, with nobody stepping up to the occasion.
THAT IS THAT! Got way closer than we expected but the result is along expect lines! Cinnamon Pacers beat Ginger Generals by 6 wickets with a delivery to spare!
9.5 Nicklaus Redhead to Desron Maloney, FOUR, and that is it! The Cinnamon Pacers finish their campaign with a win, the margin being six wickets with a ball to spare! This was a wide-ish yorker, Maloney squeezed this right between cover and point, and the ball raced away to the fence!
That should be it! Just one run away now are the Pacers!
9.4 Nicklaus Redhead to Desron Maloney, SIX!!! Right in the slot, and that was exactly what Maloney needed! Swung through the line, and the scores are level!
9.3 Nicklaus Redhead to Deron Hypolite, low full toss, the two batsmen cross over, Maloney has got the strike back. 7 needed now off 3!
9.2 Nicklaus Redhead to Desron Maloney, Maloney couldn't connect this one well enough, this one rolled to long-off and just a single this time!
9.1 Nicklaus Redhead to Desron Maloney, low full toss, Maloney smashed this to deep mid-wicket, a better throw would have got him as they sprinted through for a brace
Right then - it's come down to the wire and both teams are in with a chance. Three results very much possible - who are you backing though? Cinnamon Pacers need 11 to win off the last over!
58 /4 score
cricket bat icon Desron Maloney *
19 (15)
cricket bat icon Deron Hypolite
3 (5)
cricket ball icon Javel St.Paul
0 /15
8.6 Javel St. Paul to Desron Maloney, slower ball, Maloney tried to dab this to third man, the keeper failed to gather properly, and that allowed them to sneak through for a bye. Maloney has strike for the last over!
8.5 Javel St. Paul to Deron Hypolite, another single, 12 needed off 7 now
13 needed off 8...
8.4 Javel St. Paul to Desron Maloney, catch put down! It was a great effort from the cover fielder, Maloney tried to go big, didn't quite get it out off the middle, a single eventually
8.3 Javel St. Paul to Desron Maloney, FOUR, full toss again outside off, Maloney swings hard, the ball goes off the inside half of the bat and beats the deep mid-wicket fielder!
8.2 Javel St. Paul to Deron Hypolite, full toss, Hypolite goes aerial, not enough connection as the ball hovered in the air and fell in front of the fielder in the deep at mid-wicket, they get one
8.1 Javel St. Paul to Deron Hypolite, yorked, Hypolite squeezes this straight to cover, no run
Javel St. Paul [1-0-8-0] is back into the attack.

This is going down to the wire alright - do you have any fingernails left folks? You can cut the tension at the venue with a knife - Cinnamon Pacers need 19 to win off 12 deliveries at 9.50 RPO.
50 /4 score
cricket bat icon Desron Maloney
14 (12)
cricket bat icon Deron Hypolite *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Redhead Nicklaus
2 /7