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Delhi Capitals 228/4 (20 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders 210/8 (20 ov)
Delhi Capitals won by 18 runs.
Player of the match: Shreyas Iyer
What a game of cricket we have had here in Sharjah. The run fests keep coming in Sharjah but KKR have fallen shot today and it was always going to be a big ask chasing 229. 

They didn’t get off to the greatest starts as Gill and Narine, who was out early Nortje took time out there in the middle.  Gill was then joined by Nitish Rana and the both of them stung in a partnership and brought some real momentum into the innings. Gill fell to the craft of Mishra and Russell who was given an early promotion and was seen in early in hope of taking some runs quickly didn’t get going on a ground that was suited to his style. 

Rabada was brought back to counter Russell and he got the wicket and brought DC right back on top. Rana top-scored with a blistering 58 but fell at the wrong time and it brought a succession of wickets. Morgan and Tripathi then brought life back into the run chase with some massive over but a good penultimate over from Nortje closed the game and helped DC get over the line.

So that’s all from me, Prashanth Satish, and Bala here at Sportskeeda until we meet again, stay safe and goodbye!
Shreyas Iyer: It is really difficult to defend here. It has been such an amazing tournament, especially in Sharjah. It is always a thrill to play at this ground, the last time I played here was in the under-19s. Winning the match was the icing on the cake. It was really necessary for me to take time at the start which I did in the earlier games as well. It was the right time for me to take on the bowlers and then rotate strike as well after that. Luckily it worked out for me. I know the hard work and the smart work I have put in through my gym sessions, so I wouldn't say I am a very gifted player. Really satisfied with the way everyone stepped up. Unfortunate to lose Mishra in the middle when he was spinning the ball really well. Anything could happen, it is a funny game is T20s and especially here in Sharjah. We really have a good platform and we have to be insatiable with our work ethics and keep getting better game after game.
Anrich Nortje: There was a little bit of dew. Myself and KG tried to get a few to go through. We did it at the start. It got a little bit tough in the end, the ball was coming on nicely. Proud the guys pulled it through. We had different plans, try to change it up, not go with the same thing over and over.  Luckily we got him out. Some balls grip, one gripped and we got the wicket. It's great bowling with him (Rabada), really enjoyed.  Nice to be in the same team with him.
Dinesh Karthik: The way the boys batted is something I am really proud of, we kept fighting till the end which is the nature of our team. Really happy with the effort we put in today. Maybe in between 10-13 overs, we didn't get many boundaries, we lost a couple of wickets as well which sets you back in such run chases. To be honest, couple more sixes and we would have crossed the line, we wouldn't be talking about the lengths. I thought it was a hard wicket to bowl on and the bowlers did a fabulous job, maybe 10 runs too many but it's okay. We trust him (Russell) and believe he is the best in the business, we want to give him enough time to create an impact on the game and that's something we want to encourage. I haven't thought about it (making the change at the top) but maybe after this game, I will sit down with the coaching staff.. We still believe in Narine and whenever he gets going he gets us off to a great start
19.6 Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, full toss on the legs, he misses the slog. The ball runs off his pads to short fineleg. And that's the game!
19.5 Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, yorker again. Mavi makes room and tries to go big, but can't get the connection.
19.4 Marcus Stoinis to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, low full toss on the stumps, played down to deep mid-wicket. They don't get more than one.
19.3 Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, short ball from Stoinis, Mavi pulls it hard but Dhawan completes a tumbling stop at deep square leg boundary.
19.2 Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, OUT! That is right in the blockhole. Tripathi goes for the big hit but gets cleaned up! The yorker keeps showing it's value to everyone and that is just a reminder to everyone about the quality of that delivery.
19.1 Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Starts with a wide full toss, Tripathi goes on one knee and slashes it over the man at backward point for a boundary.
26 runs to get off 6 balls. It will be Stoinis to bowl the final over. They need a good start!
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 1 W 1 2 0 Bowler: Anrich Nortje Score: 203/7
18.6 Anrich Nortje to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, back of a length delivery played down to long-on. They don't take the single though. Tripathi wants to face the final over. 
18.5 Anrich Nortje to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, short and wide outside the off stump, Nagarkoti plays it softly on the off-side. Ashwin lets it go through his legs and they go through for a brace.
18.4 Anrich Nortje to Rahul Tripathi, full toss on the stumps, hit straight to the man at deep mid-wicket.
Kamalesh Nagarkoti walks into the middle for KKR
18.3 Anrich Nortje to Eoin Morgan, OUT! Back of a length delivery, Morgan goes for the pull but gets cramped for room. He doesn't get enough elevation on that and Hetmyer completes the catch at deep square leg.
18.2 Anrich Nortje to Rahul Tripathi, full delivery on the stumps, tries to force it but slices it on the off-side.
18.1 Anrich Nortje to Eoin Morgan, full toss on the stumps, mistimes the drive to long-off. Morgan will feel like he missed out it was there to be hit!
23 off that one. 31 to get now looks possible now, doesn't it. This game keeps on giving such gems.

Nortje to bowl the 19th
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