Bangladesh Legends 113/5 (20 ov)
England Legends 117/3 (14 ov)
England Legends won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Kevin Pietersen
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The target of 114 was never going to threaten this English batting line-up. But they made it look like a walk in the park. The 53 runs that came from the first four overs really sealed the deal for them. Pietersen and Mustard came out hard right from the outset and took some chances. It paid off for them with Mustard scoring a 16-ball 27 and Pietersen scoring 17-ball 42. After the openers fell, Darren Maddy came in and anchored the rest of the chase. He hardly took a chance and kept knocking the ball around, ticking the score over in the process. He remained not out with a run-a-ball 32 in the end.

The seamers of the Bangladesh Legends had a horrendous start to the innings. Mohammad Sharif conceded 27 runs off his two overs and Alamghir Khan conceded just one run less. This was a hard start to recover from, given they were trying to defend a sub-par total. Abdur Razzak bowled an economical spell of 0 for 19, but he did not get a lot of support from the other end.

The match was really lost in the first 10 overs of the batting innings for the Bangladesh Legends. Once they were reduced to 55/5, it was really difficult to come back and put a real match of this. The English spinners tied them up and gave the upper hand to their side.

With two back-to-back comprehensive defeats, it will take quite an effort for the Bangladesh Legends to come back and fight for that position in that semifinal leg. Their next match will be against the Sri Lankan Legends in a couple of days' time.
England Legends have won the match by 7 wickets with six overs to spare!
Over: 14 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 0 4 Bowler: Alamgir Kabir Score: 117/3
13.6 Mushfiqur Rahman to Darren Maddy, FOUR! Rank long hop from the bowler, he goes deep in the crease and pulls it away well in front of square leg to find the boundary
13.5 Mushfiqur Rahman to Darren Maddy, length ball outside the off-stump, mistimes the cut straight to backward point
13.4 Mushfiqur Rahman to Gavin Hamilton, back of a length on off and middle, goes across and tucks it away to square leg
13.3 Mushfiqur Rahman to Darren Maddy, off-cutter on a good length, defends it on the off-side and takes a single
13.2 Mushfiqur Rahman to Gavin Hamilton, good length ball on the stumps, tucks it away to deep mid-wicket
13.1 Mushfiqur Rahman to Darren Maddy, shortish delivery outside the off-stump, cuts it away to sweeper cover for a single
It's just formalities left now. England Legends need just 5 more runs to seal this game. And these two batsmen are just milking the Bangladesh Legends bowlers. 

Mushfiqur Rahman into the attack now!
Over: 13 | Summary: 1 2 0 0 0 1 Bowler: Rajin Saleh Score: 108/3
12.6 Rajin Saleh to Darren Maddy, good length ball on middle and leg, clips it away to square leg for a single
12.5 Rajin Saleh to Gavin Hamilton, fuller on the stumps, drives it down the ground to long-off for a single
12.4 Rajin Saleh to Gavin Hamilton, good length ball coming in with the arm, hits him on the pads
12.3 Rajin Saleh to Gavin Hamilton, comes down the track but gets deceived. Hits him on the pads in the process
12.2 Rajin Saleh to Gavin Hamilton, fuller ball on the stumps, tucks it awa on the on-side. It is away from the fielder in the deep and they collect a couple
12.1 Rajin Saleh to Darren Maddy, comes down the track and drives it down to long-on for a single
England Legends have lost another wicket to the spin. And that is the end of tonight's spell for Mohammad Rafique. He has figures of 2 for 31.

Just 10 runs to win now. Gavin Hamilton is the new man in. Rajin Saleh will take the ball.
Over: 12 | Summary: 1 1 1 0 1 W Bowler: Mohammad Rafique Score: 104/3
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