416/10 & 245/10 (81.5)
284/10 & 378/3 (76.4)
ENG won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Jonny Bairstow
Well, that is all we have from this game and the series then. This has been Shashwat and myself (Rishab) as we sign off on behalf of our team. The action will now shift to the limited overs leg of this tour. While England will look to continue their dominating brand of cricket, India, after missing out on a series win here, will eye redemption. Do join us as we will be there once again to bring to you all the action. Until then, do not miss out on all the other action happening elsewhere. Until next time, goodbye and take care!
Ben Stokes, Winning Captain: The guys make my job easier. When you have clarity in the dressing room it is a lot easier. The pressure does get to you but it has been good. I think Jonny and Root played two amazing knocks and what they did there and the partnership they put up was incredible and pulled the momentum back towards us. It was incredible to watch. It is all about taking wickets and there's no complaints whatsoever. We are trying to rewrite how Test cricket is being played in England and this is something that we look to carry forward. At the end of the day, as a bowling attack you look to take wickets. We know that we want to get a new life to Test cricket and the support we have received has been incredible. Bringing a new set of fans and inspiring the next set of generations is what we want to do. 
Jasprit Bumrah, India Player of the Series: I am not going that far ahead but sometimes I can contribute with the bat. This is the beauty of Test cricket. You have to keep coming and I think we fell short with the bat and that is where we let the opposition in and the momentum shifted towards England. Ifs and buts can always be the picture and this is how the game of cricket goes. England kept fighting and put us under pressure. A hard fought series and both teams played good cricket. Pant and Jaddu got us back into the game and they counter attacked and we were ahead in the game. We have got different characters and I am happy for them. He (Rahul Dravid) is always there to back us but we have to focus on our strengths. We could have been straighter and the conversation was to get wickets. It was a good challenge and I like responsibility. I was lot more involved and I am honored to lead the team. ( on captaincy)
Joe Root, England Player of the Series: The environment has been great and it has been exceptional. I am enjoying it. This team is led by a great mate and he has backed everyone, including myself and it has bene great to see his Test cricket and the responsibility is to keep entertaining and keeping it up. I think it is place that you rarely find and you just have to keep believing put there in the middle. Watching Jonny bat is so much fun as well and you have to accept that you are always not going to be successful and have to keep working on your game. You have to make the most enjoyable part of your career fun. I think the performance against New Zealand gave us confidence and we had absolute clarity. Against an brilliant attack, to out pressure back on was good and when we got going it was just about going about our business and it was great. 
Jonny Bairstow, Player of the Match: It is great and the last month has bene fantastic and Test cricket for all the lads. Taking all the simple things back, sticking to the basics and the last few months have been fantastic. Fortunate to play cricket and the crowds have been fantastic as well. I am enjoying and play the way I do, I look to put pressure back on the opposition and it is exciting to watch as well. They have got some world-class bowlers within their ranks and when they get on top they are a very tough side. To shift the momentum and put pressure back on them is what we tried to do and it is about concentrating and consolidating for long periods of play. We have grown up playing together, spent a lot of time together all the way from Yorkshire academy and now to the Test matches. (On Joe Root)
Day 5 - England 378/3 (76.4), Win by 7 wickets!

Ben Stokes made the statement that England are bowling first as they are confident of chasing any total down and they have proved him right as well. England continue their golden run in Test cricket at the moment and nothing seems enough to stop them. Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow unbeaten with a magnificent match-winning partnership and the two just took away any little hope that India had of winning this game and the series as well. The way this game was progressing, who would have thought we'd have such an end with one side completely dominating and running away with it. 

For India, they would certainly have fancied more runs and their batting towards the end of their second innings has cost them indeed. England came out all guns blazing in the chase, pretty much as expected given the way they have been playing in recent times. Things not quite going their way and where they needed wickets today, nothing happened with the ball, it did not swing and the bowling wasn't as great as it should have been either. Indian fans will certainly think how this game got to the stage that it did. 

An incredible run-chase from the hosts as the pressure was on them to win this game and level the series 2-2 after being down coming into this match. Root and Bairstow were simply calm and composed, in control of what they were doing all the way through and it really seemed like a walk in the park with the two in the middle. Phenomenal signs for English cricket going forward as they dominated and how! Outplaying India after being on the backfoot at one point in the game, which just reflects the strength of this side as a unit. Too easily done by the hosts and this was certainly comprehensive. 

India losing that opportunity to script history with a series win in England. While they haven't lost the series, this defeat should hurt them just as much as a loss alright. From having a strong chance of winning the game to letting it go the way it did, the visitors have plenty to ponder upon in the coming times. The manner in which they lost, with some tactical errors as well, makes it disappointing if you are an Indian fan at the moment. The bowling did not come along as it should have and India will have to work on finishing games and not just getting themselves in dominating situations. 

As for England, they can certainly celebrate and rejoice this stunning victory and the run-chase that they have managed to pull off, being the highest successful run-chase against India for England and even otherwise!
The inevitable has happened then. Done and dusted as Root and Bairstow steer England home to a stunning and incredible run-chase. India just did not have enough and the golden period for England in Test cricket continues. The hosts chase 377 runs down with seven wickets to spare and they have done it comfortably and in grand fashion! 
76.4 Ravindra Jadeja to Joe Root, ENGLAND WIN! FINISHED WITH A REVERSE SWEEP, FITTINGLY! Full delivery outside leg stump. Root brings out the reverse again and helps it into the vast open spaces on the off side for a single. England win at Edgbaston and level the series 2-2! What a performance this has been!
76.3 Ravindra Jadeja to Joe Root, full delivery outside leg stump. Root gets onto the front foot and eases the ball into the on side
Scores level with that! 
76.2 Ravindra Jadeja to Joe Root, FOUR! NAILS IT! Length delivery way outside leg stump. Root brings out the reverse sweep and crunches it through the point region for four
76.1 Ravindra Jadeja to Jonny Bairstow, full delivery on leg stump. Bairstow lunges forward and pushes the ball into the off side for one more run
Bairstow has taken Siraj on and this is just a testimony of the magnificent form that he has been in. Scoring runs and boundaries literally for fun and England are cantering to a famous and incredible run-chase. Down to single figures and 6 runs is all they need now. Probably just a hit or two away!
372 /3 score
cricket bat icon Joe Root
137 (170)
cricket bat icon Jonny Bairstow *
113 (144)
cricket ball icon Mohammed Siraj
0 /98
75.6 Mohammed Siraj to Jonny Bairstow, back of a length delivery on off stump. Bairstow gets up on his toes and nudges the ball into the leg side before haring across to the other end
75.5 Mohammed Siraj to Jonny Bairstow, dug into the track at the batter on middle and off stump. Bairstow does not pick up the length as early but manages to duck underneath it, albeit hurriedly
75.4 Mohammed Siraj to Jonny Bairstow, FOUR! GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! Half-tracker outside off stump and it gets the treatment it deserves! Bairstow sits in his crease and whacks it over mid wicket for four
Alright, Bairstow took his time and now he is looking to finish this off!
75.3 Mohammed Siraj to Jonny Bairstow, FOUR! OH MY WORD! In the slot and Bairstow practices a bit of white-ball cricket! He plants his front foot and bludgeons it back past the bowler for four
75.2 Mohammed Siraj to Jonny Bairstow, FOUR MORE! Back of a length delivery outside off stump. Bairstow stands tall on the front foot and bashes it past cover point for four