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Pakcelona CC 83/8 (10 ov)
Hawks CC 89/5 (9.3 ov)
Hawks CC won by 5 wickets
Hawks CC beat Pakcelona CC by 5 wickets!

Chasing a paltry total of 85 runs, Hawks got off to a poor start losing their skipper Kamraan Zia in the opening over. Abdul Haseeb followed him back to the dugout when he was bowled by Azeem Azam in the second over of the innings. The middle order of the Hawks CC team did well to stabilize the innings as Umar Latif attacked the bowlers and Amir Hamza was happy to give the strike to the man in fine form.

Pakcelona used a lot of bowlers who were able to keep a lid on the runs making the Hawks work hard for them. They managed to take a couple of wickets and Hawks CC were reeling at 50-4 after seven overs played. They needed 33 runs in 3 overs to win it and a poor over from Ramiz Mehmood opened the doors for them. He conceded 17 runs in his over with couple of boundaries and a six with Amir Hamza and Muhammad Sohail taking him on with intent. Hamza scored a crucial six in the eight over to close the gap even further but was caught out in the deep in his attempts to clear the ropes again,

Waheed Elahi came on and proved to be the hero in the end as he clobbered Adalat Ali for two consecutive sixes to close out the match and get two points on board for the Hawks CC team. Shahzad Khan was the pick of the bowlers for Pakcelona CC with figures of 2-10 from his spell of two overs.

That is all from the European Cricket T10 Barcelona Series as the Hawks win against Pakcelona CC as the action unfolds in Spain. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the coverage from the cricketing world. This has been Gaurav Kadam and my colleague Pradeep Somashekar for Sportskeeda bringing you all the live updates. Stay safe everyone!

Pakcelona bring on Adalat Ali on for the final over of the match. The leg-spinner starts off well but is punished for dropping it short as Waheed Elahi clobbered it back over the bowler's head to level the scores on the board with a maximum!

Elahi wins it in style for Hawks CC as he brings up the winning runs with another big six over the cow corner!

Hawks CC beat Pakcelona by 5 wickets!
9.3 Adalat Ali to Waheed Elahi, SIX! That's how you finish a game! Elahi comes in and SMOKED two back to back sixes to finish it as that was bowled short and asking to be punished and Elahi sits back and CLOBBERED it over the deep square leg for a maximum! Hawks CC have won this encounter by 5 wickets!
9.2 Adalat Ali to Waheed Elahi, SIX! Short delivery and Elahi waited on it and CLUBBED it down the ground towards long on and that goes all the way for a maximum! BLUDGEONED! Scores level!
9.1 Adalat Ali to Muhammad Sohail, tossed up, over pitched, Sohail fetches it and smashes it straight to the deep square leg along the ground, just a single
Ishtiaq Nazir is brought in for the crucial 9th over and almost struck in his second delivery as Hamza almost played the ball onto his stumps. Hamza was on target on the next ball smashing Nazir over the mid-wicket for a huge sixer! 

Hamza had to depart on the next delivery after being caught in the same region after he tried to emulate his six again. 

Hawks have scored 76-5 after nine overs and need 8 runs off the last over to win the match!
8.6 Ishtiaq Nazir to Muhammad Sohail, full length, outside off, Sohail gives himself some room and hoicked it towards backward point, they get only a single
8.5 Ishtiaq Nazir to Muhammad Sohail, Full delivery, drilled it back to the bowler, a DOT BALL! Good bowling there from Nazir!
8.4 Ishtiaq Nazir to Amir Hamza, OUT! Similar delivery, this time Amir has not much timing and he's hold out at the deep square leg fielder, straight to him and he takes a dolly to send Amir back to the dug out! 
8.3 Ishtiaq Nazir to Amir Hamza, SIX! Short delivery and Amir pulled it with authority here and WHACKED that one all the way towards deep square leg for a huge SIX! Surely that wins it now for the Hawks!
8.2 Ishtiaq Nazir to Amir Hamza, over pitched and Amir throws his hand at it and was too early into the shot and toe ended, he's lucky that it didn't crash it on to the stumps
8.1 Ishtiaq Nazir to Muhammad Sohail, full delivery, outside off, Sohail punches it down the ground to long-on for just a single
Ramiz Mehmood is introduced into the attack by Pakcelona CC and the two men out in the middle, Amir Hamza and Muhammad Sohail rotate the strike well in the first two balls.

Sohail scores two crucial boundaries in two balls to relieve some pressure in the chase as Hamza ended the over with a huge six to take the score close to the 70-run mark! 17 runs off that over and the match could have turned the course here!

Hawks CC have scored 68-4 after 8 overs. Need 16 runs in 12 balls
7.6 Ramiz Mehmood to Amir Hamza, SIX! Full delivery, Amir gets a hold of that and WHACKED it over the deep square leg region and that goes all the way for a maximum, much needed boundary that! 17 runs off the over and Hawks are cruising now!
7.5 Ramiz Mehmood to Muhammad Sohail, short delivery, this time cramped for room and Sohail just dabbed it on the off side for just a single
7.4 Ramiz Mehmood to Muhammad Sohail, FOUR MORE! Short and wide, Sohail goes for the hoick and gets a thick edge, runs down to the third man and the fielder has no chance! Unlucky for the bowler but Hawks will take those any day!
7.3 Ramiz Mehmood to Muhammad Sohail, FOUR! Short delivery, it was asking to be punished and Sohail waits for the slower one and hammers it down the ground for a boundary towards long on! That one raced away to the rope after Sohail hit it!
7.2 Ramiz Mehmood to Amir Hamza, slower one, short, Amir waits for it and on his one knee and hits it towards long leg, just a single
7.1 Ramiz Mehmood to Muhammad Sohail, full delivery, outside off, Sohail punches it towards deep covers region for just a single
Shahzad Khan comes in for his second over of the match and does well to start off with a couple of dot ball varying his line and length. He is rewarded for his discipline as Bilal holds off to the fielder on the leg side as Hawks lost their fourth wicket.

Two wide balls towards the end of the over were the only blots in Khan's over as he concedes just 4 in his over

Hawks CC are at 50-4 after 7 overs. Need 33 runs in 18 balls
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