147/10 (19.3)
149/2 (19)
HKG won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Ehsan Khan
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Ehsan Khan: Thanks to almighty Allah as we qualified for the Asia Cup. Proud of the performance. You will perform whenever you stick to the game plan. I am targeting Virat Kohli's wicket. Also, sending a message to Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz as well. Playing the Asia cup for the second time is a very good achievement and I want to thank Cricket Hong Kong as well.

Ehsan Khan was adjudged as the Player of the match
Nizakat Khan (Hong Kong captain): I am out of words and want to thank a few people. It's a massive moment for us as Hong Cricket board was very supportive right from the beginning and want to thank the coaches as well. Coming into the tournament we knew that we have to win all three matches to qualify and that's exactly what we did. We need to showcase the talent as it was a big tournament and I am pleased with the performance
Rizwan (UAE captain): There are a lot of areas we missed out, starting with the toss. A couple of inside edges going their way and there were small things going against us. It's not the end of the world and with the world cup around the corner,  we need to take this experience. There were a lot of positive things. Karthik and Sultan bowled pretty well but the fast bowlers will learn from this tournament. Congratulations to Hong Kong and good luck for the tournament
Babar Hayat does it for his team, Hong Kong. He finishes off in style and takes his team to the main round of Asia Cup. Hong Kong qualify with 3 wins under their belt and this has to be one of the best tournament performances in the history of cricket. All the players run through to the middle to celebrate the victory and they well deserve this victory for the kind of performances they have put in in this tournament.

Hong Kong have been dominant in this match against a formidable UAE team. They were clinical in their performance and deserve to win the game for their efforts and performance. The opening stand between Yasim Murtaza and Nizakat Khan have put on an outstanding opening partnership to set the tone for the innings. Yasim Murtaza ended up with a half century while Nizakat Khan scored a well made 39. Babad Hayat took the responsibility of finishing the match with his knock of 38 and saw his team home comfortably including an impressive shot to finish the match.

UAE bowlers were not up to the match. They didn't really have answers to the way Hong Kong batters were performing. No bowler looked threatening with the ball and that made the chase much easier chase for Hong Kong. They need to pull their socks up and hope to get things better going forward.

This win for Hong Kong gives them the opportunity to get qualified for the main event of Asia Cup. They will be playing India and Pakistan in a week's time and their performance does tell the potential they have in their backyard. Hope they keep it going take Hong Kong Cricket to much greater heights in the coming years.
149 /2 score
cricket bat icon Babar Hayat *
38 (26)
cricket bat icon Kinchit Shah
6 (6)
cricket ball icon Zawar Farid
0 /23
18.6 Zawar Farid to Babar Hayat, SIX! Hayat roars in delight as Hong Kong qualifies for the main round of the Asia Cup. Amazing scenes as the Hong Kong players in the dugout sprint onto the field to congratulate Babar Hayat. Farid misses the yorker by an inch, Hayat smokes it over the bowler's head and finishes things off in style
18.5 Zawar Farid to Kinchit Shah, right in the blockhole again, Kinchit gets his bat down and digs it. The ball goes back to the keeper and he attempts a direct hit at the strikers' end but misses it. Single taken
18.4 Zawar Farid to Babar Hayat, full on middle and off-stump, Hayat stays deep in his crease and drives it down to long-on for a single
18.3 Zawar Farid to Kinchit Shah, low full toss on off-stump, Kinchit drives it down to long-off for a single
18.2 Zawar Farid to Babar Hayat, another yorker length delivery and it's been drilled down to long-on for a single
18.1 Zawar Farid to Babar Hayat, nails the yorker into the stumps, Hayat digs it towards long-on. Three men sprinting to stop the second run but couldn't do it
10 runs off the over and again the match has turned in Hong Kong's favour. Now they just need 11 from 12 balls. UAE need few wickets if they want to create panic in the Hong Kong's dressing room.
137 /2 score
cricket bat icon Babar Hayat *
28 (22)
cricket bat icon Kinchit Shah
4 (4)
cricket ball icon Basil Hameed
1 /31
17.6 Bilal Hameed to Babar Hayat, length delivery outside off, Hayat punches uppishly towards the sweeper at extra cover but this time they settle down for a single
17.5 Bilal Hameed to Babar Hayat, another fumble but this time at long-on as Hayat takes a brace again
17.4 Bilal Hameed to Babar Hayat, another short delivery outside off, Hayat punches it towards deep extra cover. The fielder fumbles and they scamper back for a second run
17.3 Bilal Hameed to Babar Hayat, FOUR! Short outside off, Hayat slashes this over cover point and gets a boundary
17.2 Bilal Hameed to Babar Hayat, length delivery outside off, Hayat swings and misses
17.1 Bilal Hameed to Kinchit Shah, short of a length delivery outside off, Kinchit goes back and punches it down to the left of backward point. But the fielder managed to only get his hand to it but couldn't prevent single