211/7 (20)
107/10 (18.2)
INC won by 104 runs.
Player of the match: Ross Taylor
So that's us- Mohul Bhowmick and Bala- signing off from this exciting final of the Legends League Cricket season 2 between the Bhilwara Kings and the India Capitals. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. Until next time, stay tuned to Sportskeeda. Goodbye and goodnight!
Gautam Gambhir, India Capitals: Quite surprised with the competitive nature of this competition. Very happy with the way this final panned out. This is a good league to be part of for those of our (Indian) players who do not want to play red ball cricket anymore. The body is doing okay, looking forward to coming back next season. Very happy with the way this league was organised.
It's time for the captains now!

Irfan Pathan, Bhilwara Kings:
Disappointed but proud of the way the boys performed. We all played hard cricket; this was not a competition which saw just a bunch of retired players hitting a ball around. This is a fantastic initiative by the organisers of the competition. Great for them to bring in the female umpires as well. Kudos to Gautam and the Capitals for a fabulous showing. We thought that the game was done and over at 21-4 but credit to Ross Taylor for the way he played.
Let's hear it from the players themselves!

Yusuf Pathan, Legend of the Tournament: Really enjoyed this tournament. I enjoy batting more than I do bowling, it always feels nice to hit the ball out of the park. Haven't really played with Irfan in franchise cricket, so we had good fun together. Thankful to the organisers of the tournament; they organised it really well.

Ross Taylor, Legend of the Match: It has been a fantastic tournament, nice to contribute towards the team's cause. Very glad to have Mitchell Johnson alongside me. He has done it a few times for Australia in the past, so I am not really surprised. Feels very nice to finish this tournament on a high.
India Capitals beat Bhilwara Kings by 104 runs.
Ross Taylor 82 (41) | Rahul Sharma 4-30
Mitchell Johnson 62 (35) | Monty Panesar 2-13

We saw an extremely clinical performance put up by the India Capitals here. Led by the efficient Gautam Gambhir, they made their way to a rather one sided victory. They were put in by the Kings and reduced to 21-4 in the powerplay, but strong counterattacking innings from the Kiwi-Aussie duo of Ross Taylor and Mitchell Johnson took them to a massive total.

The Kings capsized quickly when they started batting, and this was in rather poor taste both for themselves and their supporters. Skipper Irfan Pathan will rue the chances that his side missed and feel shattered by the lack of a fight that they put up. Rahul Sharma was the only shining star for the Kings; none of their batters flourished against the relentless pressure put up by the bowlers of the Capitals.

We have had a fantastic time here, soaking in the sights and enjoying the matches that this tournament brought to us. It has been a stupendous time and we expect this tournament to return with more such fabulous performances from recently retired cricketers. Truly, this tournament has proven the maxim that legends never retire.
18.2 Rajat Bhatia to Tino Best, OUT! Bhatia wraps it up in typical Bhatia style! India Capitals are the LLC Champions 2022! Deceives the batter with the slower delivery. Best is chips the ball straight back at the bowler who makes no mistakes. It's a comprehensive victory for the Capitals
18.1 Rajat Bhatia to Tino Best, huge shout from Ramdin! Best slogs but gets deceived with the change in pace. Ramdin whips the bails off but his foot is firmly grounded
107 /9 score
cricket bat icon Sreesanth
13 (10)
cricket bat icon Tino Best *
2 (3)
cricket ball icon Pravin Tambe
2 /19
17.6 Pravin Tambe to Tino Best, almost! Darts it in full on the stumps. Off the inside edge to square leg
17.5 Pravin Tambe to Tino Best, goes for the sweep but it's a wrong'un. Off the gloves to short fineleg
17.4 Pravin Tambe to S Sreesanth, tossed up full on the stumps. Mistimes the drive to mid-wicket
17.3 Pravin Tambe to S Sreesanth, good length outside off. It is too full to cut though. Goes off the under edge to short thirdman
17.2 Pravin Tambe to Tino Best, length ball outside off. Cuts it away to sweeper cover
Tino Best, RHB, is the last man to the crease for the Kings.
17.1 Pravin Tambe to Tim Bresnan, OUT! Cleans him up! Runs down the track only to get himself yorked. The ball goes right through and rattles the leg-stump. The Kings are just one wicket away from the title now!

Tim Bresnan b Pravin Tambe 7 (17b 0*4 0*6)
103 /8 score
cricket bat icon Tim Bresnan *
7 (16)
cricket bat icon Sreesanth
12 (8)
cricket ball icon Rajat Bhatia
0 /2
16.6 Rajat Bhatia to Tim Bresnan, length ball angling in. Ricochets off the pads to short fineleg
16.5 Rajat Bhatia to Tim Bresnan, huge shout! Bresnan swings for heaves and seem to have missed it. Ramdin is confident that he edged it though. The umpire disagrees
16.4 Rajat Bhatia to S Sreesanth, deceived by the slower delivery and he is through his shot by the time the ball arrives. Rolls away off the toe end of the bat to short thirdman
16.3 Rajat Bhatia to Tim Bresnan, slower delivery on a length outside. He is early on the shot but holds it enough to drag the ball across