345/10 & 234/7 (81)
296/10 & 165/9 (98)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Shreyas Iyer
This is Raghav Tikmany alongside Pradeep Somasekhar signing off. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more live-action.
Shreyas Iyer, Player of The Match: It's a great feeling, but would have been the icing on the cake if we had won the game. The bowlers did quite well. The goal was to play as many deliveries as possible in each session. People think I'm a flashy player, but all I wanted to do was play as many deliveries as possible. Batting alongside Ashwin and Saha was fun. I'm pleased with the team's overall performance. The pressure is constant. They were off to a fantastic start. We made the most of the circumstances once we got a sniff and took fast wickets in that final session.
Ajinkya Rahane, The Indian skipper: They performed really well in a very good cricket match. After the first session, we performed well. We wanted to start working together. In the end, we hoped to bowl 5-6 overs, but we needed that cooperation to continue. We couldn't have done anything differently, in my opinion. The light was the topic of discussion with the umpires. The umpires made the decision, and I believe they were correct. I assumed that spinners would have to bowl extended stretches on this pitch. It was all about the bowlers being rotated. I am ecstatic for Shreyas. It took a long time for him to make his debut.
Kane Williamson, The New Zealand skipper: Throughout the game, it's been touch and go around this time. Overall, a fantastic game. All three outcomes remained in play. We batted through the day with a lot of passion. Rachin, Ajaz, and Somerville have had some incredible experiences. It was also fantastic to have such a large audience for this game. It took an incredible amount of effort to bowl extended overs. We all know how powerful the Indian side is. Overall, having experience in this game was beneficial. There are a few points to discuss. It was beneficial to have the overs under control. In Mumbai, we'll have to prepare for a different type of pitch.
The presentation ceremony is all set, to begin with Murali Karthik ready with his mic.

Shreyas Iyer has been adjudged Man of the Match for his match defining knock in both the innings!

says it's a great feeling obviously, if we had won the game would've been icing on the cake for sure. The nature of the wicket it was intact, the bowlers came in and showed the character, we fought till the end. Just wanted to play sessions and play as many deliveries as possible, people say that I'm flamboyant, don't go by instincts but this time I ensured I back myself and my mindset was very clear, it helped really great when I batted with Jadeja and Ashwin in the middle, still we showed the character. I'm really proud that with the way we turned out in difficult situations, especially in the second inning. Pressure is always there, they got off to a great start, played two sessions very positively, once we got the sniff, we came back into the game.
What a thrilling session of play to bring an end to the first test match. The two top-ranked test sides in the world did not fail to disappoint the viewers one bit as a 52 ball final wicket partnership saved the match for the visitors.

The players shake hands. Some are gutted while some are overjoyed. The ebbs and flow of a test match is unparalleled as today yet again the purest form of the game keeps the fans hooked. 

After an enthralling five days of cricket, New Zealand should take this result as a win for them as India were just one good delivery away from pulling off another classic victory. Quick wickets of Henry Nicholls and Kane Williamson put India right on top but Rachin Ravindra's ultimate defiance secured a draw for the visitors as the debutant steals the limelight.
The light meter suggests that the play cannot go on. The game ends in a draw! India fall one wicket short of victory!
165 /9 score
cricket bat icon Rachin Ravindra
18 (91)
cricket bat icon Ajaz Patel *
2 (23)
cricket ball icon Ravindra Jadeja
4 /40
97.6 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, good length deilvery drifts into Patel on the outside off as he gets a good stride forward to defend it back to the bowler.
Ajinkya Rahane goes up to Ravindra Jadeja to have a word. This could be the last ball of the match.
97.5 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, good length from over the wicket this time on the off-stump as Patel on the backfoot opens the blade to tap it into the off-side.
97.4 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, good length from around the wicket on the off-stump as Patel presses forward and calmly defends it.
Change of angle for Jadeja. He will bowl around the wicket now to the left-hander.
97.3 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, good length on the off-stump as Patel leans into it and defends it solidly into the off-side.
97.2 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, OH! Drops it short and turns into Patel but keeps low as well as he goes on the backfoot and gets his bat down in time to keep that one out into the on-side.
Seven fielders surround Ajaz Patel's bat.
97.1 Ravindra Jadeja to Ajaz Patel, good length slides it into Patel on the off-stump as he leans into it and firmly defends it.
Ravindra survives. Let's see what the next light meter reading says. The nerves will continue in the New Zealand dressing room. Umpire Nitin Menon says another over. This shall also complete the minimum quota of the day.
165 /9 score
cricket bat icon Rachin Ravindra *
18 (91)
cricket bat icon Ajaz Patel
2 (17)
cricket ball icon Axar Patel
1 /23
96.6 Axar Patel to Rachin Ravindra, floats a good length on the middle and off as Ravindra leans into it and turns into the on-side towards mid-on.