181/7 (20)
182/5 (19.5)
PAK won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Nawaz
That brings us to the end of our cricket coverage for today. Join us as we look forward to diminishing your Monday blues with more cricketing action from across the globe. It has been a pleasure calling a game of such epic proportions, and now, with creaky, tired fingers and heavy eyelids, I, Rajarshi, along with Sooryanarayanan, bid adieu for the day! See you tomorrow!
Mohammad Nawaz, Player Of The Match: To keep things simple always remains in the mind. I try to stick to the basics of keeping a good line and length and focus on that. I also try to get the ball to turn a ball or two to create doubts in the batsman's mind. This was what I tried in the first couple of overs, and also maintain a good line and length while at it. (On his promotion in the batting order) With the leg-spinners bowling, and a left-right combination factor, the length of the boundaries played a role as well. The message was simple, to get 10-plus runs an over and hit everything that's in my area. My mind was clear, whatever was in my area, I'll go after it. There are times in such high-pressure games in which you tend to swing too hard, I refrained myself from doing that as well and hit the ball through the line.
Mohammad Nawaz is the Player of the Match for his stellar all-round display.
Babar Azam (Pakistan Captain): Thanks to the Almighty. I always try to keep things simple (when asked about his composure). The boys put in an excellent effort and full credit goes to the team. The way the Indian openers used the Powerplay, our bowlers came back really well. That partnership between Rizwan and Nawaz was very crucial for us and it was an excellent one. (On the promotions in the batting order) I try to apply things according to the situation. We felt Nawaz had to go up the order to counter their two wrist-spinners. The way our spinners bowled was really good and our fast-bowlers came back really well too.
Rohit Sharma (India Captain): It's a high-pressure game, we know that. You've got to be at it every time. You can't let anything slip away. A game like that can take a lot out of you but we were quite calm towards the end. Even when Rizwan and Nawaz were batting well we were quite calm since we knew things can change quickly. But that partnership was the difference. Games like these can bring the best out of them if they can deliver. There will be times they will be challenged and things will not go the way they want it to but these games will challenge them. These guys have the potential and have shown it in past games as well. The kind of cricket they've been playing for a while now, we knew that we had to bowl really well to defend that score. We understand that the pitch gets slightly better in the second innings but I'm quite happy with how things went overall. These are games where we can learn - the dimensions of the ground with one side very big and one shorter side, these are the things the guys can take from this. Tough to say - I thought it was a good score. On any pitch and any conditions, you take 180 as a good score. Obviously when you don't take wickets in the middle-overs it's going to be tough. They bat very deep as well. Games like these are tough but we want to learn how to defend scores like that. After the first half I was pretty happy with the score. But you've got to give credit to Pakistan - they played really well. (On Kohli's form progress) I think the form is brilliant, there's no doubt about that. He batted sensibly in the middle. We needed someone to bat long when the others lost their wicket. He batted at the right tempo as well and he continued to do what we wanted to do as a group. Also I think Virat getting that score and batting until the end was crucial for us since we lost wickets in the middle. The wickets of Hardik and Rishabh were not needed at that stage but we should understand what we want. While taking that approach we will not always be successful but we should keep backing it.
Mohammad Rizwan: This match is not being seen by just India and Pakistan but the whole world. Everyone knows the value of this game. If I can come here and win the game for Pakistan then what better a feeling than that? The plan between myself and my captain is to try and score as many as we can in the Powerplay. Last game, Hardik Pandya said how important it was to stay calm towards the end. I did the same thing but with a bigger target I had to play more shots. I tried my best and it worked out. We stuck to our strengths - our death hitters are quite powerful and we planned to leave about 45-48 for them to score off the last four overs. It worked well for us.
The faces in the thumbnail pretty much sums it up.
Match summary:
Pakistan won the toss and opted to bowl

India 1st innings 181/7 (20 Overs)
Virat Kohli 60(46) | Shadab Khan 2/31 (4)

Pakistan 182/5 (19.5 Overs)
Mohammad Rizwan 71*(51) | Ravi Bishnoi 1/26 (4)

Pakistan win by 5 wickets with 1 ball to spare.

Tears in the crowd, both of glee and grief! The folks in the Pakistan dressing room are thrilled to bits, the Indian team cut a sorry figure as the throw came in ages after Khushdil made it back in. There was plenty of criticism with Pakistan's batting approach among experts and on social media, well..... we might see some of it fade away after what they did today! The momentum was with India after the end of the first innings, and it merely increased after Babar Azam failed to control his leg-side flick against Ravi Bishnoi. Fakhar Zaman and Mohammad Rizwan then proceeded to steady the ship while maintaining a good scoring rate.

The leg-spin partnership of Bishnoi and Yuzvendra Chahal conjured a welcome wicket for India, but the arrival of Mohammad Nawaz to the wicket turned the tide! Nawaz, sent in to wreak havoc in the middle-overs, absolutely nailed the job to no end. Chahal, Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh, Hardik Pandya, all of them went for runs thanks to the all-rounder. He was the perfect partner for Rizwan, who kept going despite suffering from the injury he endured earlier today and reached a well-deserved half-century.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar then proceeded to dismiss Nawaz in the first over of his return spell, and when Hardik accounted for Rizwan in the next over, the game opened up nicely for both the teams. But that was exactly the challenge Khushdil Shah and Asif Ali desired, and they rose to the occasion epically! While Ravi Bishnoi kept it down to 8 in his final over, the 18th of the innings, the same over saw Asif Ali being inexplicably dropped by Arshdeep Singh. You could tell right then which way the game was going to swing from thereon - Bhuvneshwar Kumar, India's most experienced bowler, went for 19 in the penultimate over. Arshdeep then tried his best to defend 7 off the final over, he got the wicket of Asif Ali as well, but it was not to be. 
Pakistan prevail at the end! India crumble under pressure. Arshdeep tried his best to make it happen for his country, but it was too much for him eventually. This run-chase was calculated to perfection by the Pakistan batting order! Nawaz walked in and aced his pinch-hitting role, Khushdil Shah and Asif Ahmed played their roles as finishers to perfection, Iftikhar Ahmed provided the finishing touches, and among all of them, it was Mohammad Rizwan, the star of the show! 71 valuable runs to his name, his presence kept Pakistan in the game, and it turned out to be a match-winning effort!
19.5 Arshdeep Singh to Iftikhar Ahmed, IFTIKHAR DOES IT! PAKISTAN PULL ONE BACK! Attempted yorker but it's a low-ish full toss on off stump, Iftikhar lofts it straight over the bowler's head as he uses his bottom hand before long on hares to his left and gives it everything. Alas, his throw is a wayward one and a frustrated Arshdeep flicks off a bail off his hands before the batters complete the second and leap in jubilation. Another day, another Indo-Pak thriller but this time, Pakistan win by 5 wickets!
More instructions from Rohit to his bowler!
Iftikhar Ahmed, RHB, comes to the crease
19.4 Arshdeep Singh to Asif Ali, PLUMB IN FRONT! Arshdeep nails the yorker! It's a toe-crusher on middle stump as Asif shuffles across failing to get bat on his flick. Absolutely plumb and Asif reviews out of hope more than anything else. Fair delivery.

Nothing on UltraEdge and it's going on to smash middle and off stump. Do we have another twist in the tale?

Asif Ali LBW b Arshdeep Singh 16 (8b 2x4 1x6)
19.3 Arshdeep Singh to Asif Ali, pitched up on off stump, Asif drives straight to short extra cover who collects it clean, no run. 2 needed off 3...
Rohit and Rahul have gathered around Arshdeep. Plenty of chat, don't think that'll help Arshdeep at the moment.
19.2 Arshdeep Singh to Asif Ali, FOUR! STRAIGHT DOWN THE GROUND! Asif is wrapping it up in style here for Pakistan! Low full toss just outside off as the attempted yorker goes wrong. Asif sits back in his crease and lofts it straight over the bowler's head to place it clear of long on for a boundary on a couple of bounces. Just 2 needed now...
19.1 Arshdeep Singh to Khushdil Shah, nails the yorker on middle and off stump, Khushdil toe-ends it onto his boots as he takes it on the full before running a single as it rolls into the covers.