181/4 (20)
16/2 (5.2)
IND-W won by 30 runs (D/L Method)
Player of the match: Sabbhineni Meghana
So that's us- Sooryanarayanan Sesha, Pratyush Rohra and myself Mohul Bhowmick- signing off from this exciting Women's Asia Cup game from Sylhet. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for regular updates and coverage of matches from across the globe. Until next time, ciao!
Sabbhineni Meghana, Player of the Match: It felt nice to be back in the middle, and to contribute for the team. It feels especially nice that it came while representing the country. I haven't been playing of late, so it felt nice to put bat on ball in the middle. There was no pressure as such, I took each ball as it came and played it on its merit. Had good fun today, hope to carry this momentum forward.
Harmanpreet Kaur (India Captain): We knew the rain might come and our target was to bowl five overs as soon as possible. That was the reason we started with two spinners. Looking at the wicket it was a very decent score which we set up on the board. I think Meghana and Shafali batted really well. Really happy Meghana got runs today and Richa was very expressive. A batter like her can always give us good starts no matter what wicket we're going to play on. Really happy seeing her batting today. (On Shafali getting some runs) That was the reason when she went out to bat, we wanted her to stay in the wicket because we wanted her to get runs before going ahead in the tournament. That partnership (for the opening wicket) was crucial for us.
Winifred Duraisingam (Malaysia Captain): We needed to play (the full game) but the rain just came down after 5 overs. The girls were really excited from the start since they stepped onto the ground. What they showed on the field, the energy level...I hope they take it forward. She is one of the youngsters from the U19 team. She bowled one over and did something special. We don't get these many opportunities. We could see the energy level once we got a wicket.
India Women beat Malaysia Women by 30 runs (DLS method)
Sabbhineni Meghana 69 (53) | Nur Dania Syuhada (2-9)
Shafali Verma 46 (39) | Winifred Duraisingham (2-36)

It is rather unfortunate that this game had to have such a damp end, but India will not mind. They got what they wanted out of this match: to give their batters some quality time in the middle. Off-spinner Deepti Sharma too bowled three overs, so she will be happy with her outing. India covered all bases in their batting, with Richa Ghosh providing a good cameo towards the end.

Malaysia will learn a lot from this outing against India, and it is heartening to see them so delighted by their exploits in the field. Nur Dania Syuhada was a revelation towards the end of the innTheir bowlers will have learnt some tough lessons on where to bowl to such top-quality batters, and this is something that they need to carry with themselves.

Fielding-wise, Malaysia were a little poor and that is a department in which they can do a bit of work. It does not need to be said that a team playing at this level needs to have good fielders, but that is not something that we saw from Malaysia today. Hopefully, they will pull their socks up and get back into the tournament soon!
Sorry, folks, but unfortunately, the match has been called off. India win this game by 30 runs by virtue of being ahead of Malaysia on DLS.
4:20 PM local time (2:50 PM IST): Still the same I'm afraid, folks. Time is running out and we've comfortably lost a huge chunk of overs. We must get going by 4:45 PM local time is what we're hearing, else India will pocket two more points by virtue of the DLS.
3:50 PM local time (3:20 PM IST): Still no update on a resumption folks. We might have started losing overs as well. India are comfortably ahead on DLS but let's hope we get a resumption soon enough.
We will bring live updates to you as and when we get them. Do not go anywhere and stay tuned to Sportskeeda.
We regret to inform you that unfortunately, play has been interrupted by rain here in Sylhet.

A slight drizzle here and the covers are coming on. 
5.2 Meghna Singh to Elsa Hunter, shapes away off a length on the seventh-stump line. Hunter doesn't go hunting after it and decides to shoulder arms
5.1 Meghna Singh to Elsa Hunter, a hint of shape on a length in the corridor outside off stump. Hunter hops back and stabs it into the cover region
Right arm medium pacer Meghna Singh comes into the attack.

Deepti, who has bowled three overs in a row, will use this game for good practice. Mas Elysa, for her part, has taken the attack to the Indian bowlers. She will be hoping to get some support from Hunter, who's at the other end.
16 /2 score
cricket bat icon Mas Elysa *
14 (17)
cricket bat icon Elsa Hunter
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Deepti Sharma
1 /10
4.6 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, tossed up full on the fifth-stump line, Elysa strides forward and pats it into the off-side with care. We will have a result now!
4.5 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, flighted into a full-ish length outside off stump, takes some turn as Elysa uses her wrists to power it to cover point
4.4 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, flighted very full outside off stump, Elysa creams her drive in front of point, no run
4.3 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, tossed up on a good length outside off, Elysa hangs back and knocks her punch to cover point
4.2 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, fuller with room on offer, Elysa leans forward to guide it towards point, no run
4.1 Deepti Sharma to Mas Elysa, FOUR! MOUSSED! Tossed up right in the arc on off stump and Elysa takes full toll of it by clearing her front foot to power it off her bottom hand over cow corner. On the bounce and over the fence and she's having some fun out there!