Vienna Afghan CC 103/6 (10 ov)
Indian CC Vienna 84/7 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC won by 19 runs.
That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my partner, Dwijesh Reddy sign off. Do keep checking Sportskeeda for the latest news and live commentaries. Until then, GOODBYE!!
What a victory for Afghan CC Vienna . After winning the toss and batting first, they put up a whopping 103/6 after batting 10 overs. Indian CC batting second, never looked in the game as they score on a mere 20 run in their powerplay. They lost wickets at regular intervals as I. Safi and N. Ahmadzai picked up 2 wickets each and dented the scoring rate of ICV. Only M. Cheema and k. J ha had their willow talking as they were the only batsmen in the ICV lineup to cross double digits. In the end, Afghan CC Vienna win the encounter by 19 runs.
9.6 Zain Mohamad to Mehar Cheema, Cheema drives a full ball towards the long-off fielder but to no avail as Vienna Afghan beat Indian CC Vienna by 19 runs!
9.5 Zain Mohamad to Z Jabarkhel, another play and a miss as Jabarkhel doesn't connect once again. Another bye taken!
9.4 Zain Mohamad to Mehar Cheema, SWING AND A MISS! Cheema fails to connect with a wild hoick but the keeper fails to collect, allowing a bye to be taken!
9.3 Zain Mohamad to Z Jabarkhel, Jabarkhel chips a full ball towards extra cover for just a single
9.2 Zain Mohamad to Mehar Cheema, similar ball but a tad straighter, Cheema heaves it but only along the ground for a single
9.1 Zain Mohamad to Mehar Cheema, wide yorker from Zain who beats Cheema for pace! The task is getting even more difficult as we speak!
15 runs coming from the over. ICV are on 79/7. Final over coming up as they need 25 runs in 6 balls
8.6 Zabi Ibrahim to Z Jabarkhel, BEATEN! Zabi gets one past the batsman's bat and is left at the mercy of the keeper, who fluffs an easy stumping opportunity!
8.5 Zabi Ibrahim to Mehar Cheema, slightly shorter this time and Cheema plays it to deep midwicket for a single
8.4 Zabi Ibrahim to Mehar Cheema, full ball on off-stump, Mehar comes down the track and gets it to long-off. A misfield allows them to come for a double!
8.3 Zabi Ibrahim to Mehar Cheema, a similar ball and shot once again but Cheema can't get all of it this time and has to settle with a double!
8.2 Zabi Ibrahim to Mehar Cheema, BANG! SIX! Cheema isn't giving up as he heaves a short ball away to cow-corner for a maximum!
8.1 Zabi Ibrahim to Mehar Cheema, FOUR! Swept away by Cheema for a four behind square!
5 runs and 2 wickets coming from the over. ICV are on 64/7 after 8 overs. They need 40 runs in 12 balls. Tough task at hand!!!!
7.6 Ishak Safi to Gursewak Sandhu, WICKET! LBW GIVEN! A full ball on the stumps, Sandhu fails to get bat on ball is struck on the pads in front of middle and leg. An easy decision for the umpire!
7.5 Ishak Safi to Sumer Shergill, Shergill is cleaned up as Safi gets his man with a searing yorker! Another one down for ICV!
7.4 Ishak Safi to Mehar Cheema, Cheema slaps a low full-toss towards sweeper cover, where there is a fielder who cuts it off to just a single!
7.3 Ishak Safi to Mehar Cheema, full ball played down the ground for a double. They need to clear the boundaries here!
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