Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 23 runs.
Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club are crowned the Champions of ECS Rome T10 2020 as they defeat the Bergamo Cricket Club by 24 runs!

A match worthy of the finals indeed as it had all the ups and downs till the end. At one stage it looked like Bergamo will be able to chase the target down easily but in the latter half of the innings, Jinnah Brescia bowlers came back strong and defended it.

To start off Bergamo batters managed to get the perfect start with the chase as both the openers Baljit Singh and Manpreet Singh managed to lay the foundation and had a 66 run stand between them which was majorly dominated by Baljit Singh who scored 60 runs in 32 balls he faced. Manpreet Singh scored a quickfire 19 runs and tried to support Baljit, but could not manage to stay alongside him for long. Once Manpreet departed, the wickets kept tumbling at regular intervals for Bergamo, and their chances to win this match diminished.

For Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club, Muhammad Iqbal was the top bowler who led the way and dropped the scoring rate of the Bergamo Cricket Club. He conceded just 8 runs in his 2 overs spell and also added a wicket to his tally. Malik Mushtaq was the man who got the wicket of the big fish Baljit Singh and from there the match turned towards Jinnah Brescia's favor as nobody else could get going and find the much-needed boundaries for Bergamo Cricket Club.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage from ECS Rome T10 2020 finals between Bergamo Cricket Club and Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, FOUR! Full ball bowled outside off, Jaspreet smashes it over sweeper cover for a boundary but is doesn't matter as Jinnah Brescia are the champions of the ECS T10 Rome League 2020! They beat Bergamo CC by 24 runs!
9.5 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, fuller this time and Jaspreet ends up playing all around that one. Just one more ball remaining here!
9.4 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, SIX! Similar ball once again and Jaspreet heaves it away over the midwicket boundary for a maximum! Jaspreet has picked up the pace here and will be crucial for his team's chances
9.3 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, back of a length delivery outside off, Jaspreet looks to pull it but once again is beaten by the pace on the ball!
9.2 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, full ball outside off, Jaspreet looks to heave it away but fails to make contact!
9.1 Anwar Attieq to Jaspreet Singh, full ball outside off, Jaspreet drives it to the off-side for a brace! All Anwar now needs to do is bowl legal deliveries from here!
At the end of the 9th over for BCC everything falling apart for them as couple more wickets lost in this over bowled by Ahmed Rukhsar and looks like will be crowned the champions of ECS Rome T10. BCC are 101/5 after 9 overs and need 34 runs from the last over. They will need to hit boundaries of all the legal deliveries to pull off the miracle! For JICC a surprise as Anwar comes in to bowl the final over who was hit for 26 runs in his 1st over. JICC captain trusting Anwar as he gives a big task to him towards the end
8.6 Ahmed Rukhsar to Gurwinder Singh, DOT BALL! Very full on the stumps from Rukhsar and Gurwinder can only dig it out to the bowler! Brilliant comeback from the JICC captain!
8.5 Ahmed Rukhsar to Gurwinder Singh, FOUR! Gurwinder smashes a low full-toss towards the long-on fielder, who dives in vain! There is still some hope for Bergamo!
8.5 Ahmed Rukhsar to Gurwinder Singh, WIDE! Rukhsar sprays one outside off but Bergamo CC won't mind that!
8.4 Ahmed Rukhsar to Gurwinder Singh, SIX! A much-needed six from Gurwinder who pulls a shortish delivery over deep midwicket! They need more of that from Gurwinder!
8.3 Ahmed Rukhsar to Jaspreet Singh, length ball bowled outside off, Jaspreet pulls it towards the leg-side but sells his partner down the river as he ignores his call for a double, resulting in a run-out!
8.2 Ahmed Rukhsar to Asim Ali, Ali skies one towards long-on where Muhammad Jafri takes a well-judged catch. Another one bites the dust as Jinnah Brescia inch closer to the trophy!
8.1 Ahmed Rukhsar to Jaspreet Singh, full ball on the stumps, Jaspreet heaves one along the ground for just a single.
At the end of the 8th over BCC are 89/3. And the match has turned it's course as the 26 runs conceded before by JICC in an over has now been neutralized as Malik manages to get the big and the most crucial wicket of Baljit Singh who departs for a well made 60. For BCC someone else has to step up and will need to play the innings of their lives to get BCC across the line. BCC now needs 47 runs in 12 balls at 23.5 RPO!
7.6 Malik Mushtaq to Jaspreet Singh, Jaspreet whacks a full ball but there wasn't any room on offer. Can only get a single as Malik Mushtaq finishes up his over!
7.5 Malik Mushtaq to Asim Ali, full ball on leg-stump, Ali drills it past the bowler towards long-on for a single
7.4 Malik Mushtaq to Asim Ali, similar ball in the blockhole yet again, Ali manages it chip it over the bowler's head but gets nothing from it.
7.3 Malik Mushtaq to Baljit Singh, BOWLED! The drop catch doesn't cost them at all as Malik cleans Baljit up with a searing yorker! Baljit tries to get his bat down in time but fails to do so. End of a fine knock from Baljit!
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