LSG won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Quinton de Kock
Right then. Lucknow Super Giants become the second side to have the Q next to their name. The two debutants have sealed their place in the playoffs now and will head to Kolkata. As for the Knight Riders, there won't be a return to Eden Garden for them this season as the curtains draw on their campaign. The battle for the final playoff spot continues tomorrow, with all eyes on the Royal Challengers Bangalore as they face the Gujarat Titans in a mouth-watering clash at the Wankhede Stadium tomorrow. Do join us for that one as well, but for now, we take your leave. This has been Pratyush Rohra, in the company of Shashwat Kumar. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. That's all for now. Goodnight! 
Quinton de Kock is the Player of the Match. No surprises there. Here's what the South African has to say: I was a little bit cooked, to be honest, but I knew I had to get out there and get on with my job. It was just a matter of getting some refreshments and get on with it. There was a bit of frustration that came out after the last couple of games. It was just nice to come out and actually do it after the last few games and release the pressure. Didn't think it would be this close. After our first three overs, I thought they might struggle to get to our score but they came out and played their shots really well. They assessed the game well, starting with Shreyas and the rest of the guys carrying on. Thought he (Stoinis) would defend this easily. When the first and second ball went the distance, we were calm but when the third one went, I thought the game is done. Obviously, a spectacular catch from Evin was the turning point in the game and clearly, catches win matches. 
KL Rahul: We have missed games like this, this season. There haven't been a lot of games that have gone down to the last ball. Happy to be on the other side of the result. We could have so easily been on the losing side and gone back home thinking we lost this game by playing some poor cricket in the middle. It's a good way to finish the last game of the group stages. It was an unbelievable game. Credit goes to both teams to produce such a brilliant game of cricket. I can't say we held our nerves a little better because it was a matter of three runs but those last two balls, for Stoinis to come out and execute the plan and ensure we end up on the winning side was brilliant. The way we played through the 40 overs was really commendable. We batted well and started well with the ball. We knew KKR had nothing to lose so they'd come hard at us. Credit to them as well, they kept hitting good shots. The only chat during the timeouts was to back yourself and keep your calm. The moment we go away from that, it made it easy for the batters. A good learning for us. Getting into the next stage of the IPL are important. Games like this are important in bringing the team together and giving us confidence. It keeps reminding us that the game is not over till the last ball. (On his partnership with QdK) I was a spectator today. One of the best innings that I've seen from the other side He's been striking it so crisply throughout the season and this was something we spoke about. What we lacked in a few games was that the guys who were having good days weren't winning us the game and not making it big after a good start. It was great to see how he batted and carried on and the way he smoked the ball was brilliant. Everyone's been brilliant. That catch from Lewis was sensational. He has been struggling with few stomach issues and it's not been easy for him. He didn't get a chance to bat today but he's contributed to the team and that's what you want to see. Mohsin has been exceptional in the last few games he's played. He's got great skill and he's used them cleverly. He knows when to bowl the slower one or the quick one. He is a great talent and I have no doubt that he will be donning the Indian colours really soon really soon. He's got the pace and the skill and the Indian team is always looking for a left-arm quick and there he is. Really happy with the way he's bowled. 
Marcus Stoinis: (Thoughts while bowling the final over?) Initially, my feeling was I should've bowled through the middle (laughs). These situations seem to find me with bat or ball. At the start of the over you play a bit to the conditions, a bit to the long boundary, a bit to what the batter wants to do and then as things get worse, you go towards what you like to bowl and what works for you. That's a learning for me. You've just got to do what you're most confident with. All you're trying to do is focus on one ball at a time. In the end, I felt more comfortable going for the straighter yorker. We're always aiming at something - at the feet of the batters, at the stumps, at the cones in practice. For a second, I don't think he knew it was going to him (Lewis). I can't believe he put a hand out and it stuck. We're giving him Man of the Match (for the catch). He was chilling the whole game, looking forward to batting and then pulled out a one-handed blinder. That's the game. (Before the final ball) Wanted to bowl the yorker. The conference happens which is good, everyone wants to have an input but you have to bowl what you believe is your best ball and set the field accordingly. 
Shreyas Iyer: I am not feeling sad at all. That was one of the best games of cricket I have ever played. The way we showed our character and attitude was outstanding. Loved the way Rinku got us to the end and it was unfortunate he could not finish the game in the end. I was really hoping that he could finish the game. When we came in, I never thought it was going to play this way. It was dry and there would be a bit of help for the spinners. LSG took on the bowlers very well and got a total that was above par. In our mind, it was a do-or-die situation. Even when we lost wickets, our mindset was to go for the chase and put them under pressure. (On the season) It was a volatile season for us. We started well but then lost five consecutive games. We did a lot of chopping and changing based on the situations. The injuries didn't help and the form was also up and down. Rinku showcased that he is a quality player. Going forward, it is important to assess the situation and play accordingly. The vibe has always been positive in the dressing room. There was no panic button pressed and that was the best thing this season. (On Brendon McCullum leaving) I built a good relationship with Baz. He is really calm and he has that personality where you can talk to him at any point. He is an outstanding individual outside the game also. He never treats any player badly and that is what I respect about him.
Lucknow Super Giants won by 2 runs.

Quinton de Kock - 140* (70) | Mohsin Khan - 3/20.
Shreyas Iyer - 50 (29) | Rinku Singh - 40 (15).

Phew! Breathe. Catch your breath. Look at your fingers. Do you have any nails left? It doesn't get better than this, as far as close contests are concerned. With all to play for, this one ebbed and flowed all the way through. First things first then. KKR are officially knocked out of the playoff race, while LSG are still in the driving seat to secure the top-two spots. 

Chasing a total of over 200 is never a straightforward task, even if you're the best side in the world. It certainly wasn't straightforward for KKR as they lost their openers in the powerplay but they weren't ready to throw the towel just yet. Rana led the counter charge to get them back into the game alongside Shreyas Iyer, who recorded a much-needed half-century for his side to get them back into the game, while Billings played a handy little knock as well.

However, things went a bit awry as Billings and Iyer were dismissed in a matter of a couple of overs to peg KKR back. With Russell failing to provide his usual fireworks, all hope seemed lost for the Knight Riders but a new hero emerged from the shadows to keep the game alive.

Rinku Singh was on his way to playing the knock of his life as he blitzed his way to 40 off 15 balls, while Narine played his part with a cameo of 21 from 7 as well. With 21 needed off the final over, Stoinis was the sixth bowler who was handed the responsibility to close out the innings and he must have had his heart in his mouth for a good while there.

4, 6, 6, to begin the final over as Rinku made it evident that there was ice in his veins but he couldn't get his side over the line as Evin Lewis plucked an absolute blinder to dismiss the southpaw on the penultimate ball of the over. With three required off the final ball, Stoinis nailed his yorker to dismiss Umesh Yadav and get his side over the line in a nail-biter.

A spare of thought for Rinku Singh, who was so near to being the hero, yet so far. We'll go catch our breaths and be back for the presentations. Stick around!
Astonishing! Astounding! The drama, the emotions on display. Jesus! The nerves even got to Gautam Gambhir there, who is celebrating this win like LSG have won the title. What a game. What a sport. There's nothing better, really! Lucknow Super Giants clinch a humdinger of a contest and win by 2 runs.
208 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sunil Narine
21 (7)
cricket bat icon Umesh Yadav *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Marcus Stoinis
3 /23
19.6 Marcus Stoinis to Umesh Yadav, OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! STOINIS WINS IT AT THE DEATH! Sizzling yorker that arrows into off stump like it was laser-guided. Umesh has a wild swing at it because, well, he does not really have a choice. He connects with fresh air but the ball flattens off stump! LSG get past KKR by two runs and book their place in the play-offs. Breathe. Just breathe!
Umesh Yadav b Marcus Stoinis 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
3 needed in 1 ball. 2 needed for a super over. Deep point, long on, long off, deep mid-wicket and deep square are the five fielders outside the circle. Full and wide yorker? Has to be! Anything but short, really.
Umesh Yadav, RHB, comes to the crease
WHAT A CATCH THAT IS FROM EVIN LEWIS! Quinton de Kock is stunned by that one as well. That is mind-boggling! It needed something special to end that gem of a knock from Rinku Singh and Lewis has produced just that! Wow. Do you have any nails left?
19.5 Marcus Stoinis to Rinku Singh, OUT! WHAT A CATCH! STOP THE PRESS! ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE! YOU CAN'T WRITE THIS SCRIPT! Full delivery angled across the batter outside off stump. Rinku throws his hands at it but for a change, he slices it. For all intents and purposes, this seems to be falling in no man's land. Well, at least until Lewis hares in from the deep point fence, flings out a left palm and catches it like an apple falling from the tree! OH MY, WE HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING TONIGHT!
Rinku Singh c Evin Lewis b Marcus Stoinis 40 (15b 2x4 4x6)
Pandemonium at the DY Patil! Rinku's left his bat behind but he's managed to complete the second run. 3 needed in 2. Are we in for a...? 
19.4 Marcus Stoinis to Rinku Singh, TWO RUNS! KKR INCH CLOSER! Length delivery on middle and off stump. Rinku sits back in his crease and heaves it towards deep mid wicket for a brace
The crowd at the DY Patil Stadium has gone berserk! Rinku Singh is the man that's doing it for KKR. Pressure on the broad shoulders of Stoinis now. KL has a chat with him. 5 in 3. 
19.3 Marcus Stoinis to Rinku Singh, SIX MORE! OH MY GOODNESS! Another slot ball and Rinku absolutely climbs into it! He plants his front foot and bangs it over the bowler's head for six! KKR's game to lose now!
Rinku Singh with nerves of steel! That's poor from Stoinis and it deserved the treatment. 11 needed off 4 now! The pendulum swings in KKR's favour..
19.2 Marcus Stoinis to Rinku Singh, SIX! RINKU, MY WORD! Back of a length delivery outside off stump. Rinku takes a step down the track and clobbers it over cow corner for a maximum!