151/9 (20)
153/2 (17.4)
HKG won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Yasim Murtaza
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Yasim Murtuza (Man of the Match): It was a good wicket to bat. I needed to plan bowling some variations and executed the same in the middle. All we wanted was to bat 6 overs in the chase and and take it from there. Pretty happy with the win today. Looking forward to the next game as well tomorrow.
Nizakat Khan (Captain, Hong Kong): I think with the ball, we started well, we executed our plans really well, credit goes to Yasim who was brilliant with his all-round effort. We wanted to bowl first, when the sun goes down, it was difficult to bat there and we used the toss very well. I think again, Yasim was brilliant up the top, he made it easy for us to finish in the end, the wicket became easy to win and we knew that if we go deep we will win this game comfortably. Good to see Babar scoring runs, he's done well today and tomorrow's preparation, he's our key player. It's a do or die tomorrow, we need to do well in all three departments.
Mohammad Aslam (Captain, Kuwait): It wasn't enough, chasing it becomes easy and 30 more runs we would've been in the game. Last game also he did well but it wasn't enough runs on the board in the end. Nizakat and Babar were brilliant, our bowlers did try to get wickets but didn't happen. Still in hopes, there's one more game to go, depending on the net run-rate to win with big margin.
Hong finishes off the match in a convincing style and they go on top of the table. This has been such a marvelous display of performance with both bat and ball. They had the match under their control for most part of the match. Their bowlers, spinners in particular, were tidy and troubled the Kuwait batters. Later with the bat, the top order has seen them home with a dominating performance. All the top 3 batters went on to score over 40 runs atleast with both Nizakat Khan and Babar Hayat registering 50s as they went on to chase the total of 152.

Kuwait bowlers didn't have any answers to the Hong Kong batters' display of attacking cricket. They tried everything at their disposal but couldn't purchase wickets when they needed it. They only managed to pick one wicket of Yasim Murtuza but that too didn't really turn things for them.

They now will play Singapore tomorrow and shall look to finish with a win and hope things go their way for them to get qualified for the main round of Asia Cup in UAE.
17.4 Mohamed Shafeeq to Babar Hayat, SIX! FINISHES THE GAME IN STYLE! Hong Kong finish a comprehensive victory here against Kuwait, they move up to the top of the table, clinical display of cricket from Hong Kong this. Length delivery on the outside off, Babar throws his hand and hammers it flat over deep covers for a maximum.
17.3 Mohamed Shafeeq to Nizakat Khan, OUT! HOLES OUT AT LONG-ON AND GONE! Doesn't pick the slower one. Short on the off-stump, Nizakat swings hard and miscued it in the air, long-on settles under it and pouches a dolly.
17.2 Mohamed Shafeeq to Babar Hayat, LOUD SHOUT FOR LBW, NOT GIVEN! That looked very close, Babar gets inside the line to swipe across the line and misses, raps on the pad and they sneak in a leg-bye.
17.1 Mohamed Shafeeq to Babar Hayat, OH! Babar wanted to finish things off, length delivery and angling away as he goes down on one knee to send it out of the ground but misses.
Just another 6 runs required for Hong Kong to win and it has been a clinical display by them in this match.
146 /1 score
cricket bat icon Nizakat Khan *
54 (43)
cricket bat icon Babar Hayat
46 (27)
cricket ball icon Sayed Monib
0 /35
16.6 Sayed Monib to Nizakat Khan, FIFTY FOR THE SKIPPER! FOUR! What a shot to bring up his fifty, some skills from Nizakat there. Yorker length on the outside off, Nizakat reaches and carves it to wide third-man, the fielder can't there, another boundary. Hong Long are just one hit away now!
16.5 Sayed Monib to Babar Hayat, yorker length on the off-stump, Babar gets forward and squeezes it down to long-on for a single.
16.4 Sayed Monib to Babar Hayat, SIX! Goes comfortably over the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Was a change of pace, Babar waits to heave that one away, doesn't get all of it, the fielder times his jump but can't get to it, all the way for a maximum.
16.4 Sayed Monib to Babar Hayat, WIDE! Full but strays it way down the leg-side, called a wide.
The bolwer looks to be in some pain and the physio is out in the middle to treat him.
16.3 Sayed Monib to Nizakat Khan, OH DEAR! Almost a stunning effort from Monib that. Misses the yorker by an inch, full on the off-stump, Nizakat smacked it straight back to Monib, that ricochets off his boots and goes to extra-cover, almost carried to the fielder there.
16.2 Sayed Monib to Nizakat Khan, full on the outside off, Nizakat reaches and carves it past the point fielder, another sloppy effort in the field by Kuwait as they come back for a brace.
16.1 Sayed Monib to Nizakat Khan, yorker on the fifth stump line, Nizakat backs away and allows it go past him to the keeper's gloves.
Sayed Monib [2-0-20-0] comes into the attack

Nizakat Khan joins the party and helped himself score couple of fours and six in that over. The required rate has now dropped under 6 runs per over. Hong need just 21 more to win.