Melbourne Stars Women won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Kim Garth
All in all, it's been a fantastic game, although a low scoring game, it was interesting to see the batters struggle and grit it out on a pitch that was a paradise for the bowlers. Kim Garth made good use of it, but the batters have had a day to forget. That's it from this game, but there is another thriller in the WBBL today, where the Hobart Hurricanes take on the Brisbane Heat. Switch tabs to follow all the live action from there! For now, along with Dwijesh, it is me, Ankit, signing off! Stay safe and do take care! 
Melbourne Stars beat Sydney Sixers by 12 runs 

Melbourne Stars needed to start off strong, by picking a wicket or two early in the powerplay to fight back in the game. They knew that the Thunder's lineup is a bit vulnerable, and they needed to use that to their advantage. To their delight, Kim Garth brought in her best performance, and picked up a couple of wickets in the first over itself, pushing her team ahead in this chase. 

This set the platform for the other bowlers to come and chip in, and they did exactly that. Flintoff opened the bowling alongside Garth, but it was Sutherland who came firing in the fourth over, to get rid of the all important Smriti Mandhana and hamper the chances of Thunder chasing the total down. 

If the power play was not already a bad one for Thunder, Kim Garth continued for her third over, and got her third scalp, in the form Corinne Hall. The top 4 batters were back in the hut, with the score at merely 12! This was the worst power play for any team in the history of WBBL, and the Thunder's were struggling to stay out in the middle. 

Deepti Sharma and Anika Learoyd were fighting a lost battle, but both the batters showed immense courage and the grit to not give up. They dug into their groove and kept the bowlers at bay, from running down the batting order. They might have not helped the team to a victory, but did enough to save them from an embarrassing loss. 

Sharma remained unbeaten till the end, notching up 44 off 48, much like Villani's fifty in the first innings, but Learoyd lost her wicket late in the innings, after she went searching for boundaries. Darlington walked out and ensured along with Sharma that no more wickets fall, but chasing down 109 proved to be too much of an ask from the defending champions.

Many big names are missing from their team, but so are they from the other teams. Thunder's are going to have a tough time, unless their opening pair of Mandhana and Wilson start firing. Their dependency on the opening pair is more than ever, and they need those two in the best of their forms. 

For Stars, things don't look as bad, but they'd love it if Lanning finds some form with the bat, and bails them out of a collapse, and leads them to big scores. 
A comfortable win at the end for the Stars! Lanning and co have done it, and have done it in an impressive fashion. Defending 108 is never easy, however the pitch may be. But Lanning has executed her plans well and has done well to use her bowlers to ensure they win this one. 
96 /5 score
cricket bat icon Deepti Sharma
44 (48)
cricket bat icon Hannah Darlington *
17 (15)
cricket ball icon Kim Garth
3 /11
19.6 Kim Garth to Hannah Darlington , full length delivery, pitching just ahead of the pads. Darlington flicks it down to deep square leg for two easy runs to end the innings. But the Thunder's have come up short. 
19.5 Kim Garth to Deepti Sharma , short of a full length now, angled in from around the wicket. Pitches on the leg stump, and is thumped down to long on for a single. 
19.4 Kim Garth to Hannah Darlington , full and quick now, on the pads this time. Darlington misses her flick but steals a ingle as the ball deflects off her pads. 
19.3 Kim Garth to Hannah Darlington , full length again, straight on the leg stump. Darlington drills it out towards deep mid wicket for a couple of runs. 
19.2 Kim Garth to Deepti Sharma , full pitched delivery, on the fourth stump line, punched down towards long off for a single. 
19.2 Kim Garth to Deepti Sharma , wide ball now. Full and slow, darted down the leg side, but drifts past the leg side. 
19.1 Kim Garth to Deepti Sharma , FOUR! Perfect start to the over! Short of a full length delivery, angled down the leg side, paddled away past short fine leg for a boundary. 
Kim Garth (3.0-3-2-0) comes back for the final over 
Sharma carves a beautiful boundary over cover, but to show this sort of aggression now, is a tad bit too late. the Stars surely cannot lose from here, but Sharma is out there, who is well set and who'll be on strike. Any final twists left in this game maybe? 25 runs needed off the final over! 
84 /5 score
cricket bat icon Deepti Sharma *
38 (45)
cricket bat icon Hannah Darlington
13 (12)
cricket ball icon Erin Osborne
0 /27
18.6 Erin Osborne to Deepti Sharma, a length ball bowled on middle and leg, Sharma plays it to mid-off for a single
18.5 Erin Osborne to Hannah Darlington, a length ball bowled outside off, Darlington heaves it to midwicket for a single
18.4 Erin Osborne to Hannah Darlington, a good length ball bowled outside off, Darlington heaves and misses!
18.3 Erin Osborne to Deepti Sharma, a good length ball bowled outside off, Sharma dabs one to point for a single
18.2 Erin Osborne to Deepti Sharma, FOUR! A slightly shortish delivery bowled outside off, Sharma lifts one over the cover region for a boundary! Perhaps a few overs late this intent?
18.1 Erin Osborne to Hannah Darlington, a full ball bowled outside off, Darlington plays it to mid-off for a single
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