148/7 (20)
132/10 (19.3)
NZ won by 16 runs.
That's it from the two of us, Pradeep and Rajarshi, as we sign off having completed our coverage of this game. Plenty of cricketing action set to take place tomorrow, three international cricket matches to go with four ECS games throughout the day and into the night. See you tomorrow, goodbye for now!
Match summary:
New Zealand won the toss and opted to bat

New Zealand 1st innings 148/7 (20 Overs)
Martin Guptill 45(36), Shariz Ahmad 2/15 (3 overs)

Netherlands 132 all out (19.3 Overs)
Bas de Leede 66(53), Blair Tickner 4/27 (3.3 overs)

New Zealand win by 16 runs.

The Blackcaps only had 149 to defend, but with the way they started off with the ball, it looked like it was almost twice the amount of runs that  they needed! Stephan Myburgh, Max O'Dowd and Tom Cooper all fell with the powerplay with very, very little on the board, Cooper to a rather good delivery and the two others to rather bad shots, and Bas de Leede was then joined by his skipper as the duo looked to get on with the re-build job.

The partnership was going well, Edwards, in his usual manner, worked hard to get those runs between the wickets, pushing his partner for them as well. The final over of the powerplay, bowled by James Neesham, gave the hosts some momentum, and they looked to capitalize on the same. Just as a good partnership was starting to brew, Edwards swept one vigorously towards deep square off Santner, and was amazingly pouched by the ever-energetic Glenn Phillips.

The lower order then proceeded to fall like a pack of cards as de Leede kept fighting. The equation started to drift away from the Netherlands' reach, but the occasional boundary kept them in the hunt. Things became interesting when  Blair Tickner, New Zealand's best bowler today, went for 17 in the 17th over. Lockie Ferguson and Ben Sears came up with two miserly overs to help close the game out, de Leede kept the Netherlands supporters interested till half the final over, before holing out to Daryl Mitchell, and New Zealand triumphed eventually by 16 runs.
Mitchell Santner (Captain, New Zealand): Slightly slower wicket than we thought, we did well to scrape to 150 in the end, that was probably par, we got wickets in the powerplay and kept the pressure throughout. (About Neesham's innings) Obviously that quick fire runs he got kind of changed the momentum, we were looking to get 130 - 140 which wasn't enough, getting to 150 and taking wickets up front did the job. When you get wickets up top, slows them down, on this kind of surface we want to hit the deck hard, look a bit tough and Tickner delivered it for us.
Scott Edwards (Captain, Netherlands): Our bowlers kept us in the game, it was brilliant to restrict that batting line-up to in under 150. The wicket was a little bit tricky, we were in the game, we were a little bit behind the eight ball. Clayton got a tap in the end but all the spinners were amazing, can't fault any of the bowlers there. Will go back review a few things and come back better tomorrow.
New Zealand get the win! Bas de Leede fought, fought and kept fighting till the end, but there was no way he was going to be able to win it all by himself against such a potent New Zealand attack! What a commendable innings this was from him, though, he would be disappointed with the result but can hold his head up high, for he didn't let up until the end! New Zealand take the first of the two games by 16 runs!
19.3 Blair Tickner to Bas de Leede, OUT! GOES UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! New Zealand held their nerve but take no credit away from the Dutch today, especially Bas de Leede who was hung in their till last minute but couldn't get the job done. Takes the pace off, length delivery on the off-stump, de Leede launches it straight down the ground, doesn't get the timing right here as Mitchell comes charging from long-on and pouches it. New Zealand take unassailable 1-0 lead in this 2 match T20I series!

Bas de Leede c Daryl Mitchell b Blair Tickner 66 (53b 5x4 2x6)
19.2 Blair Tickner to Bas de Leede, short on the outside off, de Leede moves across off-stump to pull but mistimes it straight down the ground, they hustle back for the brace. 17 off 4 needed now!
19.1 Blair Tickner to Bas de Leede, FOUR! Exactly the start de Leede was after. Full on the outside off, de Leede gets forward and absolutely crunches it to deep extra-cover, runs away and picks out the ropes.
Blair Tickner (3-0-21-3) is back into the attack
23 needed off the last over. The final showdown now, Netherlands' best batter vs New Zealand's best bowler today to determine the victory!
126 /9 score
cricket bat icon Bas de Leede *
60 (50)
cricket bat icon Clayton Floyd
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Lockie Ferguson
0 /23
18.6 Lockie Ferguson to Bas de Leede, length delivery on the outside off, de Leede drills it to deep covers for a single, retains the strike. Dutch need 23 off the last over, can de Leede pull off a miracle here?
18.5 Lockie Ferguson to Clayton Floyd, length delivery on the off-stump, Floyd flicks it off his pads towards mid-wicket for a quick single.
18.4 Lockie Ferguson to Bas de Leede, searching for the yorker, comes out as a low full toss as de Leede skews it to deep point for just a single.
18.3 Lockie Ferguson to Bas de Leede, FOUR MORE! Short and hurries de Leede, he went to pull but gets a top edge, goes flying over the keeper's head and picks up another boundary.
18.2 Lockie Ferguson to Bas de Leede, length delivery on the outside off, de Leede moves across off-stump to hoick but gets the inside edge on to his pad.
Clayton Floyd, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
18.1 Lockie Ferguson to Shariz Ahmad, RUN-OUT! That was simply brilliant from Guptill. Shariz taps it into the off-side, takes off immediately, Guptill was quick to get to it and darts it into the non-striker's stumps and Shariz is well short and has to go.

Shariz Ahmad run out (Martin Guptill) 5 (3b 1x4)
Lockie Ferguson (3-0-16-0) is back into the attack
30 needed off 12 with two wickets remaining. Lockei Ferguson is here to kill the game off for good. De Leede kept fighting, but it seems like this'll be a bit too much for him.