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Raval Sporting CC 50/10 (9.3 ov)
Pak Montcada CC 54/4 (7.1 ov)
Pak Montcada CC won by 6 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy, signing off.  
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, RSCC did not get the start they would have wished for. Losing both the openers, they were reeling with 16/4 after 4 overs. They never really got going and lost wickets at regular intervals. The innings had no rhythm and the batsmen lacked proper intent. Kishitij Patel scored 10 off 8 balls and Gurpreet Singh contributed an unbeaten 8 of 11 balls at the depth. No other batsmen clicked or touched the double-figure mark even. From the bowling department, Nawazish Ali and Ibrar Hussain broke the backbone of the batting lineup taking 3 wickets each while skipper Adeel and Dhiman struck a blow each ensuring no real flow to the batting innings. The batting scorecard made a sorry reading as RSCC got bundled out for 50 from 9.3 overs.
Chasing 51 runs off 60 balls, it never really felt difficult for the PMCC batsmen as they dashed onto 30/1 from their first 3 powerplay overs. But losing 3 wickets in quick succession, there were some butterflies in the stomach for the PMCC batsmen, but Asjad Butt's unbeaten 18 off 13 balls and Ibrar Hussain's steady unbeaten knock of 5 from 7 balls ensured that PMCC reached home with a margin of balls to spare. Opener Prince Dhiman also contributed 18 off 12 balls at the beginning of the chase. For RSCC, Mahyavanshi bowled exceptionally well taking 3 wickets for just 3 runs from his 2 overs while skipper Ishan Patel also took 1 scalp. But the runs on the board were never really close to being enough for them to put up a fight and PMCC batsmen reached 54/4 from 7.1 overs with 17 balls to spare.

PMCC thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by 6 wickets while recording their 1st victory of the tournament.
End of the innings
PMCC 54/4 from 7.1 overs

PMCC win the match by 6 wickets
7.1 Gurpreet Singh to Asjad Butt, SIX! A full ball bowled outside off and Butt has played it over the extra cover region for the winnings runs as PMCC beat RSCC by six wickets!
End of the 7th over
PMCC 48/4
Pressure released and the momentum has just shifted towards the chasing team. Both the batsmen are taking their time and hitting balls on their merit. It's done and dusted more or less by now.
3 runs needed from 18 balls
6.6 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, back of a length delivery from Singh, Butt pushes it to the man at point and takes the single on offer!
6.5 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, SIX! That should be the game! It was on the slot and Butt has heaved it over long-on for a huge hit. Sails straight out of the park. Pressure released and home is in sight.
6.5 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, WIDE! Gurvinder wouldn't be too happy with that one as he bowls a huge wide down the leg-side!
6.4 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, BEATEN! A pacy delivery bowled outside off and Butt fails to get bat on ball on that one!
6.3 Gurvinder Singh to Ibrar Hussain, another shorter ball from Singh and Hussain calmly pulls it away to deep midwicket for a single
6.2 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, short ball from Singh, Butt pulls it away into the leg-side for a single
6.1 Gurvinder Singh to Asjad Butt, a full ball bowled outside off, Asjad chips it over the cover region for a well-judged double despite the fielder nailing the direct hit!
At the end of the 6th over
PMCC 36/4
Mahyavanshi finishes his fiery spell of 2 overs taking 3 wickets and conceding just 3 runs.
15 runs needed from 24 balls
5.6 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Ibrar Hussain, a shorter ball from Ibrar, who safely pushes that one to the off-side as they see out Gaurang!
5.5 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Asjad Butt, finally Butt gets a run as he plays a length ball towards sweeper cover and gets a single
5.4 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Asjad Butt, full ball bowled outside off, Butt pushes it to the offside for no runs!
5.3 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Asjad Butt, ANOTHER LBW APPEAL! A full ball strikes the batsman on the pads but the umpire says otherwise!
5.2 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Asjad Butt, a full ball turning into the batsman and raps the batsman on the pads! No runs off that one!
5.1 Gaurang Mahyavanshi to Ibrar Hussain, a full ball angled into the stumps, Ibrar makes room and punches it into the off-side for a single
Halfway down the innings
End of the 5th over
PMCC 34/4
17 runs needed from 30 balls
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