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Pakistan CC 131/6 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC 124/9 (10 ov)
Pakistan CC won by 7 runs.
What a game it turned out to be! The second-innings was nothing but a topsy-turvy affair. VIA were 35/0 after 1.4 overs and then lost 3 quick wickets. In came Razmal Shigiwal and took the bowlers to the cleaners!

He finished with 71 runs off just 27 balls and got out in the final over. It was VIA's game until he was there and then the game turned in the last over with Shadnan Khan (2/11) allowing just a single!

Jaweed Sadran (2/21) and Mohammad Zalmai (2/22) also picked two wickets each while Ibibarshah Deedar (1/21) and Abdullah Akbarjan (1/25) finished with one each.

In the end, VIA once again lost to PAK-CC, this time by 7 runs. Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament as I, Sameer Deodhar sign-off along with my colleague, Nikhil Kulkarni.
9.6 Shadnan Khan to Zain Mohammad, it's all over!. Full length ball, the batsman tries to clip it to the legside and misses. What a match it was. Pak-CC register their 2nd victory over the Vienna Afghan CC in this tournament.
9.5 Shadnan Khan to Zain Mohammad, swing and a miss, the batsman had no idea about it. 8 needed from the last ball.
9.4 Shadnan Khan to Mohib Shenwari, clever thinking from Shadnan, bowls a slower full length ball, the batsman plays early at it and misses. The non-striker keeps running and the keeper gets a direct hit and it's a run out.
9.3 Shadnan Khan to Mohib Shenwari, banged in short this time, Mohib tries to pull that one but misses. Priceless dot ball!.
9.3 Shadnan Khan to Mohib Shenwari, back of a length, bowls it very wide outside off.
9.2 Shadnan Khan to Mohib Shenwari, wide outside off, Mohib fails to connect.
9.1 Shadnan Khan to Razmal Shigiwal, OUT!. Big wicket of Razmal!. Full length ball, Razmal smashes it to the square leg area and the fielder takes the catch. An excellent innings comes to an end. 
9 runs required off the last over and Razmal on strike!
8.6 Jaweed Sadran to Ishaq Safi, wide full length ball outside off, tries to work it to the offside but misses. The keeper politely appeals and the umpire has given it out.
8.5 Jaweed Sadran to Ishaq Safi, full length ball, Ishaq plays early at it but gets an edge and it has rushed to the boundary behind keeper. They need 9 runs now.
8.4 Jaweed Sadran to Razmal Shigiwal, full length ball, tries to smash it to the legside but gets an edge to his pads.
8.3 Jaweed Sadran to Sadiq Mohamad, OUT!. Full length ball, smashes it in the air to long on, the fielder leaps and holds on to an excellent catch. Good cameo from Sadiq comes to an end.
8.2 Jaweed Sadran to Sadiq Mohamad, full length ball, clips it to the legside and they scamper for two runs.
8.1 Jaweed Sadran to Sadiq Mohamad, SIX!. Sadiq joins the party now!. Full length ball, smokes this over the fine leg boundary, it has reached the parking lot.
19 runs off that over! This is going to be a nail-biter! VIA 110/5 after 8 overs need 22 runs off 12 balls!
7.6 Bilal Zalmai to Razmal Shigiwal, FOUR!. Full length ball again, Razmal has smashed this one hard to the long on boundary.
7.5 Bilal Zalmai to Razmal Shigiwal, SIX!. The fireworks continue, smashes this full length ball over the deep mid-wicket boundary.
7.4 Bilal Zalmai to Sadiq Mohamad, Sadiq plays early at it, full length ball, works it to the legside for a single. 100 up for VIA!
7.3 Bilal Zalmai to Razmal Shigiwal, clips this full length ball to the legside, gets a single.
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